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When he came downstairs, Raymond became more and more excited as he looked at the helicopter.

This was the first time he had come into contact with such a large machine at such a close distance. Such a large beast was simply too cool. Sports cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris were like toys in front of him.

At this time, Smith helped him put his luggage on the helicopter and said with a smile, “Go up and feel it!”

After saying that, he took three steps and two steps into the helicopter and walked into the cockpit.

Raymond also followed quickly.

Looking at the interior that was filled with a sense of technology, Raymond looked around and felt that everything was so curious.

“Sit tight and prepare to take off!” Smith gave him a thumbs up and said through the earpiece.

Following that, the propeller began to spin, producing a loud roar. As the propeller spun, wind pressure immediately began to form around it.

Smith felt that the rotation speed was enough. He pulled the helicopter’s joystick, and the helicopter began to take off.

Soon, the helicopter was high enough. Smith swung the joystick, and the helicopter began to fly in one direction.

Raymond looked at the scenery outside the window, at the tall buildings, and at the people who were as small as ants. He had never seen Little Rock City from such an angle.

Raymond even felt that it was a little illusory.

Just as Raymond was lost in his thoughts about what he saw, Smith’s voice came from the earpiece.

“Raymond, this time you’re taking a helicopter to West Point to report. It’s probably the first time in history. You’re in the limelight this time! Other than the teachers and the principal, no one there has ever flown in a helicopter. Unfamiliar planes or helicopters will be shot down as enemy planes at West Point. If the General didn’t apply for you this time, I wouldn’t have such authority…”

When Raymond heard these words, he felt even more grateful to Thomas.

Far from Little Rock, on the west bank of the Hudson River in New York State, this was the site of one of the four major military academies in the world: West Point.

West Point was one of the four military academies, along with Russia’s Vallongzhi Military Academy and France’s Saint-Cyr Military Academy, as well as Britain’s Sandhurst Military Academy.

Today was the first day of coverage for the new cadets at West Point.

Unlike other universities, West Point did not have many outsiders. After 9/11, West Point’s management became more strict.

The students inside were also very different from those outside. A lot of these people had a sense of being iron-blooded, as if they have just come from the battlefield.

This also has to do with the nature of West Point’s schools. Many of these people wee military personnel recommended by their superiors or West Point alumni.

The motto of West Point was ‘Duty, honor, country.’ West Point was built here by Washington as a fort because it was an important strategic point for the whole of the America. West Point was located in the ‘S’ of the Hudson River and occupied by people who could control the entire river. After Jefferson came to power, on March 16, 1802, a law was signed establishing the Military Academy, and on July 4, 1802, West Point was officially established.

There were all kinds of words engraved on the stone at the entrance of West Point. It was almost the symbol of West Point.

Just as all the students were busy reporting at the school entrance, a military convertible slowly drove into West Point. A woman on it attracted the attention of many people.

She was wearing a military shirt, camouflage pants, and her hair was meticulously arranged. The makeup on her face was very delicate, and her lips were fiery red. At a glance, one could tell that she was a cold beauty.

“She’s tall and slender, just like a model, but she’s much more curvy than a model…”

The students who were at the peak of their physiques felt like their hearts had been stolen, and they just kept looking at the goddess in the car.

Phewew! A series of flirtatious whistles sounded.

The beauty sitting in the car frowned, looked at who was whistling, and left.

“Senior, who is that beauty?”

The older student who introduced the school to the freshmen looked at their impudent behavior. He couldn’t help but laugh. “You actually don’t know who she is and still dare to whistle at her? You guys are really bold. Do you know that out of your 34 compulsory courses, there are only 10 pure military specialized courses?

But the first three years of West Point is a study of obedience. That’s who you have to obey! Captain Carter!”

Captain Carter was also a West Point graduate. After graduating from West Point, she was asked to stay in school. but she refused. Instead, she joined the overseas peacekeeping force after Meritorious Service, and was invited back by the principal.

Very few people at West Point get asked back unless they are particularly good in their field and have contributed enough to the school.

Carter was even more outstanding, and not only in the military. She entered West Point at the age of 17 and applied for a physics major. She had been a regular in the laboratory since her freshman year, and had joined the project during her sophomore year. She became a member of the laboratory.

She completed her thesis ‘Some supplements to quantum mechanics’ in her junior year, and it was published in the world’s two largest subscription journals.

During her four years of university, Carter had accomplished many things that even PhDs could not. Even the professors were surprised by her achievements and talent.

She was simply a genius among geniuses!

In the eyes of everyone, Carter would even get honorary teaching positions in various schools in the future.

Carter’s background was also very amazing. Her mother was a senior partner of a famous investment bank on Wall Street and had manipulated many major markets. Her father was the lieutenant general in charge of a military base.

In addition, Carter was very beautiful and had excellent military skills. Soon, she became the publicly acknowledged goddess of West Point.

Today was the first day of registration for the new students. Carter also wanted to familiarize herself with the place where she worked. After all, she had only studied here in the past.

Just as everyone was reporting at the door in an orderly manner, the unique roar of a helicopter came from the distant sky.

The roar was getting closer and closer, and soon a small black dot appeared.

Carter also cast her gaze over. The confusion in her eyes was very obvious. Unless it was a high-ranking military officer like the principal or a teacher who needed to take on a mission, usually there would not be a helicopter coming.

However, when school started, these people were either in school or out on a mission, and had not returned yet.

A closer look revealed more in Carter’s eyes.

The camouflage paint on the helicopter that was heading toward West Point and the Black Hawk, which was only in military service, were saying that this was a military helicopter…

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