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Could it be that something big happened at school?

Under everyone’s puzzled gazes, the helicopter slowly descended from the sky and steadily stopped on the tarmac.

Looking at the helicopter in front of them, everyone was looking forward to the appearance of those people who could only be seen on television and news…

After all, how could an ordinary person have the qualifications to ride a helicopter over?

One had to know that among these students, there was no lack of people with superior backgrounds and prominent families. However, even if you were the son of the chief of staff, or the son and daughter of a five-star general, they did not have the qualifications.

It was not that they could not afford it or that they had never sat on it before, but they did not have the qualifications!

“F*ck! I’m so lucky to be able to see such a ‘person’ on the first day of school.”

“Maybe it’s one of those bigshots on TV, or maybe it’s even a general who’s more powerful than the principal…”

“Just thinking about it makes me excited…”

However, Carter’s brows were tightly furrowed, and her eyes were fixed on the helicopter.

Why did the West Point Military Academy also have a helipad? This helicopter from the military had to be parked at the entrance instead of inside. It would definitely not attract the attention to those bigshots.

Moreover, there was nothing on this helicopter, and it did not seem like it was on a mission.

Just as everyone was guessing who was inside the helicopter…

The door of the helicopter opened, and the first person to come out was a young man with luggage.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Raymond took his luggage and walked out of the helicopter.

Then, he turned around and waved goodbye to the helicopter’s cockpit. “Mr. Smith, thank you for sending me off until the end. Be careful when you go back…”

Then, Raymond quickly walked out of the range of the helicopter’s wind pressure with his head lowered. He looked at the helicopter’s cockpit and waved his hand.

Smith, who was inside, gave a thumbs up to show that he understood.

The helicopter’s propeller speed increased again, and a strong wind blew. It slowly rose into the air and flew toward the military base.

Raymond watched the shadow of the helicopter disappear, but the excitement in his heart did not disappear.

This was his first helicopter trip, and it was so cool!

Although the ride was not as comfortable as the car, the experience was so cool!

He raised his wrist and looked at his watch. It had only been less than three hours since the start of the trip.

It could be said that it was very fast.

Then Raymond turned around and walked to the reception area for the new students.

When he turned around, Raymond was shocked by the scene in front of him.

At this moment, everyone at the school gate was looking at him in unison. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. Their faces were filled with curiosity and disbelief.

‘? What’s going on? Why are all these people looking at me? Is there something behind me?’

Raymond turned around and saw that there was no one behind him. Only then did he know that these people were really looking at him.

The other students standing at the door also wanted to ask Raymond what was going on.

They originally thought that even if the ones who got off the helicopter was not the president or vice president, they should be the bigshots in the research field. At the very least, they should be the generals with stars on their shoulders.

But they did not expect that the one who got off was a youth around their age!

Looking at the luggage on Raymond’s body, it was not difficult to guess the identity of his student.

However, thinking of the helicopter from before, was he really a student? If he was a teacher, his age was really a little too young!

“Is he a new student who came to report?”

“It can’t be… Have you ever seen a student driving a helicopter to school? No matter how rich his family is, they would not take a military helicopter. He is probably a specially hired teacher?”

“Teacher? …Then this teacher is really too young, right? The pimples on his face haven’t even disappeared yet.”

Carter was also very surprised.

She was very sure that this was not a teacher. In the past few years of studying at West Point, she had almost known all the teachers, and she had never heard of the school recruiting such a young teacher.

Moreover, such a young teacher must have already made great achievements in the field of scientific research or engineering, but she had never heard of it!

It couldn’t be helped. Raymond’s information was already top-secret. Other than a few researchers, no one else knew about it.

Raymond looked at the heated gazes of the people at the door and felt a little embarrassed.

Sure enough, taking a helicopter to come here still caused a stir. Just as Smith said, this was probably the first time a new student had come by helicopter since the establishment of West Point…

Shaking his head, he threw away these distracting thoughts and directly walked towards the door.

At this time, a beautiful figure attracted Raymond’s gaze.

‘Damn! This girl is really too beautiful! And those fiery red lips, they’re my aesthetic… No, West Point doesn’t allow long hair, and there’s also makeup? Hmm — Maybe it’s the first day of the new student registration?’

Seeing Carter standing in the crowd, Raymond didn’t go to the freshman registration area, but directly walked toward Carter.

Coming to a meter in front of Carter, Raymond showed a harmless smile, “Excuse me, student, what is the process of the freshman registration?”

Carter was stunned, and then she realized that the youth in front of her was a freshman. She couldn’t help but say in surprise, “You are a freshman reporting?”

Raymond nodded. He sized up Carter, who was wearing exquisite makeup, and said curiously, “Yeah, could it be that you’re not?”

He was really a freshman!

The freshman reporting was already so high-profile?

What family? What status? This freshmen was picked up by a helicopter, and it was even a military helicopters!

This freshman’s background was not ordinary!

Carter took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile. “Mm, then follow me. I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you.” When Raymond saw that the goddess was willing to bring him along, he revealed a happy smile.

As they spoke, the two of them walked side by side and headed towards the place where the freshmen were reporting.

Seeing this scene, the freshmen at the entrance were heartbroken.

The curses in their hearts were almost blurted out. F*ck, f*ck, this publicly recognized goddess of West Point had left with this kid? What exactly did that kid say? What was his background?

At this time, Carter turned sideways and asked, “Classmate, what is your name?”

“Raymond, Raymond Douglas. This is my name,” Raymond replied with a smile.

“What about you? Do I have the honor of knowing your name, beautiful lady?” Raymond pursued.

Carter was stunned when she heard Raymond’s name.

Raymond, Raymond Douglas?

She seemed to have heard this name somewhere before? It sounded a little familiar!