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After thinking for a while, Carter couldn’t remember where she had heard this name before.

“Carter, Carter Street,” Carter answered with a smile.

Carter pointed to the freshmen registration area in front of him. “The freshmen registration area is right there. You should go, Mr. Raymond.”

“Aren’t you coming with me?” Raymond invited.

“No, I’m still waiting for someone!”

Raymond seemed to be deep in thought. Perhaps it was a friend who came to West Point to go to school together. He nodded. “Thank you for showing me the way, Student Carter.”

As he spoke, Raymond stretched out his right hand.

Carter looked at Raymond’s outstretched hand and was somewhat at a loss.

‘Is he treating me as a freshman? Does he still want to shake my hand?’

However, as a soldier, Carter did not hesitate. She stretched out her hand and shook Raymond’s hand.

The moment her hands touched Raymond’s, his own feelings surfaced in Raymond’s mind.

So soft and tender, just like water.

In order to maintain his image, Raymond quickly let go of his hand and waved goodbye to Carter. “Let’s meet again when we have the chance, Student Carter.”

When Carter heard this, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. However, she did not explain. Instead, she was curious about Raymond’s expression when he saw her again.

“Alright. Goodbye, Raymond.”

Looking at Raymond’s back, a smile appeared on her face.

This new student who came by helicopter was really interesting.

After bidding Carter goodbye, Raymond obediently prepared to enter the school.

Just as he took the first step into the school, a long-awaited system notification sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations to the host for stepping into the West Point Military Academy’s gates and becoming a member of West Point!]

[Reward: 150 learning points.]

[The function of the shopping mall has officially been activated.]

At the registration counter, a student respectfully stood behind a dignified middle-aged man. “Mr. James, it’s just a freshman registration. Why are you here in person today?”

Sitting on the chair was West Point’s discipline teacher, James.

Hearing the student’s doubts, James did not even raise his head. He calmly said, “The principal asked me to pick up a freshman today.”

Pick up a new student? Such an answer made the student stunned.

James was the school’s training teacher. When the principal and director weren’t around, he was the one managing the school’s students. What kind of student was worthy of him personally picking up? Was this person’s background so amazing?

At this moment, a youth carrying his luggage strode to the student registration area.

The student at the reception had a rigid smile on his face as he greeted him, “Hello, Sir, are you here to report?”

Raymond smiled and nodded, “Yes, Senior, I’m here to report as a new student.”

The student at the reception said, “Show me your notice and your ID, which is also your student ID. I’ll help you find your dormitory.”

Raymond didn’t think too much and took out the certificate he had prepared.

The host picked up the certificate and whispered, “Raymond… School of Science.”

Raymond chose the School of Science because the basic subjects were at the top of the chain. Raymond hadn’t decided on a minor yet.

When the host read out the message, James, who was sitting upright in the chair, suddenly jumped up.

“Raymond, Raymond Douglas? You are…”

James’ excited expression gave everyone a shock.

Even Raymond was a little shocked.

James walked quickly to the student and snatched Raymond’s identity certificate and notice.

On it was written: Raymond Douglas. Seeing that his guess was correct, James’ eyes lit up.

“Mr. Raymond, Welcome to West Point.” James looked delighted and extended his right hand to Raymond.

Raymond stretched out his hand in surprise.

His two hands were clasped together. “Hello, Sir.”

James laughed. “The Principal isn’t here and asked me to pick you up. I’ll take you to apply for admission and take you to the dormitory.”

After saying that, he pulled Raymond towards the registration office.

Did this West Point Place so much importance on him?

Not only did the principal know about him, he even had someone specially come to pick him up? There was no one else who would receive such treatment.

Without much thought, Raymond followed him.

Leaving behind the students who were receiving him, they could only stare with their mouths agape.

This was the new student that Mr. James was waiting for?

Who was this person? How could he have such great prestige?

And that name, Raymond, Raymond Douglas. It sounded so familiar.

On the other side, under James’ lead, Raymond quickly completed the formalities and received his own clothes.

Then, James brought him to a single dormitory.

“This is your dormitory. The principal was afraid that you wouldn’t be used to being with others, so he arranged a single room to see what you think.” James smiled as he introduced this dormitory to Raymond.

“Thank you for your concern. Sorry for the trouble.” Raymond was very satisfied with the environment of this dormitory.

After entering, he first saw a large living room. Other than some wooden furniture, the living room was also equipped with all kinds of electrical appliances. It was very complete.

The area of this room was not large, but the bathroom, bedroom, balcony, and even the study room were inside. It was practically a bachelor’s apartment.

One look and it was obvious that the school had specially assigned them to teachers and staff.

Raymond couldn’t be more satisfied with such treatment.

“How is it? Is there anything else you’re not satisfied with? If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, I can apply to the principal.” The smile on James’ face had never faded.

Raymond quickly nodded. “No, no, no, I’m very satisfied. This dormitory is simply too good.”

James saw that Raymond’s expression did not seem fake, so he nodded. “It’s good that you’re satisfied. You can tidy up first and then take a look around. If you have any problems, feel free to look for me. I’ll be in the training office.”

After saying that, James turned around to bid farewell to Raymond and left.

“Thank you, Mr. James.” Raymond watched James leave.

Then, he returned to the dormitory and looked at the bachelor apartment-like dormitory in front of him. The surprise on his face was beyond words.

‘General Thomas really did not lie to me. This kind of treatment is really too good.’

With this kind of dormitory treatment, there would probably not be a second student in the school.

He was already looking forward to the new start of his university life.

First, he tidied up his dormitory and his things. He remembered that he hadn’t eaten yet, so he took the opportunity to take a look around the interior of West Point.

Today was the report, so he probably wouldn’t have time to stroll around when he started studying in the future.

The scenery and interior inside West Point were also very good.

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