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“This student was accepted by an exception, and his research has produced many results. The military values him very much, and the helicopter was specially approved by a general of the military.”

This sentence piqued Professor Hansen’s interest. An exception was accepted, and he was a talent that the military valued. This meant that this person’s research ability was definitely not bad.

“Moreover, this student is omnipotent, just like Professor Feynman.”

Feynman was a famous genius in modern history. He was Einstein’s teacher. He had dabbled in almost all the subjects and achieved extraordinary results.

Hearing that such a student was comparable to Feynman, Professor Hansen was a little tempted.

If it was true, just like what the principal said, it was really very attractive. Because many times when he was old, his research ability would deteriorate. In order not to let his research stagnate or even decline, he would actively look for outstanding students.

Some outstanding students could not only act as assistants to realize their ideas, but they could even have the ability to make better things.

If such a student became his disciple, then his research would progress very quickly. Some difficult problems would even be solved easily.

Thinking of this, Professor Hansen immediately said, “Where is this student now? I’ll go and take a look…”

The principal was stunned. He didn’t expect the professor to be so anxious. “He’s from the science department. He should be having a meeting right now…”

“…Let me help you take a look.”

The principal turned on the computer to check the application records of the classroom.

“It’s in the 302 of F Building…”

Before the principal could finish his words, Professor Hansen had already left in a hurry.

Hansen’s idea was very simple. He wanted to see if the student was really that outstanding. If it was true, then he had to quickly snatch the student away.

If he acted earlier, those shameless people would definitely cause a ruckus.

He had to act first to gain the upper hand.

But how could there be any secrets in such a matter?

The news of a genius who came by helicopter had long been spread by James’ mouth and by the ears of all the professors.

After learning that Professor Hansen went to the principal’s office and left in a hurry, all the professors began to be a bit restless, they put down their own work, quickly to intercept Professor Hansen.

When you meet a tiger in the forest, you don’t need to run faster than the tiger, but you must run faster than your companions.

At this time, in Room 302 of F Building.

There were actually fewer students in the Science Department than in other departments such as the Engineering Department and the Economics Department.

A total of 34 students, including Raymond, had all arrived.

All of them had changed into the academy’s training clothes and had serious expressions on their faces.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. The students stopped talking and looked toward the classroom door.

Not long after, a beautiful woman in a female military uniform walked in from the door. Her hair was neat, her makeup was exquisite, and her fiery red lips were extremely attractive.

Carter walked to the podium. All the teachers and students at West Point had to wear military uniforms, except for researchers or in the laboratory. Most of the students had no military status and were reserve soldiers. Only after graduation would they be automatically awarded the rank of second lieutenant.

Carter looked at the students below and felt very energetic and satisfied. She smiled and said, “Everyone, I am your teacher, Carter Street.”

Carter’s appearance immediately attracted a lot of attention. She was too beautiful. In such a place, female students all had short hair and were not allowed to wear makeup. It was really a pleasant surprise to see such a beauty suddenly appear.

Many people knew that she was the goddess of West Point: Carter.

But they had never seen her before. Now that they had seen her, they could not help but sigh. She really lived up to her reputation.

Raymond’s expression at this moment was very dramatic. He was completely stunned and his eyes were about to pop out.

How could he know that the ‘beautiful student’ he had randomly met at the school gate was actually his teacher?

Raymond’s expression quickly caught Carter’s attention. Carter was very pleased to see Raymond like this.

‘Kid, do you still think I’m a student? I’ll let you talk nonsense now!’

Just as Carter was about to point Raymond out…

“Is Mr. Raymond Here? Raymond Douglas!”

A hurried voice came from outside the door.

She looked in the direction of the voice and said in surprise, “Professor? You…”

Hansen was the professor who had brought Carter to study the subject back then.

Hansen did not have time to reminisce about the past, so he asked again,  “Mr. Raymond? Is Raymond here?”

At this time, all the students in the class were stunned. What was going on? Wasn’t school just starting? Could it be that the old man was looking for his grandson?

But how could they not know his grandson? But what was going on…?

Raymond was also dumbfounded. What was going on?

Why was someone looking for him right after school started?

He felt that it was not good to ignore people, so he raised his hand and stood up. “I’m Raymond.”

Hansen saw that someone was standing up, so he quickly rushed to his side and sized up Raymond.

He was about to say something.

“Hansen? Why are you here?”

At this time, an old man in a white coat came to the door and said in surprise when he saw Hansen. The sign on his chest also read: Professor of Chemistry, Wissen.

“Wissen? Why are you here?” Professor Hansen looked at the figure at the door and had a bad feeling.

“I’m looking for a student named Raymond Douglas.” Wissen didn’t feel awkward and walked straight over.

Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at them in unison.

Raymond also nodded mechanically with a dumbfounded look.

“Eh? Hansen, Wissen, why are you here too?”

A voice sounded. This time it was Professor Lamb from the Mathematics Department.

“What are you doing here?” the two of them asked in unison.

“I’m here to look for Raymond. Aren’t you guys here as well? Don’t tell me that only you guys can come and I can’t?” Lamb looked at Raymond and introduced himself with a smile. “I’m the Head Professor of the Mathematics Department, Lamb Wilson. I have papers in many magazines.”

Raymond had almost lost the ability to make expressions on his face. He had been shocked so many times that he was starting to feel a little numb.

Come again if you have the ability!

“Huh? There’s more behind?”