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The atmosphere in the class suddenly became very strange and quiet.

The five professors did not speak, and their expressions were very awkward.

Especially Professor Hansen, who looked at Principal Rawls with resentment, as if to say, ‘Why didn’t you say so earlier!’

The Principal also said helplessly, “Can’t you find me to understand the situation first? And you ran so fast, how could I come in time to tell you…”

“I was rash,” Hansen also said apologetically, “Professors, you can come. I haven’t been well these few years, and I don’t have much energy to take care of my students. Carter almost made me sick a few years ago…”

The other professors were also stunned when they heard this, and they quickly waved their hands.

“Forget it, forget it. My research these few days is at a critical juncture. You guys can chat. The popcorn machine in our lab is still on…”

“Yeah, Hansen, didn’t you say that Raymond is Carter’s student? Then he should be your student. We will listen to you and not compete with you…” Professor Wissen said with a wicked smile.

Seeing the other bad old men nod their heads, Professor Hansen could only say, “I don’t have the right to take Mr. Raymond. I’m afraid that it will delay him…”

Seeing the professors shirking their responsibilities, this scene was clearly seen by all the students. Everyone was speechless and shocked at the same time.

These professors were changing too quickly. This was a 180-degree change.

Weren’t they fighting to be Raymond’s tutor just a few seconds ago?

Why did the principal say that Raymond was the owner of the zero-point test paper? Did this mean that they didn’t dare to be Raymond’s tutor?

Moreover, looking at them, it seemed like Raymond was on equal footing with them academically!

This was simply too unbelievable!

At this awkward moment, the principal sighed. “Alright, stop talking. Everyone, it’s very late now. You’re not young anymore, so you should go back first. Carter has been standing here for a long time…”

The five professors’ faces turned red as they laughed dryly.

They had really forgotten that there were so many students here. It was very awkward to be looked at by so many students.

Professor Wissen pretended that nothing had happened and said, “You guys continue with the meeting. I’ll just find a place to sit for a while. I have some academic questions to exchange with Raymond…”

After saying that, he really found a random seat at the back of the classroom and sat down.

The other four professors also imitated Professor Wissen’s actions after seeing it.

“Let’s continue with the class meeting. Let’s continue with the class meeting. Just pretend that we don’t exist.”

Seeing that these old professors could actually do such a thing, the principal and Carter were also very speechless. They looked at the five professors helplessly, not knowing what to say.

The students were also very surprised. Were these still those professors who were high and mighty?

The principal also had no way to deal with these five people. He could only say to Carter and the students, “The class meeting will continue…”

After saying that, he turned around and left. He did not want to see these people anymore.

Only Carter and the students were left in a daze. They stayed where they were.

The most awkward one was Carter. She was a teacher and a student of Professor Hansen, and now there were five professors and a genius student in the classroom.

This made her feel that everything she said was wrong.

But the class meeting still had to continue.

Carter took a deep breath and steadied her mind. Standing on the podium, she smiled at the students before her and said, “Ladies and gentlemen… The class meeting will continue…”

Carter finally braced herself to carry on with the meeting. As soon as the class meeting ended, she immediately packed her things and left.

The students in the class also left when the meeting ended.

However, a few curious students still stayed. They wanted to see if this Raymond was really that powerful. Even the professors wanted to discuss the problem with him.

Then, the five professors who were sitting at the back of the classroom stood up in unison and came to Raymond’s side. Each of them took a stool and surrounded Raymond again.

Raymond looked at the professors beside him and greeted them with a smile. “Hello, professors.”

The five professors nodded, and their faces were more or less embarrassed.

Professor Hansen looked around and said, “Brothers, let’s discuss academic issues with Mr. Raymond one by one. I’ll go first. Is that okay?”

“No problem. You’re the first one here, so of course you’ll come first,” said the second professor.

“We’re not in a hurry. It’s still early.”

“Hansen, you have to hurry up. Otherwise, I’ll wait until tomorrow morning.”

Raymond looked at the cute old men in front of him and felt very helpless.

At this time, Hansen asked Raymond, “Mr. Raymond, I don’t understand the formula of the weather controller you wrote on the test paper…”

“The formula in the second paragraph, cosα cosβ = … inside. If I’m not wrong, this represents the atmospheric pressure and the surface height, and the relationship between the two is explained by this formula, E….”

“But after I took this formula apart, I tried using basic reciprocal, high-order derivatives, calculus, and the second formula of thermodynamics, but I didn’t see any connection at all…”

Professor Hansen humbly asked for advice to his own question. He was very respectful to knowledge. He completely regarded Raymond as his peer and didn’t look down on him at all.

Raymond was also very touched by the professor’s respect for knowledge. He thought for a while, he answered seriously, “Professor Hansen, that’s right, just like what you said. However, the formula in the second paragraph is still a little lacking. You should be able to see that this formula is flawed…

…If you add this deductive formula to it, it is complete. This formula is also different from the usual formula. It has to be calculated using differential methods. In that case, this weather controller… Actually, there are errors, but most of them can be calculated…”