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Raymond pondered for a moment and frowned. “Professor Hansen, can I have a look at the latest research results?”

Hansen was stunned for a moment, then said excitedly, “Mr. Raymond, so you agree?”

Raymond smiled. “Professor Hansen, I won’t give you hope yet. I don’t know how confident I am.”

Hansen stood up happily and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s go. I’ll take you to see the progress of the research.”

As he spoke, Professor Hansen pulled Raymond to the laboratory.

Raymond did not use much strength and just let him pull him.

He could understand Professor Hansen’s excitement at this moment.

A research project that had been under his control for many years might have results again. It was like a project that you had been working on for many years was about to produce results.

Although the results might not be good, the wait would definitely be something to look forward to.

This feeling was something that almost everyone had.

In the West Point Physical Materials Laboratory.

It was already past 11:30 pm when the two of them arrived at the laboratory.

The researchers had all left work, and there was no one else in the laboratory except for Raymond and Hansen.

Hansen had brought Raymond along just to look at the latest research results, so Hansen did not call them back.

In the laboratory, Raymond held the documents one by one and looked at them carefully with a serious expression.

On the table behind him, there was a thick stack of documents. This was the beginning of the research and all the scientific research materials up until now.

At this moment, while Raymond was reading the documents in his hand.

In his mind, the system notification kept ringing.

[Detected host learning. Learning Points+3]

[In the laboratory. Learning Points+3]

During the time Raymond was looking through the information, his learning points had increased by more than 300 points.

Moreover, the rate of increase was also very fast. Basically, it would increase by 3 points every minute, not adding the points gained when he was in the laboratory.

Professor Hansen did not rush him. He just looked at Raymond quietly, waiting for him to finish reading and respond to him.

After reading the materials in his hand, Raymond raised his head.

“How is it? Any clues?” Professor Hansen asked anxiously.

Raymond said in a deep voice, “Professor Hansen, the biggest problem now is how to solve the problem of the cost of materials and the reduction of the cost of materials.”

Hansen also nodded with difficulty. “Yes, this problem has always existed. When this thing was proposed, it was a difficult problem. Until now, it hasn’t been solved…”

Looking at the time, it was almost twelve o’clock.

Then, he said, “Professor Hansen, can I take this information back? I want to study it in depth and see if I can find a way to break the situation.”

When Professor Hansen heard this, he knew Raymond was interested. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he said without hesitation, “No problem. You can take all this information with you, because no one is studying it now.”

Normally, it was not in accordance with the regulations, but this project was very unpopular. It was useless for others to take it away.

Moreover, after spending a few hours together, Professor Hansen had full confidence in Raymond’s character.

He believed that Raymond said that he would take the information back for research, not to show off.

“Thank you, Professor Hansen, for your trust,” Raymond said, a little touched.

“As long as Mr. Raymond can get inspiration or lessons from these materials, then I’ll be very happy,” Professor Hansen said.

“Don’t worry, as long as I have the results, I’ll come and communicate with you. It’s getting late, Professor, you should rest early, so I won’t disturb you anymore.”

After saying that, Raymond left the lab with a pile of materials.

Hansen looked at Raymond’s back as he left and nodded in appreciation. ‘This kid isn’t bad. Let’s see if he can give me a surprise.’

Although he had some expectations for Raymond, he wouldn’t be too disappointed if Raymond didn’t get anything back. After all, they had been working on this thing for many years, but they hadn’t come up with anything.

Raymond was a freshman, so his experience was still very lacking. It was very difficult to complete such a difficult experiment. Even if he couldn’t complete it, these materials would be considered as sponsors.

With this in mind, Professor Hansen turned off the light and left the laboratory.

Raymond returned to the dormitory with a large pile of experimental materials in his hands.

He put so much information on the table and frowned.

To be honest, Raymond himself didn’t have any idea.

Although his knowledge reserves were sufficient, the experimental aspect was still lacking or even weak.

In order to complete this research, Raymond needed to think more, carry out experiments, and accumulate experimental experience.

At this moment, Raymond slapped his forehead. “There’s also a mall. Is there any technology inside?”

Only then did he remember that there was a system store! There should be related technology inside.

Immediately after, the system interface appeared in front of Raymond.

The system store had a dazzling array of things related to scientific development. There was almost everything. There was even an ancient textile machine like the Jenny machine inside…

There were technical blueprints for the sixth generation fighter engine, new composite materials manufacturing technology, submarine concealment technology…

The theory of interstellar travel technology, the limits of wormhole utilization, interstellar engines…

The system had explained that these things could be exchanged. They came from human technology from a parallel world…

Because Raymond’s learning points were really too few, he couldn’t unlock or exchange them.

But this was already enough to make people happy, because at least he had a direction.

After searching for a long time, Raymond finally found what he wanted.

“Purple infrared insulation technology information.”

Raymond’s eyes lit up, he had finally found it.

Following that, Raymond casually clicked in. After seeing the learning points required for these materials, his expression changed.

“F*ck! This thing actually costs 3,000 learning points and 3 skill points! Robbery?”

Raymond glanced at the edge of the interface and saw that his attributes only had 806 learning points. He also sighed.

“Fortunately, I have enough skill points and didn’t squander them. Otherwise, I would have to worry about not having enough skill points…”

“It seems that I still have to find a way to gather enough learning points. Otherwise, if I rely on my own accumulation, I can only produce a few results in my life.”

As he spoke, Raymond hurriedly logged out of the system store, picked up the information he had just put down, and began to study it.