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The next morning, on the field of West Point.

After all, West Point was a military academy, so the necessary military training was still necessary. Therefore, the people who went out of West Point were more energetic than the people from other schools, and they were able to stand out from the complicated work.

From today onwards, there were seven military physical fitness training programs at West Point. Among them, there were two single-person programs and five multi-person programs.

Before heading to the training ground, there would be a period of assembly. During the assembly, Raymond stood in the line, thinking about the problems from yesterday. He didn’t sleep last night either, he used almost one night to finish reading all the information.

He had accumulated 1458 learning points!

Furthermore, Raymond also discovered that if he studied a piece of information for too long, the speed of the increase in learning points would gradually decrease.

For example, last night, the document Raymond studied started at 3 per minute, but after more than an hour, it became 2 per minute. Eventually, it even became 1, and the time also became longer and longer.

This also let Raymond know that if he wanted to obtain more learning points, he still had to constantly learn new content. Researching new topics became even more important.

Although he didn’t sleep the night before, Raymond’s mental state was still pretty good, because he used learning points to increase his physical strength to 20 points. This kind of energy, which was twice the energy of an ordinary person, ensured that his mental state was even more full.

When he changed into his military uniform today, he also discovered that his body had also become more robust. Wearing a neat military uniform, Raymond’s entire body was full of vitality.

Right now, his mind was trying to figure out the feasibility of the relevant direction, in an attempt to find a feasible path.

Although the system store could buy relevant information, even if he got the information, Raymond would still have to check it. Moreover, one could not stop his brain from thinking. In fact, reading information and reading in the library required thinking…

The information was only the foundation. The final result still needed Raymond to do it himself.

This thought was also in line with Raymond’s thinking. Any gain without work was not safe. After the results of his own research, that kind of joy would be more pleasant than something that appeared out of thin air. It would make people more excited and also give them a sense of achievement.

In front of them was an active-duty soldier, Colonel Horn. He was the person in charge of this military physical fitness training. In fact, there were not many soldiers participating in this kind of military training. It was more of the students’ spontaneous behavior.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am the person in charge of this military physical fitness training of yours, Colonel Horn.”

After the self-introduction, Colonel Horn put his hands behind his back and looked sternly at everyone standing on the training ground.

All the students responded to this and shouted at the same time.

Colonel Horn nodded in satisfaction when he heard such a voice.

When he was looking at the team here, his eyes widened and his expression immediately became serious.

At the place where he was looking, a student’s eyes were lifeless. When he shouted again, he was just trying to make up for it by opening his mouth. From the looks of it, he knew that he was daydreaming.

He actually dared to daydream at such a time. This was a provocation to him!

This was still West Point, one of the best military academies in the United States. Colonel Horn felt that his dignity had been challenged and immediately shouted, “Second row, the gentleman who is seventh from the left! What are you doing?”

All the students were shocked, and they all turned their eyes to the boy who was seventh from the left in the second row.

At this time, seeing that Raymond was still absent-minded, the boy standing next to Raymond quickly nudged him and reminded him, “Raymond, Colonel Horn is calling you…”

Raymond immediately reacted and shouted, “Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me, what are you doing? Do you know what this place is, and what are you doing?” Horn looked at Raymond sternly.

He had decided to let these students know how powerful he was. He would use this student as their role model, so that they would no longer dare to look down on West Point’s military training.

Raymond replied loudly, “Sir, I’m thinking!”

When Horn heard that, the reason for his absent-mindedness was actually so perfunctory… He also widened his eyes. He shouted at Raymond, “Thinking? What problem? Why are you here, and not in your mother’s arms? You’re participating in military training. On the battlefield, this can save your life. Step out!”

With a loud shout, Raymond walked to the front of the team.

Colonel Horn stared at Raymond. “Tell me, soldier, what is your name!”

“Raymond, Raymond Douglas, Sir!”

Hearing this name, Horn was stunned.

This name was so familiar!

Horn’s face was stunned, and then he asked excitedly, “Raymond… Wait, you are that Raymond?”

“Report, I’m Raymond, but I don’t know if you are talking about me!”

Actually, in a place like the school, there were basically no secrets. Raymond’s name had already spread throughout the entire West Point.

Riding a helicopter to the school, all the professors fought for him to be their student. In the end, he and the professors interacted equally…

Moreover, many military families had long heard that Raymond even had a set of military training methods that were about to be popularized to every unit and every soldier.

Moreover, it seemed that Raymond was a student of the School of Science, and there shouldn’t be a second Raymond in the School of Science. This should be him.

At the thought of this, Colonel Horn became excited, and he was already grabbed by Raymond’s hand, his eyes lit up as he said, “You’re the Raymond who wrote the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique. I’ve long heard from Thomas that you’ve come to West Point. He and I were comrades-in-arms in the same army a long time ago.

I just didn’t expect to see you here. I’ll definitely ask you about the secrets of this technique some other day.”

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

Raymond was even prepared to be punished. Who knew that it would be like this?

He could only say awkwardly, “Colonel, you’re too polite.”

At this time, Horn took a few steps back, and his expression immediately became serious.

Horn raised his hand and gave a standard military salute to Raymond.

At the same time, he said in a trembling voice, “Please enter the ranks.”

After saying that, Horn’s expression relaxed, and he continued, “Mr. Raymond, please don’t let your mind wander again. Otherwise, I won’t be like this next time.”

Raymond looked at Horn with a complicated expression and walked back to his seat.