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All the students present were at a loss when they saw this scene.

This Raymond had shocked them more and more. Why was the military giving him so much face now?

Could it be that the things on Raymond’s test paper were written differently and that the body refining technique was also used by the military?

Oh my god! Was this Raymond a monster? What else could he not understand!? In front of him, ordinary people like us were under a lot of pressure!

At this time, Horn adjusted his condition and turned around to face the students. He said in an excited tone, “Alright, everyone has almost familiarized themselves with the environment. Let’s go to the Hudson River training ground to introduce ourselves now. If there’s anything, you can say it to let others understand you.”

“I’m James, from Georgia…”

Soon, it was Raymond’s turn.

Raymond stood up and said to everyone, “My name is Raymond, I’m from…”

“Since I’m here to join the military, I’ll give you something that only a tough guy would have. I’ll split bricks…”

The students present were also a little dumbfounded. What was the meaning of this? Why didn’t he just say that he was painting, reciting, or playing musical instruments?

Did you have to come here to chop bricks?

This was really too unusual!

When Horn heard this, he was also very surprised. The military was indeed a place for tough guys, but a guy who had not undergone military training actually wanted to come here and use his own flesh to block bricks?

Horne walked forward and asked Raymond with a serious expression, “Are you sure? Using your hands to chop bricks?”

“Don’t worry, I’m confident!”

Seeing Raymond’s confident look, Horn had no choice but to let the student at the side go and get a brick.

Not long after, the student finally found the brick and returned.

A brick made from firing appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone could not help but gulp when they saw it. This brick looked very scary! It was really thick just by looking at it.

Horn had a look of anticipation on his face. He himself didn’t have much confidence in such a brick, and Raymond was just a rookie who hadn’t participated in military training.

But when he thought about Raymond being the founder of the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique, and how powerful this technique was, he had confidence in Raymond.

In order to make others believe that this brick was real, and that he was not colluding with the student holding the brick, Raymond had even invited a few students to come up and verify it.

One of the students took the brick from Raymond’s hand and felt its weight. He even wanted to try it himself.

He placed the brick on the stone table next to him, one hand holding the end of the brick while the other hand was suspended in the air.

“F*ck, my hand is broken! The infirmary…”

Horn had led too many training sessions like this. When he saw that the brick was intact and heard the sound, he immediately knew that it was the sound of a broken hand.

“You, you, and you, send him to the doctor…”

After everything was arranged, everyone looked at the brick and trembled.

They didn’t have such a concept at first, but after a student who had just stood with them was sent to the infirmary because of a broken hand…

“Why don’t we just forget about it?” Horn saw the situation and felt that this activity was a little dangerous, so he tried to dissuade him.

Raymond shook his head gently. His attitude was very firm.

Under everyone’s gaze, Raymond picked up the brick.

He held the brick with one hand and raised the other hand…

All the students had looks of pity on their faces, and some ladies even covered their eyes.

When Raymond’s hand fell, the brick also broke into two pieces.

Raymond looked at the situation and nodded in satisfaction.

Horn couldn’t hold it in any longer. He picked up Raymond’s hand and looked at it.

“Your hand doesn’t have calluses or anything like that. It’s just a little more muscular than normal people. You probably haven’t received any training. How did you do it…”

Raymond increased his stamina to 20 points. Although his physical strength was stronger than before and his muscles were stronger than before, the hardness of his hand was still not as hard as the brick.

Horn looked at Raymond’s hands excitedly, his mouth almost forming an ‘O’ shape.

Horne could not help but applaud. He really could not think of such an outcome.

At this time, Raymond had a hint of a smile on his face. In fact, he had played a little trick this time by chopping the brick with his bare hands.

Looking at the expression on Raymond’s face, Horn also knew that he must have used some kind of trick, but he still could not figure out what exactly it was.

He had also checked the brick and there was no problem!

Horn, who could not hold back his curiosity, finally could not help but ask.

“Raymond, how did you do it!?”

Raymond knew that everyone probably already knew that his ‘performance’ this time actually had a hidden meaning.

In this case, there was no need to hide it anymore.

Raymond came to the front of the crowd and said to everyone.

“We are students of West Point Military Academy, but that doesn’t mean that we are people who only have muscles in their brains. In fact, this performance is very simple…

“Everyone should know about Archimedes. He is the earliest scientist, so there should be no one who doesn’t know about him. If you really don’t know that you can still enter West Point, then you must be the son of the chief of staff…

“Archimedes had once proposed the famous lever principle. This principle was probably something that you had never heard of, but you had also seen it. Every family would use scissors. The longer the force arm, the smaller the force; the shorter the force arm, the greater the force; if you put force on the far end of the brick suspended in the air, it would be easy to split the brick…”

Horn also knew this principle. He also nodded, but he still had some doubts.

The student just did this, but the result was…

Before he could ask Raymond about it, he heard Raymond’s new opinion.

“Actually, that student already used the lever principle, but he still… Actually, I hung the brick on one side, raised it at an angle, and chopped it down with force. This is a simple impulse theorem…”

“Actually, I feel that as students of West Point, we will almost inevitably go to the army for training in the future… As officers, we shouldn’t simply tell the soldiers to charge up and retreat… These simple, mechanical orders.

“What I used to chop the brick just now are all basic principles, but they are so useful in life. I hope that we can not be dazzled by those high-tech fans. These ‘ancient’ principles are also useful… Because the brain directs the body.

“Of course, a strong body is also necessary. The army will soon popularize a cultivation technique, which will make it easier for the army to improve their physical fitness…”

When Horn heard these words, he also clapped his hands. As expected of the founder of the body refining cultivation technique. While making the army strong, he also did not forget to make the army strong in the brain…

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