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Raymond looked ecstatic, which made everyone present look dumbfounded.

Horn also came over and asked curiously, “Mr. Raymond, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Hearing Horn’s voice, Raymond calmed down and realized that he was still on the field. “I just calculated a small thing and found that the data is correct. I’m a little excited.”

Raymond was indeed a little too excited, but there was a reason for it. A small breakthrough in science might take many years.

Just like how supercomputers in the real world would overload, Raymond would also take a break after calculating in his mind for a period of time.

Therefore, these few days were just for Raymond to calculate in the real world for a period of time. He had to relax and prevent himself from having problems.

Although the time for calculating didn’t seem long, it only added up to about one day.

However, this one day’s time was converted to the time that Raymond had calculated in the day in reality.

However, as long as he had this solution, he could completely break through the current research bottleneck and allow Professor Hansen’s research to take a big step forward.

When they heard Raymond’s words, everyone was stunned.

Looking at Raymond’s expression, it was as if he had just completed a very important task.

But what made them curious was that Raymond had been standing there from the very beginning and hadn’t done anything.

He had been in the same state for the past few days!

But Horn knew Raymond’s specific achievements, and looking at Raymond’s expression, although he was just a soldier who didn’t know anything about Raymond’s research, he knew that it was definitely something very important.

Otherwise, Raymond would not be so excited.

Thinking of this, Horn hurriedly said, “Mr. Raymond, don’t be in such a hurry to speak.”

Raymond steadied his mind and said, “Colonel Horn, I have something very important to do now. I have to go to the research institute. I won’t be able to carry out this training now…”

Horn heard that it was so urgent, and his face became anxious. “Go quickly, Mr. Raymond. The experimental research is more important…”

Raymond nodded and turned around without looking back. He ran to the laboratory in the school. It seemed that it was really urgent.

Raymond used his fastest speed to arrive at Professor Hansen’s laboratory.

“Hello, this is Professor Hansen’s laboratory. The Professor is currently working. If there are any problems or matters, come again after the Professor finishes his work…”

The security personnel saw the training uniform on Raymond and knew that he was a student. They subconsciously stopped him.

“I have a major matter to look for Professor Hansen. My name is Raymond,” Raymond replied.

Hearing this name, the security guard moved and gave way to Raymond to let him in.

Raymond nodded and hurriedly ran into the laboratory.

“When will there be a breakthrough…”

“There is a problem with the research this time. If such a mistake is made on the battlefield, the soldiers will be found out on the spot…”

Before they reached the interior of the laboratory, they already heard Professor Hansen’s roar.

Raymond grabbed a passing researcher and asked in confusion, “Excuse me, what’s wrong with Professor Hansen? Who is he angry at?”

The worker sighed. “The Professor isn’t angry at anyone. How could he not be angry at himself? This project has been going on for too long. If there’s no progress, it might be canceled. At that time, this project will be put on permanent hold…”

Just as the staff member was about to continue, he realized that he hadn’t seen this person before. He also didn’t seem to be from the laboratory. He immediately asked, “Who are you? How did you get here? Who let you in?”

Raymond wasn’t angry. The last time he came, Professor Hansen had personally brought him here. Moreover, it was too late. These people had already left the laboratory.

It was very normal that this person did not know who he was.

He revealed his identity at random. “I am Raymond, a freshman of this year’s Science Department.”

The staff member immediately looked at Raymond differently. He extended his hand and said to Raymond,  “So you are the genius that Professor Hansen was talking about. Professor Hansen has told us a few times about you. He said that you are young and have a lively mind. Moreover, you are basically an all-rounder. You know everything and are proficient in…”

The surrounding researchers looked at Raymond differently.

Raymond’s name had spread throughout the laboratory. Everyone knew that Professor Hansen had high hopes for this young man. He was called a Feynman-type genius by Professor Hansen.

When they saw Raymond, they all sized him up. They all wanted to see what kind of person would be praised by Professor Hansen and fought over by five professors.

“Why are you looking for Professor Hansen?” a staff member asked.

Raymond said politely, “A few days ago, Professor Hansen gave me a document. Now I have some ideas and gains to tell him.”

Then, someone led him to the innermost office and knocked on the door.

Hearing someone knocking on the door, Professor Hansen immediately restrained himself and called them in.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Raymond? Why are you free to come to my place today?”

Seeing that it was Raymond who came in, Hansen was also stunned. He randomly pointed to the chair in front of him and gestured for Raymond to sit down.

Raymond went straight to the point and said to Hansen, “Professor, I heard that this project might be suspended?”

When Hansen heard that, he knew that Raymond already knew about what had happened today, so he did not choose to lie.

“Yes, this project has spent so much time and there has been no result. It is also very reasonable for the military to choose to stop… Perhaps this technology will appear many years later, but I guess I can’t see it anymore.”

The corner of Raymond’s mouth curled up, and he smiled, “It won’t take many years for there to be a result now. This is the reason why I came to look for you today.”

Professor Hansen was stunned when he heard this.

He suddenly stood up, held Raymond’s hand, and said, “Mr. Raymond, is what you said true?”

Raymond nodded heavily, “It is true. I have completed the theory, and now I am only lacking the physical object. I came to look for you today to borrow the laboratory.”

Hansen grabbed Raymond and walked towards the lab. “Let’s go! Let’s go to the lab first! Let’s talk while we walk!”

Hansen’s mood immediately improved. He still trusted Raymond very much, and all of his research was very feasible.

Hopefully, this time too!

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