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Professor Hansen’s mood instantly changed. His gloomy mood instantly turned from cloudy to sunny.

There was nothing that could make Professor Hansen happier than the significant progress of the research.

Raymond also understood this, so he let Professor Hansen hold his hand.

In the laboratory, Professor Hansen called all the researchers together. He stood with Raymond as if he wanted to announce something.

“I’ve read all the information you gave me that day, Professor Hansen. After a few days of checking and reasoning, I’ve come to a conclusion,” Raymond said seriously.

Professor Hansen was overjoyed and asked, “I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Tell me, tell me, Mr. Raymond, what kind of discovery did you make?”

Raymond asked someone to take out a stack of draft paper, as he was performing calculations on the draft paper, he explained his discovery, “Professor Hansen, your previous method was to select samples and experiment. Then, select samples again, experiment… Repeat the steps. Now, I will use the mathematical method to calculate the parameters wanted, and then bring the materials…”

Raymond began to calculate on the draft paper with swishing sounds. The brain calculation was also non-stop. In less than a minute, Raymond put down the pen in his hand, pointed to the draft paper to calculate the number.

“According to my calculations, these are the attributes that I need to get the materials. With a direction, it will lower the threshold of searching for materials. If we still can’t find such materials, we can even synthesize them ourselves… Moreover, there might be a greater use for them.”

When Raymond said this, all the researchers present trembled, as if they were looking at a monster.

In less than a minute, this guy had calculated so much data. Wasn’t that too fast?

Looking at the several pieces of A4 paper that were filled to the brim, they were all dumbfounded. This was really too strong.

Even if he had calculated in advance, it was still amazing that such a large amount of calculation could be done in a minute?

Moreover, didn’t Raymond just enter the school a few days ago? Professor Hansen had only given him a few days at most, so how could he suddenly calculate everything?

Everyone turned their attention to Raymond. Could it be that this guy had a supercomputer in his head!?

Even if these researchers were to calculate it together, it would take about an hour or so. They still needed to know the answer in advance.

This was because the formula contained in it, as well as the relevant calculation methods and train of thought, were very rare. It was not something that could be thought out just by thinking about it. Moreover, the checking calculation was not something that an ordinary person could do so smoothly.

Such a person was simply a monster.

“This guy seems to be more worth studying than an aircraft carrier.” At this time, all the researchers suddenly had this thought.

Hansen looked at the data in his hand and looked at Raymond in a daze. “Mr. Raymond, you yourself are basically a small supercomputer… How did you do it so quickly?”

Professor Hansen quickly reacted and excitedly handed these things to the researcher beside him. he shouted, “Science Experiment! According to this number, uh…”

In the end, the professor’s voice was a little distorted.

A researcher took the draft paper and quickly ran to the equipment to start operating.

Hansen’s eyes even had tears in them. “Mr. Raymond, thank you for everything you’ve done for these soldiers…”

As he spoke, he was so excited that he grabbed Raymond’s hand and refused to let go.

Raymond could feel his excitement from Professor Hansen’s trembling hand.

Professor Hansen suddenly turned around and looked at Raymond with a serious expression. “Mr. Raymond, I’ve decided to let you be the main person in charge of this experiment!”

Raymond was stunned when he heard this. The person-in-charge was the soul of a project!

Just as he was about to decline, Hansen grabbed his hand. “Mr. Raymond, these materials were completely taken out by you. Moreover, I’m about to retire, so I don’t need such things anymore.

But this is still very important to you! Please don’t refuse!”

Hearing this, Raymond could only nod his head.

“Start releasing ultraviolet rays.”

“Everything is normal. There are no signs of ultraviolet rays detected.”

“Start releasing infrared rays.”

“Everything is normal. There are no signs of infrared rays detected…”

The data on the instrument showed that everything was normal. The experiment was successful!

Raymond’s calculation was completely correct.

“Success!” Professor Hansen shouted like a child.

No one knew how much pressure he was under. No one knew what he was carrying.

This thing had troubled him and the scientific world for many years.

But today’s experiment was successful. Professor Hansen could finally be at ease.

After a long time, Professor Hansen suddenly remembered that the material Raymond mentioned might have more uses.

“Mr. Raymond, what do you mean by this material of yours might have more uses?”

Raymond: “This material can be applied to any object, even a drone machine…”

Professor Hansen looked at Raymond in astonishment, his eyes full of disbelief.

At this moment, a researcher frowned and looked at the paper in his hand with a puzzled expression.

“Professor, Professor Raymond… Mr. Raymond’s material is completely different from our synthesis principle? There are even some things and steps that I haven’t seen before.”

Just as he finished speaking, the researcher explained, “I’m sorry, Mr. Raymond. Science is serious, and every doubt must be solved…”

Raymond smiled and said, “It’s okay. I know that you’re being serious about science. There’s no other meaning.”

Such things happened in the scientific world from time to time. Even the Nobel Prize winner, Mr. Bohr, was questioned by Einstein when he proposed his own quantum mechanics.

“Let me see…” Professor Hansen took the manuscripts and started reading them again. Was there anything wrong with them?

“These are actually my new ideas for chemical synthesis. You may not have seen them before, but Professor Hansen should know about them.” Raymond looked at the researchers who had doubts.

After a long time, Professor Hansen finally finished reading the materials in his hands.

He put down the information, took off his glasses, and wiped them.

Hearing Professor Hansen’s sigh, the others thought that something had happened to the experiment that had already been successful.

“I didn’t expect that you would have smuggled something into it. You’re really ambitious. This is also to promote your own idea of chemical synthesis…”

“In the future, the chemical world will put you first. You’ll be the founder of the world of chemistry, like Mendeleev and Libisi of the periodic table of elements…”

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