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Hearing Professor Hansen’s words, the researchers standing next to him were shocked!

What? These materials synthesis methods were not only real, but they were even new synthesis methods?

And from what Professor Hansen said, was Raymond trying to create a new school?

“I’ve looked at it and there are no problems. The synthesis route is also very feasible. This synthesis method has been verified by ‘others’…”

Professor Hansen explained to all the researchers present after he finished reading the data.

After he finished, he raised his watch and looked at the time. He found that the time of the experiment and the verification had almost reached midnight, so he said, “It’s a little late. Let’s go eat first…”

Then, everyone walked out of the lab.

The cafeteria was specially prepared for researchers. Because the research time was not fixed, as long as the lights were still on, the cafeteria would always be available.

While waiting for the food to be served, Professor Hansen made a phone call outside.

At this moment, in the Department of Defense’s Office.

The sound of a phone call scared the director of the office away from his sleepiness.

“This is the Department of Defense. I’m Director Ethan.”

Professor Hansen’s voice came from the other side of the phone. “West Point, Hansen from the Science Institute.”

“Professor Hansen, What’s the matter? It’s late.” Ethan looked at the clock on the wall.

Professor Hansen went straight to the point and said nothing else, “Director Ethan, I have a very important document here. It’s a research document from an SSS-Grade confidential figure.

“This document is very important to our military. I request that someone immediately send this document and the person in charge of the research to the headquarters.”

Hearing Hansen’s serious tone, Ethan also knew that this matter must be extraordinary.

Although Professor Hansen’s research project this time did not seem to have much research weight… However, Professor Hansen’s past research was very important and even top-secret. Otherwise, he would not have the authority to directly call the Department of Defense.

“Understood, Professor Hansen. I will inform the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff to report this matter.”

After saying that, Ethan picked up the encrypted phone and pressed a few buttons.

“Okay, I will immediately mobilize the Rangers to escort the information…”

At a certain military base in the United States, the Rangers’ training ground.

Usually, at 4 am, the Ranger training camp was already quiet.

But at this moment, because of receiving an urgent mission from the Department of Defense, the Ranger training camp was now brightly lit.

Ranger Captain James stood in the gathering ground.

In front of him was a pair of fully equipped teams, armed with weapons in their hands, snipers. Snipers…

“Captain, what kind of mission is this? It’s so late, and there’s even an assault mission? Is there going to be a war?”

James looked serious but shook his head. “I don’t know. I just received an emergency order. The Chief Instructor will come over later to give instructions…”

The team members were stunned when they heard this. The Chief Instructor was coming too?

This was something they had not expected.

What kind of mission would alarm the most powerful Chief Instructor among the Rangers?

It seemed that this matter was definitely not a trivial matter.

Just as everyone was puzzled. While they were discussing among themselves…

“Everyone, quiet. The chief instructor is here.”

At the edge of the gathering ground, Terry, who was dressed neatly in his military uniform, walked over with a serious look on his face.

His weapons were also fully equipped.

He slowly arrived in front of the Rangers.

James’ expression tensed. He raised his hand and shouted in unison with his team members, “Hello, Sir!”

Terry raised his hand and returned the salute, he nodded and said seriously, “All the Rangers are here. This is an urgent mission. You need to immediately head to West Point Military Academy to escort Professor Hansen and a vital piece of information to the Pentagon… I will also follow you.”

Send information to each other?

What kind of information was it that a special force like the Rangers would be sent to escort it? It even alarmed the Chief Instructor!

James saluted Terry to show that he and the others had understood the mission.

Terry looked at the Rangers in front of him and nodded. “We will set off immediately.”

The few of them quickly rushed to the training airport.

The two helicopters were already prepared. When the two pilots saw the few of them, they immediately started the engines.

The helicopters were loaded with all kinds of weapons, machine guns, and honeycomb missiles.

Looking at the situation in front of them, the few NCOs were shocked. This was too exaggerated.

These helicopters were loaded with weapons and had the firepower of a full squad. This was enough to fight a small-scale encounter.

“Is the military going to do another ‘Black Hawk Down’? With such strong firepower, it’s not enough to fight against a few warlords…”

“Yeah, what information is so important!?”

James heard the soldier’s ridicule and was worried that it would upset the Chief Instructor. He quickly glared at the soldier.

Who knew that Terry wasn’t unhappy after hearing it. He even explained, “This mission’s objective is very important. In fact, the information this time is more suitable for the FBI or the CIA to accept, but this developer is one of our military’s own people.

“If the information this time is completely digested by our military, then the British MI6 agents and Israel Mossad…

“The agents of these top organizations would all kneel in front of our military’s spy organization…”

After hearing Terry’s words, the soldiers below no longer had anything to say.

This was something that could transform the United States military’s spy organization, so no matter how much they valued it, it was very worth it.

In that case, it was also very fortunate that the Rangers were able to stand out and receive this mission.

As one of the lower-ranked special forces in the United States, they could only prove themselves through continuous meritorious service. Only then would they be able to topple their seniors.

“Moreover, if this matter were to be leaked, there might be other armed forces that would come to snatch the materials and professors. If they can’t get them, I think they might be even more willing to destroy them…”

After hearing Terry’s words, the soldiers suddenly understood the reason why the escort mission was so well-equipped.

Once such information was leaked, it was very likely that it would attract a lot of ‘flies’. Not only Russia or Iran, but even their original allies might not be willing to see such a thing happen.

Anything could happen on the road. Anything could happen!

Bringing these equipment was to ensure the safety of the information and personnel…

The two helicopters let out a roar. The propellers started to spin faster and faster. In the end, the number of revolutions was enough. They circled up and slowly flew into the air.

Then, they disappeared into the night sky.

However, the soldiers quickly discovered that they were not only surrounded by fully armed helicopters.

Not far away, there were even two fighter jets cruising.

And they were hovering around the two helicopters…

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