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West Point, in the canteen of the research institute.

All the researchers had been sent back to rest by Professor Hansen after eating.

But Raymond was stopped by Professor Hansen.

The two returned to the laboratory and checked the completeness of the data one last time.

Seeing that the preparatory work had been completed, Raymond looked at the time and asked Professor Hansen to leave.

“Professor, I’ll leave the submission of the data to you. I’ll go back first.”

However, Professor Hansen looked at Raymond with a serious face and said seriously, “Mr. Raymond, this research was almost completed by you alone. Your understanding of this project is far better than others.

“Moreover, I’m already old and about to retire. I don’t need such an honor anymore, but you’re different. You’re still young. You need this kind of credit.

“With this kind of achievement, your future research work will be more smooth, you’ll have more funding, more support…”

Professor Hanson looked at Raymond earnestly. He really admired Raymond.

Raymond was the most talented scientist he had ever seen. Nothing could stop him. Although others, including the principal, thought he would be the second Feynman…

But he thought Raymond’s future achievements would be even more amazing. He would be an inventor and scholar who would surpass Nikola Tesla.

He would be able to create people who could change human life and even the progress of human development.

Raymond looked at Professor Hansen’s eyes and was touched.

He knew that such a result would be very important to Professor Hansen. At least, he could use it to make his retirement life better.

However, Professor Hansen gave him such an opportunity. This action was also to vouch for himself, using his scientific reputation to vouch for himself.

“Okay. Thank you, Professor Hansen.”

Professor Hansen saw that Raymond understood what he meant and nodded in relief.

At this moment, a few explosions broke the silence.

Professor Hansen looked out of the window and smiled. “Let’s go. The person who will pick us up should be here.”

As he spoke, Professor Hansen pulled Raymond and walked out.

Raymond grabbed the information in his hands and steadied himself.

The old man and the young man walked out together.

The sound of helicopters and fighter jets cut through the quiet night sky of West Point.

Countless students and teachers of West Point who were sleeping were woken up.

The lights of the dormitories were lit up one by one. Many students came to the balcony with sleepy eyes and looked in the direction of the business.

“What’s going on? Isn’t the sky still dark? Where did this sound come from?”

“It’s a military helicopter! F*ck, look, there, and there. It seems to be a fighter jet. F*ck!”

“Not only that, those planes seem to be armed!”

“What’s going on? Did something happen at West Point?”

At this moment, a student pointed at the laboratory area in the school.

“That direction! The plane’s target is that direction… Could it be that something big has happened at the research institute?”

In the faculty dormitory building.

A few female teachers who lived together could not help but gather their curiosity together as they looked at the planes hovering in the sky.

“The military’s helicopter is here, and judging from the signs on the plane, it doesn’t seem to be an ordinary unit, and it’s going to the research institute.”

“Could it be that the research institute has made some breakthrough research progress? Or have they completed some incredible research…”

“I recently heard that a student from the School of Science has helped Professor Hansen’s research and made some great progress!”

Hearing these words, Carter was also stunned. She remembered the student she saw at the beginning of the school that day, so she asked, “With the help of a student? Is that student called Raymond?”

She had been busy with teaching these days, so she didn’t pay much attention to research. She knew very well about Professor Hansen’s research.

When the female teacher heard Carter’s words, she was also stunned. Then she replied, “I think his name is Raymond or Remi. I don’t remember…”

When the female teacher next to Carter heard that Carter seemed to know something, she also asked curiously, “Carter, do you know something? Do you know this student whose name is Raymond or Remi? I also heard that this Raymond almost single-handedly pushed forward the progress of the entire research… Tell me quickly.”

Hearing the female teacher’s words, the few people present sucked in a breath of cold air.

If what she said was true, then it would be too shocking! It was really unbelievable!

They had already heard of this student, Raymond, a few days ago.

A freshman was almost fought over by five professors.

Now, he could actually participate in a scientific research project and lead the project.

In the end, he even single-handedly pushed forward the overall progress of the project?

Carter was even more dumbfounded. She looked at the teacher who spoke in disbelief.

If this was true, then wasn’t Raymond only here for less than a month?

Wasn’t it just less than a month since he entered the school?

Raymond’s name was now swirling in her mind, imprinted in her mind, and could not be forgotten.

She began to be more and more curious about this mysterious freshman.

She looked at the planes not far away and suddenly had a bold idea. Could these planes be for him?

Although she also felt that this idea was a bit incredible, but it never left her mind.

She saw Raymond and Professor Hansen coming out of the research institute.

James immediately brought his team members forward, raised his hand, and saluted, “Captain of the First Rangers, James.”

Raymond looked at the Rangers standing in a row, fully armed. He felt that these soldiers’ military literacy was obviously better than ordinary soldiers, and they were all fully loaded with weapons.

He raised his head and looked at the fighter planes hovering in the sky. He could not help but be surprised.

With such elite troops escorting them, and fighter jets escorting them.

With such a configuration and support, no one would be able to snatch such information away.

Unless it was those people hiding in the shadows who wanted to expose all the spies hiding in the country, it was likely that the Department of Defense was also trying to deter those people hiding in the shadows so that they would not dare to show themselves.

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