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“Hansen,” the professor introduced himself. Then he pointed at Raymond and said, “This is Professor Raymond.”

James turned his head and was about to greet Raymond, but when he saw Raymond, he was stunned.

Looking at Raymond, it seemed that he was not as old as his younger brother.

However, James did not laugh at Raymond. Someone who could be introduced by Professor Hansen must not be an ordinary person. He must be very powerful in a certain field.

“Professor… Professor Raymond!”

Raymond was stunned when he heard Hansen’s introduction. He looked at Hansen.

Hansen had a smirk on his face as he looked at Raymond.

This project was almost single-handedly promoted by Raymond. Although he was a little young now, it was too easy for him to become a professor with his knowledge.

After all, Raymond was the most important part of this project, and one of the purposes of this project was to make Raymond’s reputation known.

Raymond was about to explain that he was not a professor at all, but Hansen spoke up.

Pointing at the information in Raymond’s hand, he said, “This is the target of this project. Your mission is to bring us and this information back to the Pentagon.”

After hearing Hansen’s words, James saluted. He turned around and brought the two of them onto the plane.

Raymond and Hansen sat on two separate planes.

Just as Raymond was still lamenting, the voice of Professor Hansen suddenly came out of the earpiece.

“Everyone, this information is very important, but it is only a piece of information. As long as our young Professor Raymond is still alive, there will be a lot of information like this.

“If… I mean if anything happens, I hope that you will bring Professor Raymond out safely. He is the most talented person I have ever met in scientific research. He will definitely be able to change the progress of mankind.”

“Just like what Mr. Nicholas Tesla did… Alright, I’m done.”

When Raymond heard this, his eyes could not help but flicker.

Fortunately, the journey was very safe and there were no accidents.

When they reached their destination, it was already dawn.

Because they had been on a helicopter for a long time, and he was getting older, Hansen felt very tired, so he found a place to rest.

Although Raymond still had energy, when they arrived at this place, because they were unfamiliar faces, although their movements were not restricted, there would be people following them everywhere, so they started to rest.

Although the two of them had already started to rest, the data was still running.

After the original data was copied, it was sealed, and the copies began to be transferred.

Inside a laboratory in the Pentagon.

Professor Nelson from the University of Virginia’s Department of Chemistry, along with the local garrison, and some Pentagon researchers, were all summoned here to wait.

The order they received was to verify the feasibility and expansion of a piece of information.

“Professor Nelson, you were also called here! Did you know what mission we are asked to do when you came here?”

“Yes, but when I was called here, they didn’t tell me anything. They just said to verify a piece of information.”

Just when everyone was discussing what the mission was, the door opened.

Ethan walked in with a serious expression

Behind him were a few people holding documents.

“I believe that Professor Nelson received a confidential document a few months ago, and the source of this document is the same.”

“Therefore, this document is also confidential. After you complete your work, you need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Of course, you can choose not to sign it.”

“But you have to leave immediately and have no way to view this information. You have three minutes to decide whether you want to see this information or not.”

The researchers below looked at each other.

Three minutes later, Ethan looked at his watch and saw that no one had left. He waved his hand and asked the people behind him to distribute the information in their hands.

“I know that everyone is very confused. Why are you suddenly called here? All your questions will be answered after you see this information.”

After Professor Nelson received the document, he did not stop. The first thing he did was to open the sealed bag and take out a document that was several centimeters thick.

The other researchers did the same thing. They opened the sealed bag and wanted to see what the document was.

On the cover of the document was only written–

Purple infrared insulation technology.

Everyone was stunned. Although this technology was useful, it shouldn’t be so confidential, right?

It wasn’t necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement, right?

However, no one raised their questions on the spot. They just continued reading.

The principle was very simple. They finished reading it very quickly, but the subsequent calculation process was very complicated.

At least in Professor Nelson’s eyes, he still needed a supercomputer, otherwise, it would take a long time.

After a quick glance at the reasoning process and no logical errors, Professor Nelson found that there was actually more content behind this document.

Flipping through it, Professor Nelson finally understood.

He understood why the Pentagon was acting this way and why they needed to sign a confidentiality agreement.

“Other possible applications of new materials.”

“Drone spy technology, spy robots…”

The other researchers wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.

Those with glasses took off their glasses and rubbed them back and forth. Those without glasses also used their clothes to wipe their eyes.

Professor Nelson flipped to the beginning of the information that he had finished reading. He felt that he had not read it well and that it was not complete.

This time, he had to read it carefully, word by word.

This time, Professor Nelson kept flipping through the information. He frowned from time to time, but it usually relaxed very quickly.

After reading for nearly two hours, Professor Nelson finally put down the information in his hands. His eyes were full of shock, and his expression was also very shocked.

“Unbelievable… I already know the source of this information. I have already seen the synthesis method in this before. At that time, I thought that this method was just a coincidence and had no value in promoting it.

“But today’s information let me see the possibility of it… Oh my god, I really want to see it. The revolution in the chemical world is coming.”

Seeing that the professor suddenly changed the topic, Ethan reminded him, “Professor, we called you here to verify the feasibility of this information, not…”

After hearing Ethan’s words, Nelson was also a little embarrassed, but he still replied, “No problem. The feasibility of this plan is very high. At least I saw nothing wrong with it. Moreover, they also have experimental records.”

After saying that, Nelson paused and said again, “But this information needs to be done in person because I’ve read the method in it twice, and some things can not be seen in the information. If it needs to be verified…”

Ethan was also stunned after hearing Nelson’s words. He turned to look at his assistant. “Didn’t Hansen research this information?”

When the assistant heard his superior’s question, he immediately answered, “This research is led by a professor named Raymond.”

Nelson was stunned when he heard the name. He thought about it carefully and said,  “I haven’t heard of any chemistry or physics professor named Raymond!”

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