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The people outside the lounge were confused after hearing Hansen’s words!

What did he mean by ‘you will be surprised’? Although Professor Raymond had almost completed this unprecedented research alone…

‘But we have already been shocked!’

‘This time, we just want to see Professor Raymond’s appearance!’

Ethan and Nissen followed Hansen into the lounge!

The lounge was a more homely structure. In front of it was a living room, and behind it were two bedrooms.

One of them was Hansen’s lounge, and the other was naturally where Raymond lived.

After leading everyone to the living room, Hansen smiled and said, “Everyone, wait here for a while. I’ll go and see if… Professor Raymond is awake!”

The few of them naturally had no objections.

They had not contacted him beforehand. It was just that they were too curious, so they hurried over.

If they did not have the patience to wait for a while even when they reached the master’s house, they would probably be called impolite!

In front of such a big bull who could almost complete a huge scientific research project on his own, even highly capable people like Ethan and Nelson subconsciously restrained their arrogance and pride.

Hansen smiled and said goodbye to everyone. Then, he turned a corner and went directly to Raymond’s door.

Knock, knock, knock!

Hansen politely knocked on the door. Although he was a professor in the Science Department of West Point, and Raymond was a serious first-year student at West Point…

But now, Hansen could no longer treat him as a student!

How could there be a student who had done the ‘all-zero’ feat before entering the school and completed such a difficult project as ‘purple infrared insulation technology’ on his own?

This was simply a monster!

After knocking on the door, Hansen waited quietly for a few seconds.

“Who is it?”

Inside the door, Raymond, who was away for the first time, was sleeping drowsily.

He had used a lot of brain power to deduce ‘purple infrared insulation technology’ and then traveled a long distance to the Pentagon. Taking a helicopter was a very novel experience, but it was actually quite torturous.

The experience of riding a helicopter was probably the same as the most bumpy car!

Now, Raymond, who had rested for a few hours, felt a little sore all over his body.

This was on the premise that he had already added 20 points of stamina!

Outside the door, after hearing Raymond’s slightly tired voice, Hansen said loudly, “It’s me, Hansen… Professor Raymond, have you rested well?”

Hearing Hansen call him Professor Raymond again…

Raymond also smiled helplessly. This old professor of the Science Department was also very interesting!

He was just a freshman who had just entered the university. Even if he had completed a research independently, he could indeed be called a professor in terms of qualifications.

But how old was he!?

Such a young professor, no one would probably be convinced by him, so why would he bring it up to others!?

“I’m almost done resting. Please wait for me for a while.”

Inside the door, Raymond struggled to sit up. He exercised a little to relieve the fatigue in his body.

Although he was still very tired after sitting on the helicopter for a long time, with the support of 30 points of stamina, Raymond’s recovery was very fast!

In addition to brushing his teeth and washing his face, the pain in his body had completely disappeared!

About ten minutes later, the door creaked open from the inside.

Raymond walked out of the lounge after he was dressed.

Hansen laughed and walked over to pat Raymond on the shoulder.

“This time, a few experts from the Pentagon insisted on meeting you, Professor Raymond, who completed the purple infrared insulation technology on his own.”

“If they saw how young you are, they would definitely be shocked!”

“That old Ethan from the Virginia Military Academy… His previous research has been ahead of West Point. This time, you’ve really made us proud!”

As he said this, Hansen pushed Raymond to the living room outside!

In the living room, a total of four old men were eagerly looking in the direction of the lounge!

They really wanted to know who the source of this information was!

One had to know that not only did it break through the new technology of purple infrared insulation technology, it even directly proposed a chemical synthesis method that was only theoretically possible!

Once this kind of achievement was verified by large-scale practical applications, it would not be a problem to give a Nobel Prize!

Whether it was Ethan, Nelson, or Percy from the Virginia Military Academy, or that expert in new composite materials, Professor Sheldon, they were all waiting for the mysterious ‘Professor Raymond’ to come out!


When Hansen really came out with Raymond!

Everyone was stunned!

Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief and shock. Professor Percy’s mouth was wide open, almost enough to fit an egg!

“You, you… Are you Professor Raymond’s student?”

Professor Sheldon asked in disbelief. He didn’t dare to believe his own guess because Raymond looked too young!

If this young man was Professor Raymond, then what did decades of hard work and day and night research mean?

Such a young man alone had developed the ‘purple infrared insulation technology’?

Wasn’t this too exaggerated?!

Hansen looked at the people in front of him proudly. The smile and pride in his eyes were almost undisguised!

After all, whether Raymond was a student of West Point or Professor Raymond of West Point…

In essence, he was a member of West Point!

His research results would definitely hang together with West Point!

This was the greatest honor!

“Ahem, everyone, let me introduce to you. This is our professor of West Point, Professor Raymond!”

“It’s also him. Some time ago, he broke through the purple infrared insulation technology independently!”

“Professor Raymond, let me introduce you. This is the Pentagon’s professor, Nelson. This is…”

After introducing everyone to Raymond, Hansen invited everyone to the coffee shop for a cup of coffee.

The few people who were still in shock did not refuse. They followed Hansen, who was walking in front of them, in a daze, all the way to the coffee shop!

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on that indifferent figure!

He was really Professor Raymond!

Such a young Professor Raymond!

He had independently broken through the isolation technology of red and ultraviolet rays!

He had proposed a new chemical synthesis method that was only theoretically possible!

Such a god had appeared directly in front of them. Even Professor Sheldon, who was an expert in new composite materials, only had a look of emotion and shock in his eyes at this moment!

Raymond was too young. He didn’t even have the qualifications to be jealous!