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“Professor Raymond, we came here this time because we want to see what kind of person it is who has independently completed the red and ultraviolet insulation technology. Secondly, we also have some questions to ask you.”

Everyone sat down in the coffee shop. Raymond ordered a cup of cappuccino, and the others also ordered the coffee that they often drank.

Ethan couldn’t wait to explain his reason for coming!

“This is the expert of new composite materials, Professor Sheldon!”

Sheldon stretched out a hand with an emotional smile on his face.

“Professor Raymond, you look too young!”

Raymond also stretched out his hand and shook Professor Sheldon’s hand, smiling.

“Actually, I’m not Professor Raymond. I’m just a freshman at West Point Military Academy!”


“How is that possible!?”

The few of them were really stunned!

They could understand why Raymond was so young. After all, there was no lack of geniuses in this world.

If they had started training him since he was young and spent a lot of resources, it was not impossible for him to become a professor at such a young age.

But Raymond was actually just a first-year student?!

The fact that Hansen and the others were studying purple infrared insulation technology was not a secret in the circle.

Everyone knew that they had been studying it for several years and hadn’t made any breakthroughs!

And how long had it been since West Point started school?

In other words, Raymond had only joined the program after entering the school and had made a breakthrough alone in such a short period of time?!

This was even more shocking than Raymond being a genius who had been nurtured by a large amount of resources since young!

“Raymond… I’ll just call you Professor Raymond. Anyway, with the support of this project, you’ll definitely have no problems getting promoted to professor!”

Professor Sheldon shook his head with a wry smile. He felt that he had lived like a dog for the past few decades!

He had broken through the technology that these old men had never been able to break through in their entire lives at such a young age!

It could only be said that the new wave was stronger than the new, and each wave was stronger than the previous!

“Professor Raymond, let’s get to the point!”

“As for that new chemical synthesis method, we’ve actually roughly understood it before. We’ve always thought that it was only a theoretical possibility!”

“There are a few points here that we’ve never been able to break through. Look, the precise breaking of this chemical chain, as well as the microscopic influence between the chemical elements and electrons. How did you solve it? Can you give us a rough idea?”

Raymond took a few glances.

He had truly learned the knowledge he had previously learned. Although the system had injected it into his mind, it was no different from mastering it himself!

“Of course, you see, we need to use the Filiston equation here. As long as we accurately calculate according to this equation, the breaking of the chemical chain would not be difficult. An ordinary Elfa machine will be able to do it. As for the microscopic influence between the electrons, we need to deal with it like this…”

Once the academic problems started, everyone’s attention would be focused. They would not be aware of the passage of time at all!

After Raymond finished answering a question, a few professors would often ask another question!

Thus, Raymond could only continue to answer.

Fortunately, he was now proficient in almost every aspect of astronomy and geography!

Physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and so on, were all knowledge reserves at the professor level, bringing him a ‘qualitative’ change!

Four hours later, it was time for dinner!

A few people were still discussing in the coffee shop.

Ethan, Nelson, and the others looked at Raymond as if they were looking at god!

They could not understand why such a young freshman had such a vast amount of knowledge!

This was exactly the same as Professor Feynman!

“Professor Raymond, I think that with your academic knowledge and knowledge, a professor might not be suitable!”

“I think that you should be awarded the title of Professor of All Subjects!”

When Nelson spoke, he could not help but use honorifics. He was really shocked by Raymond!

When he said this, the others nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, you should be like that Professor Feynman, awarded the title of Professor of All Subjects! In other words, you should be awarded the title of Scholar!”

A scholar was a title that could only be directly awarded by the country if more than 90% of the members of the National Education Committee voted for it!

From a certain point of view, this rank was not even a rank in the education system!

In terms of status, a scholar’s rank was almost the same as that of the National Lifetime Honor Award winner!

They were both figures that were hard to come by in a hundred years!

The last person in the United States who had been nominated and appointed as a scholar was none other than Professor Feynman!

As Hansen listened to the laments of these people, he laughed in his heart!

If this scholar really appeared in West Point, then West Point would instantly become one of the top universities in the world!

The kind that surpassed the Ivy League!

In recent years, although West Point was also one of the very good schools, it was only famous in military schools. In the outside world, the most recognized school was still the Ivy League school!

Only Hansen himself knew.

West Point’s annual scientific research output was definitely not less than any Ivy League school.

However, these results were used by the military, so they were not well-known among the public!

If Raymond was really awarded the rank of a scholar, then for West Point, it would be a meteoric rise!

The Virginia Military Academy’s Professor Percy had originally been in competition with West Point.

But now, he was directly conquered by Raymond’s profound knowledge and recognized that he had the qualifications to be awarded the title of a scholar!

“Guys, it’s a little late today. Professor Raymond has been on the helicopter for a long time. Why don’t we let him rest today?”

“In a few days, Professor Lott will convene us to do a seminar on the purple infrared insulation technology. At that time, if you have any questions, you can ask Professor Raymond again!” Hansen stood up and said with a smile.

They were all very satisfied. They had gained a lot.

“Of course, we have to communicate with Professor Raymond more in the future!”

“That’s right. Let’s call it a day. Professor Raymond, go back and have a good rest!”

“Well, when we go to the Pentagon this time, we may have to do research here before this technology can be used. We have a lot of time!”

The few of them stood up and nodded.

Seeing this, Raymond heaved a sigh of relief. He was indeed a little tired.

He didn’t sleep well to begin with, and after a few hours of intense discussion…

“Alright, Professors, that’s it for today.”

“I’ll go back and rest.”

Raymond shook hands with the few of them with a smile. After they left, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Hansen patted Raymond’s shoulder hard!

“Raymond, well done! These old guys have been conquered by you!”

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