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The course points could be increased through continuous learning, but the skill points could only be obtained through rewards!

Other than the 3 skill points he had used previously, Raymond did not use them casually anymore!

The two-day seminar ended.

Raymond was completely exhausted!

Since the course points were more abundant, Raymond decided to use 500 course points directly, increasing his stamina by 50 points!

With the increase of 50 stamina points, Raymond’s physical fitness was comparable to some soldiers who had been training all year round!

As for intelligence and spiritual power, as his stamina increased, the two could also increase by more!

In the end, Raymond’s stamina reached 80 points, his intelligence increased to 30 points, and his spiritual power increased to 70 points.

After two days of seminars, the Pentagon gave everyone two days of rest!

During the rest period, if Raymond wanted to enter or leave the Pentagon, he had to report and only leave under the protection of fully-armed soldiers!

Under such circumstances, Raymond did not have the intention to go out. After all, there was nothing to do outside!

Hence, he had been reading all sorts of information in his room for the past few days.

In his mind, he was constantly deducing a new technology!

This technology was called the ‘Anti-Gravity Arc Drive’!

It was the same technology that the system had rewarded him when Raymond was giving a report!

Previously, Raymond only looked at the name and couldn’t understand what it was.

Now that he was deducing, Raymond was stunned!

The function of this anti-gravity arc drive was actually related to the application of the dark energy of the universe!

One had to know that with the current technology of the various countries on Earth, the research on the dark energy of the universe was still at the stage of speculation!

In other words, everyone could verify the existence of the dark energy of the universe through various methods, but no one could discover this kind of energy, let alone apply it!

And the system rewarded Raymond with the blueprint of this device.

He directly skipped the theoretical research on the dark energy and directly entered the practical application stage!

Of course, other than the blueprints, a large amount of information was stuffed into his mind!

At this moment, what Raymond was doing was to digest this knowledge!

Two days passed in the blink of an eye!

On this day, Raymond was flipping through the information.

A guard came to inform him that the practical application project had begun!

Raymond’s mind jolted!

One had to know that the breakthrough of the red and ultraviolet radiation isolation technology from theory to practice was not an easy step!

In the past, people did not realize the importance of this technology. They thought that it could only be applied to individual equipment, so they did not pay much attention to it!

But now, after Raymond’s deduction, almost everyone realized its importance!

This was not just a technology that could only be applied to individual equipment!

Its most important role was to be applied to stealth aircraft!

Once this new technology was applied to stealth aircraft, then spy aircrafts and real stealth aircrafts would become a reality!

This kind of technology could become a major breakthrough in national strength at the national level.

It was no wonder that the higher-ups had requested to produce practical results in a short period of time!

Of course, this kind of result was definitely not so easy to produce.

At least, the technology was there, but the materials and real practical applications were a huge problem!

The Pentagon naturally knew that this was a difficult problem, so they directly mobilized experts and professors from several fields across the country!

Even the chief designer of the latest X-47B drone design was invited over!

It was so that this new technology could be first applied to this kind of drone!

It could be said that the level of this project that Raymond was in charge of at the moment was simply sky-high!

The location of the project was not in the Pentagon. After all, the various experimental devices were not here at all.

Outside the door, a few fully armed guards took out their identification cards and introduced themselves to Raymond in detail!

Then, they surrounded Raymond and directly ascended from the internal elevator to the top of the Pentagon!

On the top of the building, three helicopters were already on standby!

These three helicopters would be used by Raymond to choose which one to take. Moreover, before he took the helicopter, there would be people with similar looks and figures who would board the other two helicopters!

What he was afraid of was that Raymond would be in danger!

Raymond did not think much and directly chose the second helicopter.

The helicopter took off!

It gradually flew out of the city!

Raymond looked at the fully armed soldiers beside him and asked, “First Lieutenant, where are we going?”

“Professor Raymond, I’m sorry! We’re not clear about this problem either! Now, the planes are all moving according to the real-time navigation!”

Raymond nodded secretly.

For the sake of the confidentiality of the project, the country had handled almost every step very meticulously and carefully!

In fact, logically speaking, at this time, Raymond needed to wear an eye mask, but because of his special identity, the higher-ups had specially taken care of him, so he did not need to wear an eye mask!

The helicopter flew in the air for more than an hour!

When Raymond looked down, he found that it was already a gobi desert.

There were many gobi deserts in the United States, but this project actually had to be carried out in such a barren place?

Without high-end experimental equipment, it was impossible to enter the practical stage!

Raymond was a little puzzled.

After another ten minutes, he saw a mountain in his field of vision.

The helicopter flew straight into the mountain!

After crossing the mountain, Raymond’s eyes narrowed!

He saw a huge airport in the mountain! Around the airport, he could vaguely see all kinds of tanks, missile launchers, and so on!

Five minutes later, the helicopter landed on the airport!

The moment they landed, Raymond saw three teams of fully armed soldiers quickly surround them from three directions!

“Please put down your weapons! I repeat! Please put down your weapons!”

The soldiers in front shouted a few times, and the soldiers around Raymond quickly put down their guns.

Raymond didn’t do anything unnecessary. He gradually understood that he had arrived at a secret military base!

Sure enough, after those soldiers took away the weapons of the soldiers protecting Raymond, they took a step forward and saluted Raymond!

“May I ask if you are Professor Raymond?”

Raymond nodded.

“The Special Forces of District 11 have been ordered to welcome you!”

“Please show your identification!”

Raymond had no choice but to hand over his identification to them.

The officer-like soldier checked it carefully and saluted him again!

“Welcome, Professor Raymond! Please come with us!”