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Next, the detailed information of the project was handed to Raymond.

Previously, he didn’t give it to him because of suspicion.

But this kind of project information was originally not allowed to leave the 11th District Military Base!

Raymond looked at the information carefully, and he couldn’t help but feel emotional!

The various data and materials of this fighter plane, even he, who had a professor-level knowledge of all subjects, felt that it was somewhat incredible!

The country had practically used all the latest technology and materials on this fighter plane!

The total cost was a total of 15 billion U.S. dollars!

What kind of concept was that?

The most expensive fighter plane models currently in service in various countries were only between 200 million to 300 million U.S. dollars!

As for this XU-45, just the cost alone had already reached an astonishing 15 billion U.S. dollars!

Even if the price would decrease after mass production, it could at most control the cost by half, which was about 7.5 billion U.S. dollars!

Before the surprise in Raymond’s eyes faded away, he saw another figure!

This was because the total investment of scientific research funds for this fighter jet was 100 billion U.S. dollars!

One must know that the United States only invested 700 billion U.S. dollars a year in national defense!

Almost one-seventh of it was actually invested in the research and development of this fighter!

This was also the reason why Raymond was sent to the 11th District Military Base to participate in this project the moment the red and ultraviolet radiation isolation technology was broken through!

It was not an exaggeration to say that this fighter was currently the biggest gold-spending beast in the United States!

Almost every second, tens of thousands of dollars were swallowed by it!

A lot of research results could not even be seen!

After looking at the detailed data, Raymond sighed lightly!

This fighter jet almost made him want to lift up and install the ‘anti-gravity arc drive device’ on it!

It was really too perfect!

If all these technologies and materials were used to build an interstellar spaceship, Raymond believed that it would definitely be able to break through certain speed limits!

“Professor Hansen, everyone, I believe that everyone has seen the data of this fighter jet.”

“Let me tell you my thoughts.”

Raymond paused.

“In my eyes, this is a perfect fighter jet!”

“It has the best engine, the most perfect shape, the best design, the most comprehensive and cutting-edge technology!”

“This is the integration of human technology up to now!”

“And we have to add a layer of invisibility cloak to this real national weapon!”

“I’ve heard such a joke.”

“Some people say that in war, there are two hundred million U.S. dollars fighter jets carrying ten million bombs and throwing this bomb into a five-dollar tent. Maybe there won’t even be a dollar harvest!”

“This is the true essence of war! War is burning money!”

“Such a piece of art, which cost fifteen billion dollars, can be shattered by a missile in a war.”

“The hard work of everyone for more than ten years and the development and integration of countless cutting-edge technologies will be annihilated in the blink of an eye.”

“What we need to do is to hide it.”

“This is the meaning of our work, and also the true use of the red and ultraviolet technology!”

As he spoke, Raymond looked at everyone’s expressions.

Almost every one of them was a little excited by his words!

It couldn’t be helped. This kind of thing involved the national sense of honor, and almost everyone had the same pride!

“So, I hope that we will work together in the next period of time!”

“Although I am the person in charge, it is impossible for me to complete this project by myself!”

“I need everyone to contribute their own strength and ideas without hesitation!”

“Only then can we make this big guy really fly in the sky in the shortest time possible!”

“Everyone, are you confident?!”


“Professor Raymond, don’t worry, we will do our best!”

“That’s right!”

After Raymond said that, waves of cheers came from the crowd.

Even the professor from West Point, Professor Hansen, was very excited!

But what he was excited about was not how much they were going to contribute to the country, but the young man on the stage who was speaking with confidence.

He was from West Point!

He was a first-year student at West Point!

After staying in the education system for a long time, Hansen was of course patriotic, but he placed more importance on the honor of the school!

“Raymond, good job! West Point is proud of you!”

Hansen shouted!

He did not care if the people from other schools would feel awkward!

At this moment, West Point was in the limelight!

After Hansen said that, there was a strange silence.

But in the next second, everyone subconsciously clapped!

That’s right!

There was nothing wrong with what Hansen said!

Raymond was indeed a student from West Point!

Moreover, his achievements had made these people no longer have any jealousy!

In fact, there were some people present who had achievements that could be compared to Raymond, or even surpassed him, but they didn’t say anything at this moment.

That was because Raymond was only eighteen years old!

His future was almost limitless!

They were all old men in their fifties or sixties. How could they compare to him?

Raymond smiled and waved his hand.

“In short, today is the start of this project.”

“We are doing research. We don’t care about the sense of ceremony!”

“Have you guys divided the work before?”

Hansen shook his head and said, “We are all waiting for you, the general manager, to divide the work for us!”

Raymond nodded slightly. He was very familiar with the information of these people around him. This was after the Pentagon had confirmed that he was the general manager.

Someone had given him something.

“Then, I will divide the work.”

“Professor Percy, Professor Root, Professor Hanerlan… The six of you will be responsible for familiarizing yourselves with the fighter jets. Major General Rotland will assist you in this area. He is the chief designer of the XU-45!”

“Professor Sheldon, Professor Lille, Professor Durant… The five of you are experts in the field of new materials science. You will be responsible for the adaptability analysis of new materials and the red and ultraviolet insulation technology!”

“Professor Ethan…”

“Professor Nelson…”

Raymond looked at the list in his hand and read the names one by one in an orderly manner.

Almost everyone would be assigned to a suitable job according to their field of expertise.

The underground space that had been somewhat chaotic.

After Raymond’s division of labor ended, it became well-organized!

And Raymond himself, with Hanson, went to a special work area.

The two of them also solved the problems of coating durability, applicability in high temperature and cold environment, etc.!