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After leaving General Rocky’s office, Hansen said with emotion, “Raymond, everyone knows your name now!”

Raymond smiled faintly and said humbly, “Professor Hansen, you must be joking. I don’t have that kind of popularity!”

“I’m not joking about that. Haven’t you seen the discussions on the internet recently? Everyone says that you’re an unprecedented genius!”

Raymond was stunned.

These days, he had been busy with projects. He had been studying the fusion of red, ultraviolet, and cold-and high-temperature-resistant materials, so he really hadn’t gone online much.

But he could guess the various rumors on the internet!

After all!

Those six test papers were all zero points, and they were filled with irrelevant knowledge. They had already been spread out by the marking teacher.

Although the country and the military had banned them, it was impossible to completely ban such things once they were circulated on the internet!

Although the internet was forgetful, but the netizens were not forgetful at all when it came to things that they were interested in!

The dirt on some celebrities from decades ago would still be dug up and humiliated today.

This was the memory of the internet!

Of course, Raymond couldn’t care about these things, and he couldn’t be bothered to care about them.

Anyway, no matter what the netizens said, it wouldn’t affect him!

“Professor Hansen, let’s go back. I still have a few points that I haven’t figured out yet, so I’ll discuss it with you!”

“Okay! Let’s go!”

After the two of them returned to the project’s exclusive work area, they began to work intensely!

In this project, it wasn’t just Raymond who was in charge of the fusion of red, ultraviolet, and cold-and high-temperature-resistant materials!

It was just that this was more difficult.

The other experts and professors were also busy with their own matters.

From time to time, someone would come and call Raymond over. Generally speaking, it was either the experts and professors who had encountered some difficult problem or they had already solved some difficult problem!

The project was proceeding bit by bit in such a warm atmosphere!

Three days later, General Rocky sent someone to find Raymond.

He told him that the higher-ups had approved his request to access the information!

Raymond was overjoyed!

He quickly followed the guards to General Rocky’s office!

“General Rocky! Thank you!”

As soon as he entered the office, Raymond saw General Rocky’s imposing figure.

At this moment, General Rocky had a smile on his face. Obviously, he was very honored to be able to help Raymond!

“Raymond, you’re welcome! This application was passed quickly because you showed enough value!”

“Otherwise, those stubborn old fogeys wouldn’t easily leak the top-secret information of District 11 to others!”

As he spoke, General Lodge took out a confidentiality agreement.

He had Raymond sign his name on it!

Then, he continued, “This time, although the application for you to access the information has been approved, there is one requirement!”

“That is, the level of the information you can access can only be at or below SS-level! Moreover, you can only access it, not record it!”

Raymond only wanted to increase the number of course points, so he naturally didn’t have any objections to these requirements!

“Alright, General Rocky, I agree!”

“Let’s not waste any time, shall we go and access the information now?”

“Of course! Let’s go! I’ll go with you!”

The location of the database was even deeper than their current location!

General Rocky and Raymond took a secret elevator and dived nearly fifty meters underground before they arrived at a well-protected secret room!

“This is the most important place in District 11,” General Rocky introduced.

“This place is built with 3.5-meter-thick titanium alloy composite plates, which can resist any attack.”

“Once an enemy invades, this place will be locked at once. Without the secret key, no one can open it by force.”

“Almost all the information and academic achievements of District 11 are kept here. Some of them are stored in other military bases.”

“The higher-ups have agreed to your request this time. You can look up all the information of District 11, whether it’s the information of District 11 or not, for anything below SS-level!”

Raymond looked at the densely packed server room in front of him and was extremely excited!

“Alright! General Rocky, please send someone to bring me the food for every meal here. I may have to stay here for about a week!”

Seeing Raymond working so hard, General Rocky couldn’t help but nod in secret.

He was indeed a genius! Just based on his willingness to work hard, it wasn’t something an ordinary person could compare to.

“Alright, Raymond, you can rest assured and look through the information here. I’ll take care of everything else for you!”

After saying that, Rocky showed Raymond how to quickly look through the information.

Then, he left!

Only Raymond was left in the entire underground database!

Raymond rubbed his hands, feeling very excited!

If all the information was at the level of XU-45, then he could crazily farm for a wave of course points!

It might even break through 50,000 course points!

Of course, that was if he didn’t sleep or rest, and kept looking up for a week…

Raymond was a human, not a god. Naturally, he couldn’t stop sleeping!

However, he still decided to spend all his time flipping through the information!

Following that, Raymond didn’t waste any time and directly entered into the search of the top-secret information of District 11!

In the system, the information of the course points kept being sent out!

[Detected that the host is learning, Course Points+5.]

[Detected that the host is in the 11th District’s Top-Secret database, recording information on his own, Course Points+700.]

[Detected that the host is in the 11th District’s Top-Secret database, recording information on his own, Course Points+500.]

When he saw the notification at the back, Raymond was instantly overjoyed!

He didn’t expect that the system could actually record information on such a top-secret database!

The course points were added at an even faster rate!

Raymond was excited for a moment before he stopped paying attention to the system. After all, the course points would automatically accumulate.

He only needed to focus on his studies!

Time passed by minute by minute, and the course points in Raymond’s system gradually exceeded 10,000.

15,000, 20,000…

25,000, 30,000…

In the end, Raymond’s course points reached an astonishing 54,000!

45,000 more course points than before!

And Raymond had already been in the database for nearly a week!

Raising his gaze from the computer, Raymond gently rubbed his eyes.

Then, he forcefully stretched his back!

“It’s about time, if we continue, even though I’ll accumulate more course points, my body won’t be able to take it anymore… Furthermore, the project still has to continue!”