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He walked out of the top-secret database.

He followed the elevator to the working area above.

Raymond had finally reappeared in front of everyone after a week!

Everyone looked at him expectantly!

They all knew from Hansen that Raymond had gone to look for information during the week that he disappeared.

He had gone to solve the big problem of combining the red and ultraviolet coatings with cold-and high-temperature-resistant materials!

Now that Raymond had returned, did it mean that the biggest problem had been solved?

“Raymond! Welcome back!”

Hansen was the first to speak.

The others also applauded.

They didn’t know until they had come into contact with this project and participated in the application of the red and ultraviolet insulation technology just how difficult was it for Raymond to break through this difficult problem!

The ideas, ideas, and methods were many that experts and professors like them had never seen or heard of in their decades of experience!

What was a genius?!

This was a genius!

Therefore, everyone cheered enthusiastically when they saw Raymond!

Raymond smiled, nodded lightly, and said, “Everyone, you’ve worked hard these days!”

“I’ve found a solution to the problem of the red and ultraviolet insulation coating and the combination of cold-and high-temperature resistant materials!”



“You really solved the most difficult problem so quickly!?”

“As expected of a genius who is qualified to be a professor!”

“In my opinion, Professor Raymond is on par with Professor Feynman!”

“That’s right, it’s not an exaggeration to call it a milestone in modern science!”

The experts and professors were full of praise for Raymond.

Among them, the most excited one was Professor Hansen!

He walked over, patted Raymond’s shoulder, and praised sincerely, “Raymond, you did well!”

“I didn’t expect you to solve this big problem by yourself again!”

“You’re making me feel ashamed!”

Although he said it humbly, there was no shame on Hansen’s face!

He was obviously proud to a certain extent!

After all, to Hansen, Raymond was the pride of West Point!

Then, as a professor of West Point, he would be proud!

Raymond was also his pride!

“Raymond, we are all proud of you!”

“That’s right! If this project succeeds quickly, Raymond will definitely be worthy of the first credit!”

These experts and professors, who were usually arrogant, put down their pride at this moment and sincerely admitted that Raymond was the biggest contributor!

In response, Raymond only smiled faintly and said, “Thank you for your support, but the most important thing now is to finish the project!”

“After finishing the project, I, as the person-in-charge, will personally go and ask for credit for everyone!”



When he said this, everyone applauded excitedly!

After all, to be able to participate in and complete such an absolutely top-notch project perfectly was a unique opportunity for any of the experts and professors present!

This kind of thing, if taken out, would definitely be able to be bragged about for a long time in the industry!

And Raymond was also very good at being a person.

He didn’t take all the credit for himself, but decided to share it with everyone!

Who wouldn’t love such a person in charge?

Even if it was just doing some less important work, these experts and professors would accept it!

After all, the most important ‘red and ultraviolet ray insulation technology’ of this project was independently researched by Raymond!

This time, he had broken through the most difficult problem of fusing with cold and high-temperature resistant materials!

Even if they could really take credit for this, they would feel guilty!

Raymond smiled and directly chose to exchange the material that cost 13,000 course points and 6 skill points from his system!

The full name of this material was ‘red and ultraviolet ultra-thin coating (high-temperature and high-temperature resistant)’. The last two were the properties, which were also the most valuable part of this material!

The materials were available, but they still needed the experts and professors to study them together and then manufacture them.

Fortunately, although this material was very high-end, the technology to manufacture it was not very advanced!

With the various equipment currently available in District 11, it was completely possible to manufacture it!

Three days later, the first batch of ‘Red and ultraviolet ultra-thin coating (heat-and cold-resistant)’ materials were manufactured!

When everyone saw the finished product, their eyes could not help but reveal a look of amazement!

This kind of material had truly broken their stereotype!

Raymond had used a completely different method from the current mainstream methods in the world to produce this batch of materials in a unique way!

And in the subsequent product testing, the quality of this material made everyone’s mouths dry!

It was too perfect!

“How on earth did Professor Raymond complete such a perfect research in such a short time?”

“Does he have a secret?”

“I’m not sure. I can only say that we really can’t touch the world of geniuses!”

“Sigh! Professor Raymond is indeed a milestone in modern science!”

All the professors and experts praised Raymond incessantly, and Raymond finally heaved a sigh of relief!

For this material, he had stayed underground for a whole week. His eyes were dazzled, and only then did he manage to gather enough course points!

Now, the finished product was right in front of him, and it looked like a layer of plastic!

But this thin layer of plastic was a high-tech product that could make planes invisible, and make soldiers’ individual equipment lose their trace in the eyes of the enemy!

Over 20 experts and professors had been working hard for almost half a month for this thin layer of plastic!

“Tonight, I’ll ask General Rocky to prepare a cocktail party for us to reward everyone, how about it?”

Hansen stood up excitedly and shouted!


“We’ve been busy for so long, it’s time to relax!”

“Professor Raymond is awesome!”

“It’s all thanks to Professor Raymond! Tonight, we must make Professor Raymond drink more!”

“Uh… is Professor Raymond still a minor?”

Raymond smiled helplessly.

Regarding this project’s research, other than ‘the problem of combining red and ultraviolet coatings with heat-and cold-resistant materials’, the other problems were not very difficult to solve.

After everyone celebrated for a day.

The project began again!

Finally, half a month later, one day!

A surprised shout came from the underground work area of District 11!

“Success! It’s finally a success!”

“All the indicators are fine!”

The person who shouted was the professor in charge of final debugging. He looked at his computer screen that was filled with green signs, and his eyes revealed an excited look!

Raymond rushed over when he heard the sound. When he saw the signs on the screen, all the signs had been passed perfectly.

He couldn’t help but clap his hands hard!

“Thank you for your hard work!”