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After chatting with Professor Hansen for a while, Raymond returned to his lounge.

For his own safety, Raymond decided to exchange for more advanced body refining techniques in the system!

Safety was the most important thing!

Now that his fame had increased greatly, it had even attracted the attention of many foreign spy agencies.

Raymond did not want to be kidnapped the moment he stepped out of the house!

It was a very necessary and urgent matter to possess a sufficiently strong martial force!

“System, inquire about ways to increase my strength!”


[Search successful!]

[Currently, the host can exchange for body refining techniques: S-Grade Combat Technique, SS-Grade Grappling Palm, SS-Grade Five Tiger Fist, SS-Grade Blade Technique…]

Raymond was excited. He didn’t expect the system to actually have so many martial arts to learn!

However, when he looked at the prices of these martial arts, his face instantly fell!

Among them, the cheapest, S-Grade Combat Technique, required a total of 12,000 course points!

After exchanging for the ‘red insulation, ultra-light ultraviolet coating (high temperature resistance, high cold resistance)’, Raymond’s system only had a total of 37,000 course points left!

And this cheapest one required one-third!

“System, can I use course points to increase the level of these skills?”

[No, you can only use skill points!]

The system replied mechanically, and Raymond’s expression was as calm as water!

But no matter what, mastering a martial art was a must!

He thought about it, this was the era of firearms, and the United States did not prohibit guns.

If he only learned one fighting technique, it might not be safe enough!

Then, he had to learn a fighting technique, and at the same time, he had to master a dodging footwork, and then he had to learn a shooting technique!

After searching through the system, Raymond finally decided on the skills he needed to exchange for!

They were:

S-Grade Combat Technique, SS-Grade Dodge Technique, and S-Grade Marksmanship!

Among them, the most expensive was SS-Grade Dodge Technique. This was a footwork technique that combined intuition and dodging abilities. It cost Raymond 18,000 course points!

The final S-Grade Marksmanship was actually very cheap. It only cost 4,000 course points.

All in all, it was a total of 34,000 course points. Raymond had spent almost all the course that he had accumulated over a week!

However, after exchanging these skills, the effects were immediate!

One could only hear a series of crackling sounds!

Raymond’s face was in pain, and his body felt like it was being struck by an iron rod!

His bones, flesh, and blood were all being modified at this moment!

This was a body modification that had to be done in order to adapt to the SS-Grade Dodge Technique. Otherwise, Raymond’s intuition and dodging ability would not be able to keep up with it.

Even if the system directly injected the ability, it still needed to use his body as a carrier!

After more than half an hour, Raymond’s forehead was already covered in a layer of dense, cold sweat!

The body modification was finally completed!

The moment it was completed, a warm current flowed directly into Raymond’s body from the system!

In an instant, Raymond even had the urge to moan!

It was too comfortable!

The feeling of suffering and happiness, pain to the extreme, and then turning into comfort.

It was as if he had went from hell to heaven!

Raymond shook his body forcefully, and a series of crackling sounds could be heard!

At this moment, Raymond’s physical fitness was absolutely superior to most of the soldiers who had been training all year round!

This was the prerequisite requirement for an SS-Grade Dodge Technique!

Without such a physical fitness, he didn’t even have the qualifications to practice this skill!

“Then, let’s test the power of this beginner SS-Grade Dodge Technique!” Raymond muttered to himself.

Then, he found Professor Hansen.

“Professor Hansen, I need you to help me with something!”

Professor Hansen happened to have nothing to do, so he said in puzzlement, “What is it? Just say it!”

Raymond thought for a moment and said, “In a while, I’ll cover my eyes. You take the tennis ball and throw it at me forcefully. See if I can dodge it!”

“Huh? What is this for?”

Hansen was a little confused. He couldn’t guess the purpose of what Raymond asked him to do!

Raymond smiled mysteriously and said, “Professor Hansen, just help me! As for why, you’ll know in a while!”


Professor Hansen could only nod.

The two of them arrived at the tennis hall of District 11. There were some soldiers playing tennis to relax.

Raymond took out a piece of cloth and tied it to his eyes, then shouted to Professor Hansen who was not far away.

“Professor Hansen, throw the tennis ball at me hard. No matter how many you throw, no matter how fast you throw it!”

Professor Hansen hesitated for a moment and said loudly, “This tennis ball hurts when it hits your body! Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!”

“Then you have to be ready! It’s coming!”


The sound of a tennis ball breaking through the air rang in Raymond’s ears!

His body, which had been modified, felt a slight tingling pain almost instantly!

Raymond moved his feet slightly. It looked like he had only taken a small step, but he just happened to dodge the tennis ball that was flying towards him at high speed!


Professor Hansen made a puzzled voice!

He was also a person who loved tennis. In addition to teaching, he would also play tennis with other teachers!

He had a certain confidence in the speed, strength, and angle of the tennis ball just now.

It would definitely not miss!

Moreover, under the premise that Raymond was blindfolded and the speed of the ball was extremely fast, it was almost impossible for him to dodge it!

However, the truth was beyond his expectations!

Raymond seemed to be a coincidence. With a slight sidestep, he dodged the ball!

“This is impossible! Another one! You must have been lucky just now!”

Professor Hansen mumbled, then picked up another tennis ball and threw it at Raymond with all his strength!

However, Raymond also made a slight movement and easily dodged the tennis ball!


This time, Hansen was completely dumbfounded!

One could be said to be a coincidence and luck, but what about two?

He didn’t believe it and threw a few more times, each time faster and at a more tricky angle!

Then, the blindfolded Raymond dodged again and again!

In the end, Hansen was so tired that he was panting, but Raymond was still not hit by any ball!

“Raymond, I’m not playing anymore! This is not scientific! How can you dodge my tennis ball so accurately with your eyes covered?!”

Professor Hansen sat on the ground, panting. He waved his hand, unwilling to throw the ball anymore!

Raymond took off the cloth and smiled!

After the test just now, he had a certain understanding of his dodging ability!

At least, within 0.1 seconds of that sense of crisis, he would definitely be able to dodge!

And the speed of the bullet was basically 400-500 meters per second!

In other words, Raymond was completely confident that he could dodge the bullet from 50 meters away!

As for the bullet within 50 meters, he still had to test if he would only feel a sense of danger when the bullet was fired!

If someone pointed a gun at him, he would feel a sense of danger.

Then he wouldn’t be afraid of any guns in the future!

Because these guns couldn’t possibly hit him!

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