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Raymond saluted and said loudly. “General Rocky, no problem! I will cooperate fully with the test flight of the XU-45! But I have a small request!”

General Rocky smiled and said, “Oh? What request? Just say it!”

“General Rocky, I also want to fly on a fighter plane! Can I?”

General Rocky frowned, he said, “Raymond, do you know that the cost of training a fighter plane pilot is almost several times higher than the weight of this pilot? Only strict training and extreme talent can train a qualified fighter plane pilot!”

“Your physical fitness is probably not enough to pass the basic requirements of a fighter plane pilot!”

“So, please forgive me for not being able to agree to your request!”

After General Rocky finished speaking, Raymond’s face was a little downcast, and he thought for a moment before speaking.

“General Rocky, if I can pass the basic requirements of being a fighter jet pilot, can you agree to let me board a fighter jet? I don’t want to fly, I just want to experience the feeling of flying at high speed!”

General Rocky hesitated for a moment, and finally made up his mind!

Raymond’s identity was too important, and he had made a great contribution!

Even the project of coating the outer layer of the fighter plane was completed in his hands!

With such an identity, if he just wanted to board the fighter plane, and Raymond also suggested that he would only board after passing the basic requirements!

General Rocky couldn’t bear to reject such a request!

“Good! If you can pass the basic requirements of a fighter jet pilot, then I’ll allow you to take part in the test flight!”

When Raymond heard that, his heart was instantly filled with joy!

At this moment, he didn’t only have one evasion technique, but also one combat technique and one body refining technique that he hadn’t cultivated yet!

As long as he cultivated these two skills, then he would invest some skill points, presumably, his physical fitness would be raised to a terrifying realm!

With that, no matter how high the requirements of a fighter pilot were, he should be able to pass!

Raymond was still very confident in the cultivation method given by the system!

“Alright! General Rocky, let’s not waste any time. How about we go and test it out right now?!”

Raymond didn’t want to wait any longer. Anyway, he didn’t need to do anything for the cultivation of body refining and fighting techniques. He just needed to click on the learning and upgrading button in the system.

Opening the system interface in his mind, Raymond invested four skill points into combat arts and body refining arts!


The body refining and combat arts both went from beginner to top-tier!

Waves of extremely powerful energy surged into Raymond’s body out of thin air!

The waves of powerful feeling made Raymond even have the urge to roar out loud!

Moreover, because the evasion arts had already transformed Raymond’s body, the learning and leveling up of the skills this time didn’t bring Raymond any pain.

Instead, it was a feeling of vitality!

It was a confidence that as long as he threw a punch, he would be able to unleash an astonishing amount of power!

General Rocky, who was walking in front, suddenly felt something strange behind him!

As a soldier, his intuition was very terrifying. This was an intuition ability that had been honed through years of training and the rain of bullets on the battlefield!

General Rocky found that the aura of the young man behind him had suddenly increased by countless times!

It was as if he was a ten-year-old child before, but now he was already in his thirties, a young man in the prime of his life!

General Rocky couldn’t help but turn around and look carefully at Raymond.

“Raymond, what… Did you do just now?!”

Raymond pretended to be dumb. “Nothing, I was just… going to test my physical fitness with you. I just did a few warm-ups!”

He naturally couldn’t tell General Rocky that he had upgraded his combat and body refining skills to the highest level in the system!

After these two skills were upgraded, he still had 9 skill points left.

Raymond simply clicked four more times on the Dodge Technique!

When he only had 5 skill points left!

The Dodge Technique had also broken through to advanced level!

At this moment, Raymond even felt as if he was about to fly up!

His body was as light as a swallow, as if he could jump four to five meters high with just a casual jump!

General Rocky’s eyebrows jumped again!

Just now, he was looking at Raymond with his eyes wide open!

This guy’s aura actually changed once again!

What the hell was going on?! How is this possible?

‘Could it be that I haven’t been on the battlefield for too long and something is wrong with my intuition?’

At this moment, the confused General Rocky even began to doubt himself!

After all, no one could have imagined that Raymond had such a thing that exceeded the limits of human imagination!

After arriving at the test field, General Rocky put the illusion he had just seen behind him and stopped thinking.

He waved his hand and called a soldier over!

“Lance, you are in charge of testing Raymond as a fighter pilot! You have to do every test. There must not be any problems!”


The soldier named Lance immediately saluted and led Raymond to the various test sites!

The first test was lung capacity!

This was because fighter planes usually flew at a height of more than 10,000 meters!

If the lung capacity was not enough, it was very easy to produce a reaction. This kind of phenomenon was almost fatal at a height of 10,000 meters!

The required lung capacity of a fighter pilot was 6,800!

This had already exceeded the requirements of most professional athletes, but even so, it was only the most basic requirement!

Raymond stood in front of the device that measured lung capacity, took a deep breath, and blew hard!


All he saw was!

The number on the device, at this moment, seemed to have gone crazy, crazily rising!

4,000! 5,000! 6,000! 7,000! 800! 9,000!

In the end, it actually stopped at the number of 11,500!

General Rocky’s eyes were wide open!

11,500 lung capacity!

Was this the lung capacity of a human?

The corners of General Rocky’s mouth twitched as he asked the soldier.

“What is the strongest lung capacity of District 11?”

Lance was also stunned as he stammered, “It’s… It’s Lilt. His lung capacity is 8,120…”

81,000 and 11,500…

This was not an order of magnitude comparison at all!

This was a monster!

General Rocky looked at Raymond as if he was looking at a monster!

However, he did not know that this 11,500 was only less than two-thirds of Raymond’s strength!

He was afraid that he would really scare General Rocky, and he was also afraid that the instrument would be blown to pieces. That was why he saved some effort!

If he really used all his strength, Raymond felt that the number could go up to about 17,000!

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