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After testing his lung capacity, General Rocky looked at Raymond with a strange expression!

This young Professor Raymond had not only independently broken through the red and ultraviolet insulation technology, which had troubled scientists for many years, but he was also a person with such a strong physique?

Was he a monster?!

Next, Lance brought Raymond to the pressure chamber!

When a fighter plane was high in the air, it would often experience a sudden rise and fall!

Under such circumstances, whether it was blood pressure or heart pressure, they would be completely filled!

Therefore, being able to withstand great pressure was also one of the basic requirements of a fighter plane’s pilot.

After entering the pressure chamber, Raymond saw through the transparent glass that General Rocky was looking at him with a strange gaze.

Raymond smiled slightly and gave a thumbs up to the outside, indicating that he was ready!

General Rocky nodded and directly ordered Lance to open the pressure chamber and start pressurizing!

The atmospheric pressure that a normal person could withstand would normally be more than ten atmospheres before they would feel difficulty breathing, dizziness, and signs of nausea and vomiting!

After rigorous training, the highest atmospheric pressure that a person with an extremely strong physique could withstand was about 1,000 atmospheres!

After Raymond went in, General Rocky ordered Lance to increase the base of 10 atmospheres, one by one!

10! 20! 30!

100! 110! 120!

Finally, the pressure in the pressure chamber had reached 700 atmospheres, and Raymond looked as if he was not affected at all!

In fact, 500 atmospheres had already met the basic requirements of a fighter pilot.

However, General Rocky’s heart stirred. He really wanted to see Raymond’s limit!

“Using 50 atmospheres as the base number. Increase it!”

“General, will there really be no problem?” Lance was a little worried at the side.

One had to know that the pressure chamber could not quickly increase or decrease the pressure!

If the pressure was too fast, it was very likely that the pressure would be too great and cause the person’s blood vessels to burst, or the pressure would suddenly decrease. It was a rapid increase in blood pressure, resulting in internal bleeding!

Those deep-sea fish that were caught on the surface of the sea would immediately die, and that was the reason!

However, General Rocky’s order to Lance remained unchanged.

“It’s okay, continue! This kid’s physical fitness is ridiculously strong! If he really breaks through the limits of the human body in every direction, then I might have to run to the Pentagon and complain to the higher-ups!”

“Such a good seedling, what kind of messy research is he doing outside? It’s simply a waste of talent!”

“I, District 11, need such a talent!”

As he said this, General Rocky’s expression became excited!

He had never seen a person with such a strong physical fitness!


Lance could only follow the order and continue to pressurize the pressure chamber!

750! 800! 850!

After a period of time, the pressure in the pressure chamber had reached 1,100 atmospheres!

This had already broken the Guinness World Record!

And Raymond, who was in the pressure chamber, finally showed a trace of pressure!

His expression became a little more serious…

General Rocky’s eyes were about to pop out!

What the hell?!

This was already the limit of a human, okay?

Raymond only looked a little more serious?!

He didn’t even show any signs of breathing difficulties?!

At this moment, General Rocky gave up.

If the test continued, Raymond would probably be fine. But his heart was about to give out!

“Let’s start reducing the pressure…” General Rocky said helplessly.

“Yes!” Lance was qualified to act as a tool man!

An hour later, General Rocky brought Raymond out of the test area expressionlessly.

“Raymond, congratulations on passing the test for all the fighter pilots.”

“In tomorrow’s test flight, you can take a fighter plane!”

“Really? Thank you, General Rocky!”

Raymond’s face was full of excitement!

Which man didn’t have the dream of flying a fighter jet and a Gundam in his heart?

Now, although the dream of flying a Gundam couldn’t be realized, the dream of flying a fighter jet could be realized tomorrow!

At this moment, Raymond’s heart was full of excitement and excitement!

He had seen the data of that XU-45 fighter jet with his own eyes!

This was definitely the best fighter jet in the world at the moment! Its ride experience must also be the best in the world!

He could not help but imagine the feeling of sitting on a fighter jet!

Beside him, General Rocky, who was expressionless, kept twitching his lips!

In the past hour, Raymond’s physical fitness had almost shattered all his knowledge!

District 11 was the top secret military base of the U.S. side!

It could be said that the top seedlings of the U.S. Army were basically all in District 11.

Soldiers who left District 11 could at least be awarded the rank of Captain!

And in District 11, there were naturally countless records that were difficult to break. Among them, the records of the fighter pilots were the hardest to break!

And Raymond had actually broken all the records in just an hour!

That’s right, not just one or two records, but all the records!

He hadn’t even rested!

This was completely a monster!

After thinking about it, General Rocky opened his mouth to ask, “Raymond, are you interested in joining the army? As long as you come to District 11, I can promise you a General rank!”

“Also, as long as you stay in District 11 for two years, I guarantee that after you get out, you will definitely become a major figure at the Lieutenant General level!”

“How about it?”

General Rocky was able to give such a condition because he could only give such a condition!

Although District 11 was a top-notch military base for the U.S. side, and was full of talents, there were actually three such military bases.

They were District 7, District 9, and District 10.

In terms of overall strength, District 7 was the strongest. District 11 was slightly weaker, and the other two military bases were slightly weaker.

If there were really good seedlings in each military base, then they would have the qualifications to recommend Major Generals!

Just like District 11, although it was not every year that Major Generals were recommended, since the construction of District 11, as many as nine Major Generals had walked out of it!

How many Major Generals were there in the army!?

Nine of them had walked out of District 11!

If Raymond could join District 11, with his qualities and professor-level scientific research ability, District 11 could easily snatch the title of first military base from District 7!

Such a temptation was something that General Rocky couldn’t resist!

“District 11?!”

Raymond was stunned for a moment.

He had never thought of enlisting in the military. Currently, his official identity was just a freshman at West Point Military Academy!

Moreover, General Rocky had directly given him a General rank! This was too exaggerated.

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