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Just as Raymond’s car drove out of District 11, the few Russian spies also discovered it at the first moment!

“Aphrodite, set up a trigger tracker on the road they must pass!”

“Chekov, prepare your weapons!”

“Cole, design the ambush location and escape route!”

After discovering Raymond’s car, Dorothy immediately assigned tasks to her subordinates!

The few of them quickly accepted the tasks and went to arrange them. Meanwhile, Dorothy also took out her own foldable light-duty solar-powered electric car and began to run towards the city district at high speed!

Not long after, the car that Raymond and the others were in arrived at the crossroads of the Western District in Arkansas!

A slight ‘ding’ sound was drowned out by the roar of the car!

The route of Raymond and the rest had been completely exposed to the sight of these KGB spies!

“Officer Dorothy, the tracker is starting to take effect. Looking at their route, they seem to be heading straight for West Point Military Academy!”

“Analyze the most likely route and design the best ambush location!”

Dorothy’s voice was calm and collected. This was a necessary quality for a spy!

A few agents were preparing to kidnap Raymond.

Raymond was being interviewed.

That’s right, ever since the car drove into the city, the live broadcast of Raymond’s medal ceremony had begun!

On the Internet, the number of netizens who were paying attention to the medal ceremony live broadcast was increasing by hundreds of thousands every minute!

In less than half an hour after the broadcast started, the number of people in the live broadcast rooms of various platforms had reached a terrifying 15 million!

Although the number of people on the live broadcast platforms was sometimes not very accurate!

But to be able to have this kind of popularity, it was enough to show how much influence Raymond had!

Sitting in front of Raymond was a very young and intellectual beauty. She was also a location reporter for the American NCI, Carina.

“Major General Raymond, please say hello to the audience.”

Carina had a sweet smile on her face, and her voice was equally sweet as she spoke.

The speed of the car was not fast. It was to take care of their interview in the car.

Raymond was a little reserved, but he still smiled gently and waved his hand.

“Hello, everyone, I’m Raymond!”

“Wow, Raymond looks very shy. Friends in the live broadcast room, we are on the way to the award ceremony!”

“For this award ceremony, Major General Raymond has chosen his alma mater, West Point Military Academy. May I ask, Professor Raymond, is there any special meaning behind this arrangement?”

Raymond smiled and shook his head.

“There is no special meaning. After all, I am still a student of West Point. It is only natural that the award ceremony will be held at West Point.”

Carina nodded and smiled sweetly.

“Then, Mr. Raymond, how do you feel about being awarded the National Medal of Honor this time?”

Raymond thought about it carefully and expressed his feelings.

The live broadcast continued in such a harmonious atmosphere.

Carina was indeed the best outdoor reporter in the NCI. Her sweet smile, strong crowd control ability, and some wisecracks that popped up from time to time were all very liked by the young audience in the live broadcast room!

“Wow, Raymond is so young, so handsome!”

“Why are you paying attention to such an obvious matter? Shouldn’t you be paying attention to Raymond instead of being too nervous?”

“My focus is different! Beautiful female reporters are so beautiful!”

“Same! I’m also paying attention to beautiful female reporter!”

“This is the recipient of the National Medal of Honor! And he’s even a Major General. You guys are really interesting. If you ask me, this Raymond is really white… No, he’s really young!”

“Major General Raymond, can you tell us what you’ve done recently?”

“Major General Raymond, tell us about the body refining technique! My nephew asks me to teach him every day, but I still don’t understand it myself!”

“Yes, yes, tell us about the body refining technique!”

Carina, who was broadcasting the interview in the car, was wearing a headset. The headset was connected to the live broadcast control room.

They would also choose some suitable bullet screen questions for Carina to raise in a timely manner.

At this moment, a calm voice came from the headset.

“Carina, ask about the body refining technique. There are too many people asking questions.”

Carina smiled without changing her expression. After taking over the topic from Raymond, she naturally raised this question.

“Major General Raymond, many of our friends in the live broadcast room would like to hear you, the creator of the body refining technique, talk about the body refining technique. Why don’t you tell us about it for us?”

Raymond thought for a moment. This could be considered a reasonable request, so he nodded.

“Alright, then I’ll give everyone…”

Raymond hadn’t finished his sentence!

Suddenly, a violent sound came from outside the car!

At the same time, there was a strong vibration and shaking!

Raymond pounced and grabbed the camera that was about to hit Carina!

He was furious and his face was gloomy!

“What’s the situation? Is the live broadcast malfunctioning?”

“Could it be a terrorist attack?!”

“It can’t be? Why is the live broadcast so exciting?”

“Didn’t you see what happened just now? Major General Raymond’s reaction was so fast!”

“I saw it too. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid the camera would have been aimed at the beautiful host!”

The moment the accident happened, Raymond stabilized the things in the car.

With his high-level evasive skills and strong physical fitness, it was very easy for him to do this!

Carina was shocked, and her face turned pale!

What happened was still unknown!

After a few seconds, the car shook violently again, and then it crashed into the side of the road and stopped!

Raymond’s face was as calm as water!

He knew that it must be those foreign spies!

They still wanted to kidnap him! It had been more than a month!

But now was not the time to think about these problems!

Raymond looked inside the car.

When they entered the Western District, Raymond and the others had already changed cars. This RV was more suitable for live broadcasting.

Moreover, Professor Hansen was also in the car behind.

At this time, there was only him, Carina, and a photographer in the car!

This might be the only good news, but there weren’t many people.

“Carina, there was a riot on the road. It’s very likely to be aimed at Major General Raymond. You guys should take care to hide yourselves and not get hurt!”

A steady voice came from the earpiece.

When Carina heard that there was a riot, she immediately panicked!

Although she was an exterior reporter, she wasn’t a battlefield reporter!

She had never seen such a scene before!

“Major General Raymond, there should be a riot. It might be coming for you. What do you think we should do?”

Raymond thought for a moment and finally gritted his teeth. He steeled his heart and said, “Don’t move in the car! Take care of your own safety. I’ll go down and take a look!”

“What?! Are you going to get out of the car?”

The tens of millions of viewers who were crazily pouring into the live broadcast room had also gone crazy!

This Major General Raymond was too confident in himself!

There was a high chance that there would be bullets raining outside. Should he just go out and take a look?