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The RV was not without the protection of the military.

The soldiers and drivers sitting on the front passenger seat were all fully armed Special Forces soldiers!

They were already closely protecting the RV!

More than a dozen Special Forces soldiers came out from the front and rear vehicles, and they were the first to arrive at the scene of the Riot!

The Pentagon began to mobilize the nearest security force and immediately went to provide support!

At this time, the popularity of the live broadcast room was rising crazily!

When Raymond said, “You guys stay here and don’t move. I’ll go down and take a look.”

Not only did Carina think that he was crazy, but all the viewers in the live broadcast room also thought that he was crazy!

“What’s the situation?”

“Major General Raymond is too tough! I like it!”

“It’s raining bullets outside. Don’t go out!”

“Isn’t Major General Raymond a researcher? What can he do if he goes out?”

“Exactly! He can’t possibly think that he’s invincible just because he published a body tempering technique, right?”

“No matter how invincible he is, can he still dodge bullets?”

“Hur hur, I think that Major General Raymond will be causing trouble for the soldiers if he goes out!”

“That’s right! I think so too!”

The tens of millions of netizens in the live broadcast room naturally had all sorts of opinions.

Carina hurriedly stopped him!

“Major General Raymond, it’s better not to go out! Wait for the army to arrive before going out. Otherwise, you will definitely be in danger. These people are very likely coming for you!”

Raymond shook his head. He was not being arrogant, nor did he have to show off.

It was because he knew that if he didn’t go out, those people would definitely not give up!

The easiest way was to go out directly and suppress all of them!

That way, the matter would be resolved even more easily!

Otherwise, who knew what these crazy spies would do!

If they could do such a thing as placing a bomb in the downtown area, what else could they not do?

Raymond did not want to cause unnecessary casualties because of him!

“Don’t worry, I won’t be in danger!”

As he said that, he opened the door of the RV and quickly jumped out!

“F*ck! He really got out!”

“This, this, this… Could it be that Major General Raymond is not afraid of death?”

“Or could it be that this is the natural duty of a soldier, to be the first to stand up when faced with danger?”

“No matter what, I support Major General Raymond!”

“That’s right, I look down on a coward who hides when things happen! But I like someone like Major General Raymond!”

“I, John, like Major General Raymond!”

“I, Emily, like him too!”

Let’s not talk about the sand sculpture netizens for now.

Outside the car, the entire street had been cordoned off!

No one knew exactly where the enemy was!

At this time, everyone was waiting for the enemy to come out, or for the army to arrive!

It was already impossible to continue driving!

Since the enemy took out a bomb and blew up the car, then if they continued walking, there would definitely be other arrangements!

For now, the only thing they could do was to wait for which side would lose their patience!

However, just as all the soldiers were focusing on their surroundings, Raymond suddenly jumped out of the car!

This time, the Special Forces soldiers were anxious!

“Major General Raymond, get back in the car!”

“Quickly go back! We are not sure if there are snipers! You are in danger!”

“That’s right, we are holding the fort outside, you will be fine. Quickly go back!”

The soldiers tried to persuade Raymond as they leaned over, preparing to use their bodies to help Raymond block the gunmen who might appear!

Raymond was extremely touched, but he shook his head.

“Brothers, I’ll be fine. You guys just need to pay attention to your own safety!”

As he spoke, he flashed and stepped on the tires of the car. He jumped onto the roof of the RV!

Then, he shouted!

“Enemies outside, listen up. I am the Raymond that you are looking for. You are not my match! I hope that you will surrender immediately. Otherwise, if you are caught, you will be punished even more severely!”

Raymond’s voice was transmitted from the roof of the RV to the camera, and then to the live broadcast room!

Everyone in the live broadcast room could only hear the voice, but Carina was the only one on the screen.

They were anxious!

“Hurry up and go out to film!”

“That’s right! Major General Raymond has gone out! What are you afraid of?”

“This reporter is too unprofessional!”

“That’s right, the target of the robbers isn’t you. What are you afraid of? Go out and film!”

A steady voice came from the earpiece.

“Carina, do you dare to go out and film?”

“If you go out and film this time, then you will definitely become the most sought-after gold-medal reporter in the NCI!”

“But it will definitely be very dangerous outside! So, you decide for yourself!”

Carina’s expression changed. After thinking for more than a minute, she finally gritted her teeth!

As the saying goes, wealth comes from danger!

Although Carina was very outstanding, she was only outstanding!

In a big station like NCI, without any background or connections, it was almost impossible to climb to the top in one go!

In order to become a gold-medal reporter, Carina was going all out!

“Give me the camera!” she roared, and her eyes were slightly red!

Then, she snatched the camera from the cameraman’s hand and jumped out of the car door!

In the camera, Raymond’s figure appeared again!

Carina’s commentary followed.

“Viewers in the live broadcast room, we see that Major General Raymond was not afraid of the rampant enemy!”

“He even stood on the roof of the car and provoked the enemy!”

“This is contempt for the enemy, but we don’t know why Major General Raymond would do this!”

In the live broadcast room, as Carina’s commentary, countless bullet screens began to flood the screen!

“F*ck! Major General Raymond is too ruthless!”

“He’s just standing on the roof of the car? Isn’t he afraid of being shot?”

“What if a sniper comes at this time?”

“Major General Raymond is mighty! F*ck, too cool!”

“Too cool, too cool! My mother asked me why I was kneeling to watch the live broadcast!”

“This won’t do. Can someone tell me where this is? I want to watch it live!”

Raymond waited for a while, but he realized that there was no enemy as he had expected, nor were there any other response.

It was as if those people were all frightened by him!

Raymond was a little puzzled. Were these robbers so cowardly?

They didn’t dare to move even though he had stood up?

Then why did you guys come out to do this?

He was puzzled, and Dorothy and the others who had started this riot were even more puzzled.

Chekov stopped drinking and stared at the young man on the roof of the car, his face full of astonishment.

“This guy… isn’t he afraid of death?”

“Or does he have other sources of support?”

There was a complicated look in Aphrodite’s eyes!

She realized that if she and this young man were not enemies, she might have fallen in love with him at this time!

Why did this man dare to come out at such a time, and still stand in such a position as a target!

Was he not afraid of a sniper?

Although there was a look of shock in Dorothy’s eyes, this was not the time to hesitate.

If she hesitated a little longer, the army would be here!

“Chekov, cover us. Cole, use all your arrangements. Aphrodite, you and I will be in charge of breaking in from two directions!”

“Remember, the first target is to kidnap Raymond! If you can’t do it, shoot him to death!”


“Move out!”

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