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This was basically a common trick used by all the spy agencies in the world!

As long as the matter was big enough, those stupid terrorist organizations would jump out and seize the limelight because they were not afraid of being attacked by other countries at all.

Just like the joke that Raymond had said before.

Using a 200 million USD fighter jet, carrying a 5 million USD bomb, but only destroying a 5 USD tent in the end!

This was the true essence of modern warfare!

Burning money!

Therefore, all the countries knew that these terrorist organizations were not the real instigators behind the scenes.

They did not have the ability or motive to do so.

The existence of terrorist organizations could only play to the gallery!

However, on the face of it, these terrorist organizations would indeed give the countries a way to vent!

Therefore, if it wasn’t necessary, Cohen wouldn’t dare to let things develop to this extent!

Once these were obviously KGB spies who were desperate!

Then in the end, his side would definitely suffer heavy losses.

And the KGB would never admit that this incident was caused by them. There would even be terrorist organizations who would jump out and take the blame for them!

As he thought of this, Cohen became angrier and angrier. When he looked at Raymond through the scope, he realized that this young man did not have a single trace of fear on his face!

Raymond only quietly looked at Chekov who was walking towards him.

Then, he used a calm gaze to look at the ten drones that were flying in the air and completely surrounding him.

“Are you the only one?” Raymond asked calmly and curiously.

Chekov’s expression was serious. He did not know whether this Raymond was really fearless or scared out of his wits. Maybe he was just bluffing!

He opened his mouth and laughed fiercely.

“Of course not. My companion is secretly aiming a sniper rifle at your head. So, for the sake of your own life, Mr. Raymond, you’d better not act rashly.”


Raymond smiled lightly. He was really not afraid of bullets at the moment.

He already had a rough idea of the effects of the top-tier Dodge Technique.

Bullets from fifty meters away, whether it was a handgun, rifle, or sniper rifle, would not hit him!

At this moment, he did not even feel any sense of danger.

There were two possibilities!

The first was that he would not feel any sense of danger before the bullet was fired.

The second was that the tall man in front of him was lying.

There was no sniper rifle aimed at him!

Raymond smiled and nodded indifferently.

“I won’t act rashly, but I advise you not to joke about your own life.”

“Once the bomb detonates, the one who dies will definitely not be me, but all of you!”

Such fearless and arrogant words came from the mouth of a young man with a green face.

For a moment, Chekov even had the feeling of ‘how can this kid be so pretentious?!’

He bared his teeth, took out a pair of handcuffs from his bosom, and threw them at Raymond from afar.

“Mr. Raymond, now, listen to me and handcuff yourself!”

Raymond caught it and played with it, the corners of his mouth curling up.

“What if I refuse?” he said softly.


Chekov was stunned. What did this kid just say?


Is this the time for you to f*cking refuse? Can’t you see that there’s a bomb above your head? Can’t you hear me say that there’s a sniper rifle pointed at you?

The corners of his mouth twitched a few times. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Mr. Raymond, is it convenient for you to answer me? Are you really not afraid of death?”

Raymond shook his head and said calmly, “No, I’m afraid of death, but you can’t kill me.”

Chekov’s face darkened!

These words were no different from Raymond running over and slapping his face a few times!

He even spat a few mouthfuls of phlegm on his face!

‘I’m holding a bomb and a machine gun, and you’re saying that I can’t kill you?’

‘Are you Iron Man or Super Saiyan?’

“Mr. Ramon, don’t force us to use force. The final result will be the same, but if you do that, you might suffer a lot!”

“Listen to me obediently and handcuff yourself. I guarantee that you won’t be in any danger!”

“It’s just that some people want to meet you!”

Raymond looked at the machine gun in his hand. The muzzle of the gun was already aimed at him, but he really didn’t feel any sense of danger!

This meant that his intuition could only sense danger when the bullet was fired!

He smiled faintly and threw the handcuffs on the ground.

Then, he looked at Chekov and said, “No, I refuse.”

Chekov was stunned…

This was the first time he had seen a hostage so arrogant!

Now, he didn’t know what to do!

The easiest way was to rush up and fight Raymond one-on-one, then subdue him.

With the bombs on his head and the bombs on his body, Chekov believed that he wouldn’t be killed in the process.

But Chekov knew that he was actually in charge of the assault and cover.

The ones who were really in charge of breaking in and holding Raymond hostage were Aphrodite and Dorothy.

So, he wasn’t in a hurry anymore and just aimed the machine gun at Raymond.

However, the expression in his eyes was no longer a joke. Instead, it was filled with calmness!

Raymond was a hostage that he had never seen since he became a spy!

Chekov did not believe that Raymond, who could take out the body tempering technique and was awarded the rank of Major General and the National Medal of Honor, was a retard.

Then, he must have something to rely on!

Although he could not think of any chips that this kid could use to break the situation.

But he had already subconsciously become vigilant!

Suddenly, from both sides of the RV, two people rushed out crazily at the same time!

They were fully armed and wearing bulletproof vests.

They were even holding submachine guns in their hands!

It looked like they would shoot at the slightest disagreement!

In mid-air, the voice of the drone sounded again!

“Everyone, please don’t shoot! Please don’t shoot!”

“If anyone fires, we will detonate the bomb! Please don’t bet on Major General Raymond’s life!”

“If anyone fires, we will detonate the bomb! Please don’t bet on Major General Raymond’s life!”

Outside, the military and Special Forces had arrived and surrounded the area!

In the sky, the sound of helicopters could be heard!

On every rooftop, there were already American snipers aiming at Chekhov and the other two!

At this moment, Raymond only saw two figures pouncing at him from the side!

His face darkened and he directly kicked out!


The powerful physical attributes, strength, and attack techniques brought about by top-tier Combat Techniques and top-tier Dodge Techniques were fully displayed at this moment!

Aphrodite did not even see Raymond’s kick before she was sent flying three to four meters away!