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Of course, the most important thing was that Raymond knew that bullets couldn’t hit him.

So, he chose to make this deal with these robbers.

Not far away, Dorothy and Chekov looked at each other with the same expression in their eyes.

This person must be f*cking crazy!

However, since he made such a request, it was definitely not without reason!

No one would take the initiative to seek death, right?

Dorothy thought for a moment and realized that other than this path, she did not have any other good ideas!

“Alright, we will shoot you in the leg. If you can’t avoid it, we will treat you, but you have to come back with us!”

Raymond shrugged indifferently!

“No problem. You have to remember your promise. I really don’t want any casualties.”

Chekov glanced at Dorothy, and Dorothy’s voice came through the earpiece.

“Chekov, shoot him! Shoot him in the leg a few times! Don’t kill him!”

Chekov hesitated for a moment, but at this time, orders were more important than anything else!

Chekov didn’t have time to think carefully!

He immediately picked up the machine gun and heard the young man on the roof shout.

“Everyone, please don’t shoot at them. I’ll be fine!”

Chekov’s expression froze. This kid was too f*cking inhumane!

Chekov made up his mind and pulled the trigger!

He raised his hand and fired a triple!

The machine gun fired at an extremely fast speed, and the speed of the bullets was one of the fastest among all the guns!

Almost at the instant the gun was fired, before the sound could be transmitted over, the bullets had already arrived!

Raymond’s expression was similarly grave. Although he was certain that he could dodge the bullet, this was after all his first time facing a fatal bullet directly!

The instant the bullet was fired, an extremely strong sense of danger appeared in the depths of his heart!

Before Raymond could react, his legs had already subconsciously dodged!

Only the sound of the bullet piercing through the air could be heard. Raymond stood on the roof of the car, unharmed!

The three bullets, while Raymond was dodging, directly brushed past his trouser legs!

Although the bullets had caused some wrinkles on Raymond’s trouser legs, the bullets had indeed missed him!

In front of the car, Chekov’s eyes were about to pop out!

He was the most elite KGB spy!

His marksmanship was even ranked at the top among all the spies!

In the past, when he shot the 300-meter target, he would always hit the target with 10 rings!

He was now 20 meters away from Raymond!

At such a close distance, he actually let this kid dodge it?!

Chekov couldn’t believe it at all. He could only think that this kid’s luck was too good!

After that, his heart was filled with hatred, and his eyes revealed a cold expression!

It was another three consecutive shots!

The bullets flew towards Raymond at lightning speed!

A sense of crisis erupted in Raymond’s heart, and the strength of his muscles exploded explosively!

At this moment, Raymond seemed to have only done a few simple evasive actions, but all the strength in his body was mobilized at this moment!

The bullet flew past Raymond’s body again!

Chekov was stunned, Dorothy was stunned, the surrounding soldiers and police officers were stunned, and the netizens in the live broadcast room were even more stunned!

The bullet screen was blank for a few seconds, and then, like a tsunami, it arrived crazily!

“What the f*ck?! Did I see wrongly?”

“Raymond dodged the bullets?!”

“That’s impossible, right? It must be luck?”

“Could it be that my eyes are playing tricks on me?”

“Could it be a special effect?!”

“Oh my god, that’s impossible!”

“Honey, come out and see god!”

For a moment, the number of bullet screens was so terrifying that even the NCI’s servers could not hold on any longer!

When the person in charge of the television station saw the skyrocketing numbers, his face turned red!

At this moment, the number of people in the live broadcast room had already exceeded 50 million!

It was even rising at a terrifying speed!

Wasn’t Raymond too terrifying? He really dodged the bullets?!

The soldiers looked at each other in dismay. Their faces were filled with shock and astonishment, and their jaws dropped to the ground!

Cohen, who was on the roof, was also staring at Chekov and Raymond the entire time!

When Chekov had fired, he had made a great decision not to shoot!

He knew that these people’s goal was not to kill Raymond, but to take Raymond back!

But when Raymond really dodged the bullet, this elite Special Forces soldier’s mouth was still wide open!

“This is impossible, this is impossible…”

Cohen repeated this sentence, and in the next second, he quickly turned the camera towards Dorothy!

At this moment, Dorothy’s expression was filled with disbelief!

This young man… actually dodged the bullet!

Those were machine gun bullets! Machine gun bullets! Was it possible for a human to dodge them?

Even if they were prepared beforehand, it was impossible!

Within a few seconds of a small movement of the human body, a bullet was enough to land on Raymond’s body!

Dodging a bullet required more than a sharp reaction!

It also required a strong physique!

But when she thought of Raymond’s light kick just now, Dorothy actually subconsciously felt that it was possible for Raymond to dodge the bullet…

This feeling made Dorothy feel that she might have gone crazy!

“How is it? Everyone, do you still want to continue firing? Shouldn’t you keep your promise and put down your weapons and surrender?”

Raymond’s voice was heard faintly.

It was as if dodging the bullet did not make him expend too much strength!

Dorothy’s heart was filled with despair!

This was the first time she had seen such a hostage!

With Raymond’s current strength, putting aside whether or not they could hold him hostage, even if they succeeded in holding him hostage…

How were they going to bring Raymond back?

With just the few of them? This guy could even dodge bullets. Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for him to hit the few of them?

Dorothy’s expression changed for a moment. She was starting to doubt if those bombs in the air could actually kill Raymond…

She asked into her earpiece.

“Cole, can you analyze how terrifying this guy’s physique is?”

Cole’s voice came from the earpiece after a few seconds!

“Officer Dorothy… I’m sorry, I can’t analyze it at all! All the data doesn’t apply to him! No one can dodge the bullets. This guy isn’t a normal person!”

Dorothy cursed in her heart. ‘Nonsense, of course I know this guy is not a normal person!’

‘Can a normal person dodge bullets?’

“Then what do we do now?”

Dorothy’s eyes revealed a hint of confusion, she didn’t know what to do.

They were indeed prepared to sacrifice themselves, but this kind of situation where they didn’t even capture the hostage was indeed something they didn’t expect!

Surrender? Detonate the bomb? Or… Suicide. Suicide?

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