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Five minutes later, Raymond ended his speech amid applause!

Behind him, officials from both the Pentagon and the White House stood up. An emcee dressed in formal attire carried a tray covered with a red cloth and came in front of Raymond.

“Next, Secretary Miles will award the National Medal of Honor to Major General Raymond!”

Carina was faithfully broadcasting the award live from the side.

Standing on the stage, even though he was not nervous, Raymond was still a little excited when he saw such a solemn scene!

After all, this was the National Medal of Honor!

Although it did not have any substantial effect, it represented the highest honor!

Raymond gave a military salute, and Secretary Miles, who was opposite him, also gave a salute and cheerfully encouraged him.

“Raymond, you are young and promising! I hope that the Medal of Honor given to you by the country can inspire you to advance bravely and make contributions to the country!”

Raymond nodded with a smile and said loudly, “I will definitely not let down the expectations and importance of the country!”

Secretary Miles nodded with a smile. Then, he lifted the red cloth from the tray in the host’s hand and took out a round jade medal with an ear of wheat and a golden edge!

Medals were usually made of gold, but this National Medal of Honor was made of jade!

This was the most special medal, and it would only be awarded to people who had made important contributions to the country!

If Raymond had not broken through the red and ultraviolet insulation technology and put this technology into practice in a very short time, he would not have received this kind of honor!

Raymond lowered his head. Secretary Miles solemnly wore it around his neck and presented him with a certificate and a trophy!

Finally, Raymond held the certificate and trophy in his hand and shook hands with Secretary Miles. There was a dedicated cameraman who recorded this moment forever!

The medal ceremony ended successfully!

Of course, it was just that the segment that required Raymond’s participation had ended.

Following that, there was a performance prepared by the teachers and students of West Point for this award ceremony.

The performance lasted for nearly two hours, and finally, it officially ended amidst laughter and cheers!

After it ended, it was already time for dinner.

Raymond accompanied many teachers, students, and leaders to have a big meal in the school cafeteria!

Although the location was in the school cafeteria, the food was specially prepared by a Michelin chef. It was extremely exquisite.

Raymond’s stomach was full from eating!

The live broadcast of the medal ceremony had already been canceled after the gala ended.

The discussion among the netizens had also cooled down.

However, it was obvious that the matter of Raymond’s medal ceremony would not fall off the hot search list in a short period of time.

The discussion about body refining techniques had caused an even greater uproar after Raymond’s explanation!

In the military base of District 11, which was far away from the human population, General Rocky was picking up a phone call.

“General Rocky, we will hold a military exercise in a week’s time. The purpose is to intimidate Russia and other big countries. This time, the XU-45 will be participating in the exercise for the first time. Please choose the best pilot to participate!”

General Rocky immediately stood at attention. Even though they were separated by the phone, he still gave a meticulous military salute!

“Yes! President!”

The phone that lodge picked up was actually a call from the president!

After putting down the phone, a look of ecstasy appeared on Rocky’s face!

This call from the president directly explained three problems!

First, the service of the XU-45 had been officially confirmed. In addition to serving in the Special Forces, it should also be serving in the regular army!

This was a fighter jet directly developed by District 11. This kind of honor would definitely fall on District 11’s head. No one would be able to snatch it away!

The second problem was that the president had begun to consciously show his strength to other countries. This might indicate that there might be a military operation in the near future!

This kind of omen was undoubtedly a piece of exciting news for a soldier like General Rocky!

The third problem was that logically speaking, even if military exercises were needed, high-end aircraft like the XU-45 would not be allowed to participate. This was basically revealing the military strength of the United States to other countries.

And this time, it was so unusual that the XU-45 had to participate. This meant that the XU-45 must have a mission!

What kind of mission could make such a high-end aircraft appear? It must be some foreign country making a move!

Thinking of this, General Rocky directly ordered the guards to call his subordinates.

He was ready to choose the best pilot!

Because this time, it was very likely to develop into a combat mission!

After a day of honoring, Raymond didn’t feel tired. After all, with the top-tier Body Refining Technique, top-tier Combat Technique, and top-tier Dodge Technique, his physical fitness was increased. Even if he didn’t sleep for a few days and nights, he wouldn’t be tired!

But mentally, he was very tired!

After all, not only did he have to maintain his facial expression, he also had to communicate with all kinds of people.

Most importantly, he had a fight with the robbers!

Although the process did not take much effort, he was very nervous!

At night, Raymond was assigned to a single dormitory!

With his current identity, he was no longer suitable to live in the school’s multi-person dormitory!

Whether it was for safety or for other reasons, Raymond could no longer integrate himself into the student’s life as an ordinary person.

Even if he still had to continue his student life in the future, these halos on his body would make him the center of attention no matter where he went!

Raymond decided to rest for a period of time and go home to visit his parents.

It had been more than two months since school started, and he hadn’t been home yet!

Thinking of this, Raymond fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up, it was already past 10 am the next day!

Today, Raymond didn’t have any missions.

Although there were still many soldiers protecting him, there wouldn’t be any missions for the time being.

Next, what Raymond wanted to do was to build his own research institute!

At present, he didn’t have any ideas on this matter. Raymond planned to ask a few professors at West Point. They had been immersed in the scientific research world for decades, so they must be more experienced than him!

After getting up and having dinner, Raymond chose to go home!

Although he was still a student at West Point in name, he no longer had to follow the school’s schedule!

Yesterday, Principal Rawls had even told him this question. If Raymond was willing, he could get his West Point graduation certificate now!

But Raymond refused.

He really wanted to experience campus life!

Rawls was naturally very supportive of Raymond’s choice. After all, there was a genius like Raymond among his students. This was something that could be bragged about at any time!

Rawls would not refuse Raymond’s admission!

If Raymond wanted, he could even hand over the position of vice-principal or even principal to him directly in the future.

West Point needed a genius like Raymond, just as the country needed Raymond!