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In a row apartment in Little Rock City.

Two middle-aged people were watching TV without blinking.

On the TV, there was a replay of a video. In the video, a young man was confronting the robbers.

The host said at the right time, “Yesterday afternoon, Major General Raymond confronted the robbers on the street and finally forced them to surrender! Major General Raymond’s bravery and fearlessness were worth learning from him. The identity of the robbers was also being confirmed. Now, let’s take a look at Major General Raymond’s medal ceremony yesterday!”

The middle-aged woman was in disbelief. She pinched herself secretly. After feeling the pain, she looked at the man beside her with a blank expression.

“Darling, am I dreaming? is that our son on TV?”

The man beside him was also dumbfounded. Although he did look like his son, and the man’s name was Raymond…

However, didn’t his son go to West Point Military Academy?

How did he appear on TV? And there was even a gunfight on the street?

Most importantly, he actually dodged so many bullets and finally forced the robbers to surrender?

These two old people were naturally Raymond’s parents!

Raymond’s father carefully watched the television. Finally, he picked up his cup shakily. After drinking a mouthful of water, his voice trembled as he replied.

“If we’re not old enough to have our eyes blurred, then the person on the television is indeed our son!”

“As for why he fought with others on the streets, why he was awarded with medals, and why he was called a Major General by others… I don’t know either!”

Raymond’s parents were middle-class people.

They were usually busy with work, so they didn’t have time to watch any live broadcasts.

Recently, because Raymond’s identity was too important, the White House and the Pentagon directly sent many guards to stand guard around Raymond’s parents day and night, but they didn’t let them know about Raymond’s matter!

Originally, after Raymond received such a great honor, some leaders would definitely give corresponding awards to Raymond’s parents. This was also normal!

However, under the high pressure of some higher-ups, these messy things were all canceled and strictly restricted!

Raymond’s identity was too important. These higher-ups didn’t want to do anything that might make Raymond feel disgusted!

They also didn’t want anyone to disturb Raymond’s parents’ lives!

Therefore, they only protected them and didn’t do anything else!

This directly caused Raymond to be known as a great hero, a genius youth, and a National Medal of Honor recipient.

But his parents didn’t know anything!

The two people’s expressions didn’t recover for a long time, and they were still in a state of confusion.

It wasn’t until the television showed the scene of Raymond receiving the medal that they turned their attention back to the television.

The doubts in their hearts gradually turned into excitement!

Although they didn’t know what exactly was going on with that rascal Raymond, at least the content on the television should be true, right?

In other words, during the two months of school, this rascal didn’t make a single phone call. Was he busy with something important?

And now, he had become a hero!

After the old couple finished watching the medal ceremony, they looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with disbelief, but they were excited and happy!

“Could it really be Raymond?”

“I’m not sure either. Why don’t we give him a call?”

“No, what if Raymond is meeting some big shot now? If we call him, won’t we disturb him?”

“Then what should we do?”

“Why don’t we give his classmates a call?”

Raymond’s parents were thinking about how to confirm what had happened to their son.

The doorbell rang.

The old couple was stunned. Raymond’s mother quickly ran to open the door!

Raymond’s father was still in the living room thinking about how to confirm the news when he suddenly heard his wife’s scream from outside!

The father was shocked. The next second, he heard his wife’s excited voice!

“Brat, you finally know how to come home!”

Raymond’s father’s expression relaxed and he quickly stood up.

So, Raymond had returned!

“That’s right, it’s me… It’s really me!”

After a round of intimacy, Raymond obediently sat in the living room and listened to his parents ‘interrogate’ him!

When he asked if the person on the television was him, Raymond could only helplessly nod his head.

Yesterday, he was only focused on confronting the robbers, thinking that there wouldn’t be any casualties. However, he had forgotten that these things might be seen by his parents!

There was no need to say how worried his parents were about their son!

When he saw Raymond engaging in a gunfight on the street, and even arrogantly letting others shoot at him, Raymond’s mother almost had a heart attack!

At this moment, Raymond’s mother could not help but cry tears of joy when she saw that Raymond was fine, but she still scolded Raymond severely!

After he repeatedly promised that he would never do this again, Raymond’s parents finally let him off!

After that, Raymond gave his medals, certificates, and trophies to his parents.

Seeing their faces full of honor and joy, Raymond’s heart was also very happy.

The so-called returning home in glory was actually to let his parents know that his son was doing well in the outside world!

As for other things to show his relatives and friends, that was his parents’ business!

He only needed to make his parents feel at ease and happy!

Then, under his parents’ questioning, Raymond briefly told them what had happened in the past few months!

Hearing that Raymond had actually broken through an important project on his own, and that he had cooperated with so many experts and professors, Raymond’s mother’s face was filled with joy, and her mouth could not close.

Raymond’s father, on the other hand, had a more serious look on his face. Occasionally, he would smile, but most of the time, he was worried that Raymond would be too proud or unable to bear such a great honor.

When Raymond saw his father’s expression, he naturally understood what this middle-aged man, who was gradually aging, was thinking about.

“Father, don’t worry,” he comforted.

“Although my results are good outside, I will definitely not be proud!”

“Next, I will start a research institute that will specialize in researching my own projects!”

“The country will give me 50 billion USD annually for my projects, so I will definitely study them carefully and not cause any trouble!”

Hearing the figure of 50 billion, Raymond’s parents showed a look of disbelief!

That was 50 billion, not 500 dollars!

These two men and women, who had been wandering around the middle-class all their lives, had probably never seen more than 500,000 dollars!

Now, Raymond told them that he could have 50 billion U.S. dollars for the project every year!

Even if the money wasn’t Raymond’s, the old couple was still shocked!

Raymond laughed and had an idea.

“Mom and Dad, you can work in my research institute in the future! I can be closer to you!”

Raymond had thought of this because he wanted his parents to be safe!