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“Dad, Mom, you can work in my research institute from now on!”

Not to mention the small matter of salary, just in terms of safety and working environment, Raymond really wanted his parents to work in his research institute!

This way, he could be closer to them and take care of them at any time!

When he was young, it was his parents who did their best to create a good living and learning environment for him.

Now that he had grown up and had the conditions, Raymond naturally wanted his parents to enjoy it too!

Their original job, although it was not very tiring, was far from home!

Raymond did not want his parents to take up such a job when he had already achieved good results!

The research institute should not be too far from home. Of course, the country had already promised him a new villa to live in. Now, this townhouse was not big enough!

In the future, he might even have a wife and children.

These thoughts flashed through Raymond’s mind, and he finally said, “Don’t think about it. Let’s eat first. I’m starving to death!”

After returning from West Point, Raymond had taken a special car back. He did not eat on the way back. It was already close to noon, and his stomach was already growling!

Raymond’s mother hurriedly stood up, and the expression on her face was as if she was still dreaming!

Her son, who had scored a zero in six SATs and finally found a decent university, was now a Major General!

He even received the National Medal of Honor!

These things were simply like a dream!

Raymond’s mother still had a feeling of being in a trance!

But her son was hungry, so as a mother, she subconsciously stood up and walked into the kitchen!

The food cooked by a mother was always the best in the world!

This time, when Raymond returned home, he planned to relax for a period of time.

He had been busy previously and had experienced a lot. There were many things that he could talk to his parents about.

The next day, a little fatty came to Raymond’s house!

The moment he saw Raymond, the little fatty pounced on him, his face full of excitement and shock!

“Raymond! Do you know that you’re a great hero now? Oh my god, it’s really hard to imagine. Why didn’t I realize that you were actually so amazing in the past!?”

The person who was chattering non-stop was Raymond’s best friend from high school, and one of his few good friends, Ryder!

After Ryder graduated, he went to an ordinary university not far from his home.

As a university student, it was natural for him to have access to the internet!

He had been watching the live broadcast of Raymond’s award ceremony the whole time!

If it were not for the fact that he could not apply for leave from school that day, and that his school was also close to West Point, Ryder would have gone to look for Raymond at that time!

Yesterday, he called his parents. When he heard that Raymond had returned home, he immediately applied for leave.

Today, he came back to meet his good friend!

“Raymond, let me tell you! When you were on the live broadcast, you were really cool! My classmates and I were watching it. When I told them that we were good brothers, they didn’t believe me! hahaha! Let’s take a photo together later. When we go back, they’ll be so envious of me!”

His best friend Ryder laughed very happily. Raymond also laughed!

In high school, Raymond was more introverted and didn’t have many friends.

Ryder could be considered his best friend, and their parents had been in contact with each other.

Their grades in high school were neither good nor bad, but they often went out to surf the internet and play basketball together, and their relationship was very close!

“Of course! If I have time, I’ll go to your school for a walk, and I guarantee that all the young girls in your school will throw themselves at you!”

“Ugh, forget it!”

Ryder looked embarrassed.

“If you go there, they will definitely throw themselves at you! Yesterday, when I told them that you are my good brother, many girls talked to me, but in the end, they all asked about you!”

Ryder looked depressed. Apparently, he had been hit!

Raymond burst into laughter and patted Ryder’s shoulder, joking, “Then pick one of them that you like and chase after her bravely! They won’t be able to get me, so you’ll be lucky!”

Ryder’s eyes lit up and he nodded crazily!

“That’s right! You’re just one person. How can you have so many girlfriends? Hehe! Then I won’t stand on ceremony!”

At this time, Raymond’s parents had already gone to work, and there was only Raymond at home.

The two of them chatted and laughed, but in the end, they returned to playing games!

In high school, they often played games together!

“Come, let’s play games!”

“I’m scared of you! That kick you gave that day really looked like Litt’s big foot!”

Litt was a character in a game that Raymond and Ryder played, and the two of them loved to play this game the most!

“Start the game!”

The two of them started the game, as if they were back in high school!

During this period of time, everyone that Raymond came into contact with seemed to look at him as if he was an idol or god, even those teachers and classmates who were still familiar with him.

Those who came into contact with him in District 11 were all soldiers, experts, professors, and so on.

It had been a long time since he had been so relaxed!

Therefore, the two of them played from day to night until Raymond’s parents got off work. They were still playing games!

Even though Raymond was now a Major General and a National Medal of Honor winner, in the eyes of his parents, he was still a child!

“Ryder is here?! You’ve been playing games all day! Stop playing! Do you still want your eyes?!”

Raymond’s mother pretended to be stern and reprimanded him!

Raymond smiled embarrassedly and put down the game controller.

Raymond’s mother smiled slightly. She was very proud of Raymond for her son to be successful now!

“Ryder, eat here later! Aunty bought a lot of vegetables!”

“Okay, Aunty!”

Ryder had often freeloaded at Raymond’s house in the past, so he was very familiar with Raymond’s parents. After saying this politely, he winked at Raymond.

“Play a little longer?”

“Come on!”

The leisure time at home passed quickly. Raymond felt that he didn’t have much rest before a call came!

“Major General Raymond, how have you been resting recently?”

Raymond looked at the caller ID and smiled.

“General Rocky, I’ve been resting quite well recently. Why are you calling?”

The person who called Raymond was the person in charge of District 11, General Rocky!

“There are two things. Is it convenient to talk now?”


“The first thing is about the matter I asked you about before. I’ve already communicated with the White House and the Pentagon, but the application hasn’t been approved. Now that you’re already a Major General, the promise I gave you doesn’t seem to be of any use. But I still want to ask you if you have time to come to District 11 and give the soldiers here a detailed explanation of the body refining technique!”