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What General Rocky was talking about was about how he wanted Raymond to join the military base of District 11.

At that time, Rocky promised Raymond that as long as he stayed in District 11 for more than two years, he would at least get the rank of Major General, and when he went out, his military rank would at least be above Lieutenant General!

Who knew that in less than two months, Raymond was already a Major General!

General Rocky’s promise was basically nullified…

Previously, because of Raymond’s potential, Rocky had talked to many military bigwigs and wanted them to work hard to win Raymond over to the military. But later, the White House and the Pentagon directly spoke up and stopped Rocky from doing so!

In the eyes of the country, a talented person who was qualified to establish his own research institute was obviously more valuable than a soldier!

Raymond’s value would definitely not be able to achieve the greatest development in the military!

In other words, Raymond’s potential and value was something that no existing organization or department could fully display!

Therefore, the higher-ups directly gave permission for Raymond to establish his own research institute, and directly gave him a sky-high funding of 50 billion U.S. dollars per year!

Rocky smiled bitterly, but could only shake his head and give up the idea of fighting for Raymond.

He really couldn’t afford to fight for Raymond!

After saying the first thing, Raymond immediately agreed!

“No problem, General Rocky. In fact, I plan to hand over some ideas about Body Refining Technique, as well as the next Combat Technique and the Dodge Technique, to the military in the near future. So the things you asked me to do are also easy for me. It won’t take much effort!”

General Rocky laughed in satisfaction and said, “Good! Then, starting from tomorrow afternoon, we will conduct a military exercise at the border. It involves the mobilization of the three armed forces. The XU-45 will also participate in the exercise. The higher-ups specifically asked me to invite you over. Do you have time?”

Although Raymond didn’t have enough rest, how could he miss a large-scale military exercise like a military exercise?

“I have time! General Rocky, I’ll be there tomorrow!”

“Okay, you can go directly to the Pentagon. Someone will send you to District 11!”

Although the location of District 11 was no longer confidential to Raymond, if he went there alone, it would easily expose the location of District 11. Therefore, he had to transfer it through the Pentagon’s helicopter!

After confirming with General Rocky that he would participate in the military exercises.

Raymond knew that the establishment of the research institute and the work of his parents should be put on the agenda!

With this thought in mind, he directly dialed a number.

This number was left to him by the Pentagon’s high-ranking official.

Raymond’s thoughts on the research institute could be mentioned to this number!

“Hello, hello, General Raymond. I’m Bell Sherry. You can call me Sherry. I’ll be in charge of all your matters from now on. You can think of me as your personal assistant!”

As soon as the call was connected, a sweet female voice came from the other end!

Raymond was stunned. Was the person in charge of the research institute a woman?

He quickly opened his mouth.

“Hello, Sherry. The main reason I’m calling you this time is to discuss the research institute with you, including the location of the research institute and the recruitment of people, etc.”

“No problem, Major General Raymond. In fact, I’ve been waiting for your call for almost three days!”

“Where are you now? I’ll come and talk to you face-to-face! In the future, I can help you with any of your affairs!”

Raymond was stunned for a moment, but he immediately reacted.

The country had directly assigned him a female secretary!

Damn, there was nothing to say about this treatment!

In that case, it was naturally better to talk to her face-to-face. Raymond indeed had a lot of things to explain to Sherry.

“Then come to my house. My house’s location…”

“Major General Raymond, I know your house’s location. If it’s not necessary, don’t expose your private core information in any communication devices in the future!”

On the other side, the attentive Sherry interrupted Raymond’s words and spoke in a crisp voice.

“Uh, okay, then come over…”

Raymond’s face was embarrassed. He had not completely changed his identity yet!

In fact, whether it was in terms of rank or importance, Raymond was already a hot figure!

His every move would definitely be watched by countless people.

If he wasn’t careful, he might make a big mistake!

On this point, Raymond warned himself in his heart. Even if there was nothing wrong with him, what about his family? What about his friends?

Less than half an hour after he hung up the phone, there was a knock on the door.

The door opened. Standing outside was a long-haired beauty who looked about the same age as him!

“Hello, Major General Raymond, I’m Sherry!”

Sherry stretched out her fair palm and smiled charmingly as she greeted Raymond.

Raymond quickly reached out his hand and shook it gently, then invited her.

“Please come in, Miss Sherry. The house is a bit messy…”

Sherry did not treat herself as an outsider. She walked in directly, looked around, and said directly, “Major General Raymond, according to my estimation, the security of your current residence is very poor. There are at least a dozen high vantage points around that can be used for sniping. Moreover, the doors and windows are not bulletproof. In this kind of environment, your safety can not be guaranteed!”

“This is my parents’ residence!” Raymond explained helplessly.

Sherry was even more serious!

“General Raymond, isn’t the safety of your parents more important? As your future secretary, I have the obligation to give you advice from every aspect of your life!”

Raymond smiled slightly. This young and beautiful girl, although she was not old, her work attitude was indeed good!

“After a period of time, when the villa allocated to me by the country comes down, I will let my parents live there.”

“Today’s conversation with you also has this kind of situation!”

“Please take a seat.” Raymond invited Sherry to sit down and then poured her a glass of water.

“Well, you just said that you are the future secretary. If I understand correctly, you are the personal secretary specially assigned to me by the country? You can help me with anything, right?”

“Other than eating and going to the toilet!” Shirley answered seriously.

“Haha, okay, then my recent schedule, you should have it, right?”

Shirley shook her head, “Without your authorization, I can’t get it. I also suggest that you don’t tell me your schedule in advance.”

“Although telling me your schedule at the last minute will make my workload increase, it can make your safety more assured!”