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Regarding his mother’s words, Raymond naturally pretended not to hear it!

After all, he really had no intention of finding a girlfriend now!

Although Raymond’s own career was already developing, and the future was almost predictable…

But Raymond himself knew that his current identity was not suitable for dating.

Firstly, it was his value.

Raymond had already taken out and would continue to take out a lot of high-end technology.

Under this premise, Raymond’s identity would only be noticed by more and more people!

Raymond’s every move would be seen by those who cared. In such a situation, dating was simply harming that girl!

Secondly, it was Raymond’s own planning for the future!

Up until now, although Raymond had money that he couldn’t spend, and he also had a high enough status to be respected, Raymond really hadn’t thought about what he would do in the future!

Set up a research institute, and then start using the ‘anti-gravity arc drive device’ to build a spaceship to go to outer space to take a look in the future?

Live a peaceful university life, and become a respected scientist in the future?

Do some creative thinking, study hard, increase course points, exchange more advanced technology in the system, and bring Earth’s technology to a higher level by himself?

To be honest, all of these could be done!

This was Raymond’s free choice.

But Raymond really hadn’t thought it through.

Even if he had reincarnated, he still hadn’t thought through this problem.

Or rather, it was precisely because he had reincarnated that he had considered this problem even more carefully!

Raymond didn’t want to leave any regrets in his second life.

Thinking of this, Raymond smiled faintly and said, “Mom, don’t worry about my love problem! Your son will become more and more powerful in the future. Are you afraid that I won’t be able to find a girl who likes me?”

“I’m just afraid that you’ll be dazzled by the number of girls who like you!”

Raymond’s mother rolled her eyes at him in annoyance. Raymond could only smile embarrassedly.

No matter what his identity was in the outside world, he could only be a son in the family. He had to listen to his mother’s reprimand humbly.

“Got it, Mom. What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Eat your head!”

After having a sumptuous dinner, Raymond told his parents that he was leaving the next day.

He also discussed in detail with them about quitting their jobs and working at Raymond’s research institute.

Although the research institute had not been built yet, with the support of the national force, the speed of construction of the research institute must be very fast. It would probably be completed in less than a month!

Although Raymond’s parents were certainly not competent enough compared to those experts and professors, Raymond did not plan to let them do any research.

Raymond’s father used to work in an accounting company, while his mother worked in a department store.

These two jobs were both lifestyle-oriented and seemed to have nothing to do with the research institute.

But wasn’t it easy for Raymond to have a relationship with them?

In the research institute, Raymond’s father could continue to be an accountant. Of course, he only needed to be a general manager. The rest of the detailed work would naturally be handled by other professionals.

As for his mother, she could directly open her own department store in the research institute!

Raymond had even directly planned out this department store in his previous discussion with Sherry!

The shopping mall did not need to be too big. It was just for the people of the research institute!

There was no need to consider whether they could earn money or not. After all, there would definitely be a lot of subsidies for this kind of thing!

In short, as long as Raymond wanted to.

Then, it would not be a problem for him to arrange for his parents to work in the research institute!

At this moment, after chatting with his parents, his parents did not refuse!

After all, they did not really love their jobs so much that they had persisted for so many years. It was all because of the bitterness of the daily necessities.

“Alright, your mother and I will listen to you. We will resign tomorrow!”

Raymond’s father finally decided on this matter.

Raymond was very happy. He called Sherry on the spot and asked her to track down the person in charge of this matter.

The next day, it was not even 10 am.

Sherry appeared at the door of Raymond’s house at the appointed time.

Outside the door, a team of fully armed soldiers was already waiting for Raymond.

In fact, during this period of time, there had been a high-scale security around Raymond’s house!

Previously, Raymond’s kidnapping had angered the Pentagon and the White House. On one hand, they had severely condemned this behavior internationally. On the other hand, they had strengthened the security around Raymond’s house and himself, hoping that this would not happen again!

“General Raymond, shall we set off now?”

“Let’s go!”

Raymond nodded and directly got into a car.

The car drove steadily toward the Pentagon. In the car, Shirley was reporting to Raymond one by one.

In the coming days, this kind of reporting would become a normal state!

Among them, included Raymond’s schedule for today, the things that needed to be dealt with, and the progress of the things that had been dealt with yesterday.

After Raymond heard it, he only nodded. After all, it was Sherry’s first day as his assistant, so there was nothing important that he needed to pay special attention to.

“Major General Raymond, do you need me to pick up the phone for you?” Sherry asked.

Raymond thought for a moment and shook his head.

He wasn’t that busy at the moment, so he could still pick up the phone by himself.

“Let’s talk about it later.”


“By the way, Major General Raymond, the news of me becoming your secretary has been spread through some channels. My contact information is also in the news. So in the future, I will help you deal with some problems in detail. These require your authorization!”

Sherry handed over a piece of paper.

Raymond looked at it. On it was basically some itinerary arrangements, reception issues, and so on. Raymond nodded and directly signed his name.

“Do you know where we’re going this afternoon?”

Sherry shook her head. She didn’t have the authority to obtain such a schedule for the time being.

“We’re going to the military base in District 11,” Raymond said calmly.

“Noted. Major General Raymond, do you need any documents or gifts to prepare for you to go to the military base in District 11?”

Raymond thought for a moment. General Rocky had helped him a lot before. Without his application, it would be much more troublesome for him to check the secret information of Distric t 11. Moreover, he might need to borrow the information this time, so Raymond said, “Bring some gifts for General Rocky. As for what gifts to choose… What do soldiers like?”

Shirley answered without thinking.

“Lighter, saber, shoes, pen!”

Raymond raised his eyebrows. This secretary was really…! Well-informed!

“Alright then, let’s choose the best pen for General Rocky.”

“Yes, Major General Raymond.”

“Just call me Raymond or General from now on. Major General Raymond is a little weird.”

“Yes, General!”

Shirley quickly changed the way she addressed him!