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After arriving at the Pentagon, an official dressed in a suit welcomed Raymond and Sherry inside.

Then, just like last time, he brought Raymond to the top of the Pentagon.

Three helicopters were already on standby.

“General Raymond, it’s safer for you to choose your own helicopter.”

The official smiled.

Raymond nodded and chose a helicopter. The helicopter took off!

Sherry sat beside him and looked at the building that was getting smaller.

Raymond smiled.

“You’ve never taken a helicopter before?”

Sherry shook her head. “I have. I used to take a helicopter during training, but this is the first time I’m sitting on the roof of the Pentagon!”

Raymond smiled and didn’t say anything else.

About an hour later, the plane landed at the military base of District 11. General Rocky and a few other people were already waiting for him.

“General Rocky, I’m here again!”

“Welcome, welcome. I can’t wait for you to stay in District 11!”

General Rocky laughed and looked at Sherry, asking curiously, “Who’s this?”

“This is my secretary, sent by the higher-ups.”

Raymond introduced her.

Sherry also reached out her white palm and gently shook hands with General Rocky.

“Hello, General Rocky. You can call me Sherry. From now on, I’ll be General Raymond’s personal secretary!”

“Okay, welcome!”

“Let’s go in and talk. I’m afraid there are some problems to discuss with you in advance.”

They walked into the military base of District 11. Before this, the military base was filled with armaments.

The number of planes, tanks, and so on had already decreased by more than half, General Rocky introduced, “Those have already been driven out. The blue side of District 11 is in charge of this exercise, and the red side is District 9.”

Speaking up to this point, General Rocky sighed with emotion and continued, “In the past, District 9 has always been the strongest of the few military bases. But this time, District 11 has XU-45 participating. Although there’s only one, it’s a huge upgrade for us! Raymond, you’ve contributed a lot!”

Raymond smiled implicitly.

Although he wasn’t responsible for the main structure of the XU-45, the final red and ultraviolet insulation coating gave this top-tier fighter jet the possibility of serving!

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to call it a finishing touch!

“How’s the scale of this exercise?”

“The two sides have deployed a total of 100,000 troops and all kinds of equipment. This is the most advanced exercise in recent years. Even the XU-45 is on the field. The scale can be imagined!”

“There are still some secrets in it. Come, Raymond, let’s talk in the conference room!”

Just as Raymond and the others were talking about the drill.

There were also three people being interrogated in Castletown Prison, the second largest prison in the United States.

These three people were naturally the KGB spies Dorothy, Chekov, and Aphrodite who had tried to kidnap Raymond!

Aphrodite, who had been seriously injured by Raymond’s kick, still looked a little weak even though she had received the best treatment.

As for Dorothy and Chekov, they looked very calm.

They did not care about being caught. After all, in a country like the United States, lynching was not allowed.

As long as they kept quiet, they would at most be convicted. There should not be any other disputes.

As for the fact that they were the KGB…

This was an open secret that everyone knew, but no one could produce any evidence!

The interrogation experts sent by the FBI had been relying on Dorothy and the others for three days.

However, they didn’t open their mouths and answered whatever they were asked. However, when they were asked which organization they were from, Dorothy and the others began to make up nonsense.

Basically, they were all relatively famous terrorist organizations in the world.

Most importantly, their answers were different every time!

One had to know that Dorothy and the others were all professional spies who had gone through very strict training.

This level of interrogation was simply too easy for them…

That interrogation expert had also used all methods, but it was useless.

In this situation, the higher-ups were also very anxious. After all, if they couldn’t get the information of who these people were for a day…

Raymond’s safety wouldn’t be guaranteed for a day!

This kind of national treasure-level talent was very precious to the country!

Today was already the fourth day of the interrogation, and they still hadn’t gotten any useful information.

The interrogation expert was on the verge of collapse…

The prison warden was a middle-aged man named Picol. He had been paying attention to this matter for the past few days.

After knowing that they were the ones who tried to kidnap General Raymond, Picol raised their alert level to the highest level!

One had to know that Raymond could be said to be a national hero on the internet!

He was young and powerful, without any blemishes. He had received the rank of Major General and the National Medal of Honor!

Even Picol, the middle-aged man, was now a fan of Raymond!

These guys, they’re trying to hijack their idols? Picol was so angry, he almost resorted to lynching.

On this day, Picol was sitting leisurely in the office, dealing with some trivial matters.

All of a sudden, the phone rang!

Picol looked at the number casually, found it was not familiar, was ready to pick up indifferently when a flash of inspiration crossed his mind!

This number…

It’s a six-digit number!

Picol didn’t have time to react. He just stood up and threw off his hat!

“Hello, I’m the warden of Castletown Prison, Picol!”

“Hello, I’m the Secretary of Defense.”

Picol’s eyelids quivered. Sure enough, it was this kind of national leadership!

He was a genuine national high-ranking official!

Among the several national departments in the United States, the Department of Defense was undoubtedly the one with the most power!

This Secretary of Defense was also a senior executive in the White House. His position was very respected!

“Minister, please speak!”

Picol stood at attention and spoke loudly.

The other side did not say much and directly asked.

“How’s the interrogation of the three spies going?”

Picol replied, “Reporting to the Minister, it’s not going well for the time being! Those people are very uncooperative, we can’t get them to open their mouths.”

“In times of emergency, we have to use extreme methods. Picol, do you understand what I mean?”

Picol’s face twitched. He definitely understood!

Using such a number to call his private number…

Wasn’t this just because the higher-ups couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to use lynching?

“Minister, I understand!”

“Alright then. In the afternoon, the FBI’s interrogation experts will leave the prison. Next, I need you to get all the information within two days. Can you do it?”

Picol gritted his teeth and shouted, “Minister, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do my best!”

“Okay, I believe you.”

The call ended, and Picol’s expression kept changing.