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After a few seconds, he picked up the phone and called his subordinate.

“Is Sven back?”

The man on the other side was dumbfounded.

“Warden, wasn’t Sven suspended by you? He should still be at home.”

Pickel snorted and shouted, “Then hurry up and bring him back! Tell him that I won’t restrict him this time. He can use any means, I just want the result!”

“Warden, are you sure? Last time, Sven almost killed that drunkard directly…”

“What nonsense! Hurry up and go!”


After putting down the phone, Picol sighed lightly!

The warden of the prison was naturally not an easy position to be in. He had too many places to socialize.

Many people came to him to inquire about information, or to give gifts, or to threaten and bribe him.

Picol could be considered to be relatively honest, but he still could not completely avoid this!

The most important thing was that after a period of time, he would receive a few tough guys. However, these tough guys were too important!

Those big shots needed this information…

Thus, some extortion experts were born!

And among them, the one that Picol was most satisfied with was Sven!

Sven was good at everything. He was well-versed in all kinds of extortion methods. Furthermore, his personality was cold. He would never care about what the prisoners did. He would pry open their mouths and dig out information.

The only drawback was that he was too ruthless!

So ruthless that even Picol was a little afraid!

Once this person put on the prison guard’s clothes, those prisoners wouldn’t even dare to snore at night!

There were more than one prisoners who had died at Sven’s hands!

However, they were all suppressed by Picol. After all, in a situation like today’s, it was really going to be Sven’s turn.

It would be difficult for other people to produce results, and Picol was not at ease either!

Two hours later, a young man with a delicate face and an ordinary appearance, who looked like a university student who had not graduated, arrived at Picol’s office.

“Warden, you were looking for me?” Sven said calmly.

Looking at this young man who seemed to always be indifferent, Picol could not help but sigh in his heart.

This guy was really a f*cking genius!

“Sven, I have a mission for you!”

Sven’s eyes lit up. Only at such times would there be some waves in his heart!

“What mission? Warden, speak!”

“There are a few spies. Now that the higher-ups have spoken, they won’t care about the process. As long as the result is… I want you to pry open their mouths.”

Picol stretched out two of his fingers and said heavily!

“Two days!”

Sven slowly opened his mouth and revealed a bright smile.

“Warden, no problem. Leave it to me!”

Seeing this smile, even Picol could not help but shiver.

This smile was known as ‘Sven’s Smile’ in Castletown Prison. It was a more terrifying deterrent than weapons!

“Stop f*cking smiling. Scram. If you don’t get the news in two days, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Picol cursed and directly sent Sven to work.

Picol couldn’t help but shiver when he thought about the fate of those spies.

Don’t be stubborn. Even the Grim Reaper was here…

“General Rocky, when will the exercise begin?”

“It will officially begin at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon. The exercise will last for a week. The main venue will be the border area between the United States and Mexico.”

“Is the main purpose of this exercise to intimidate Mexico?”

Raymond frowned. Did Mexico need the United States to conduct a special exercise to intimidate Mexico?

General Rocky shook his head and said, “It’s to intimidate Russia!”

“The higher-ups have received news that recently, a force has been trying to break through the border of Mexico and sneak into our country. This involves the three lines of land, sea, and air. In the world, no other country, except the P5, has such an ability!”

“After many investigations, it has been confirmed that this force is Russia.”

“Raymond, as you know, since the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been unconvinced of our country. This action is so obvious that the higher-ups suspect that they may have other motives.”

“Therefore, the main goal of the military exercise is to intimidate the Russians.”

“Of course, among them, the XU-45 has a secret mission!”

“Not long ago, we were all shocked by the fact that you dodged bullets!”

“So, this time, the higher-ups specially instructed me to call you over. Firstly, to guide us. Secondly, they hope that you can follow the XU-45 to carry out this mission!”

Raymond nodded solemnly and said, “What mission is it?”

General Rocky looked at Raymond and said in a deep voice, “Destroy a secret Russian military base in Mexico!”

Raymond was shocked!

“What? There’s a secret Russian military base in Mexico?”

General Rocky nodded and said in a deep voice, “This is also the latest news. This military base should have been in existence for a few years. What we need to do is to use the XU-45’s undetectable characteristics to directly launch missiles and blow up the military base!”

“And this exercise is precisely to prevent a possible military conflict in the future!”

“After the XU-45 takes action, our side will definitely be impacted by the international public opinion, but neither Russia nor Mexico will be able to catch any evidence of us. So, they must suffer this loss!”

“Most importantly, the military strength we displayed this time is the highest in recent years! This will definitely scare those who are interested.”

“And this time difference will also be the time when you need to carry out your mission!”

After General Rocky finished speaking, he didn’t urge him anymore and gave Raymond a buffer time.

He looked at Raymond and felt a little tired.

What he had just said was, of course, the truth, but there was no need for Raymond to appear at all!

Telling this inside information to Raymond and preparing to bring Raymond along was the intention of some of the country’s higher-ups!

In simple terms, some of the country’s higher-ups had acknowledged Raymond’s contributions and promised to give him a large amount of resources, but!

They didn’t trust him enough!

This bombing was a test for Raymond!

If Raymond passed, with his youth and seniority…

He would definitely be able to enter the White House and the Pentagon in the future!

There was no doubt about it.

But if Raymond didn’t pass this test, then what awaited Raymond was the secret sanction of the military court!

To be honest, General Rocky himself didn’t want to carry out such a test.

It would be fine if Raymond couldn’t see through it, but if he could, wouldn’t he be disappointed?

This kind of talent, the country had to use it without suspicion!

Otherwise, problems could easily arise.

It could only be said that national politics was indeed not a simple matter.

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