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On the other hand, Raymond didn’t think too much about it.

After all, he was one of the designers of the XU-45. It was normal for him, who had put the XU-45 in an invisibility cloak, to participate in such an important matter.

“General Rocky, no problem. I promise to complete the mission!”

Raymond was also furious that Russia had built a secret military base in Mexico!

Why would Mexico allow other countries to build a military base in its own territory?

The United States and Mexico shared a border. The only possibility was that Mexico wanted to use Russia to restrict and monitor the United States!

Raymond was furious and immediately agreed!

The next day, the exercise officially began.

The two parties involved in this exercise were District 11 and District 9!

In the past, District 9 was the strongest of all the military bases. However, with the addition of the XU-45, District 11’s strength was suddenly different.

Although the XU-45 had another mission, before carrying out the mission, it still needed to participate in the exercise!

The United States was conducting a border exercise, and the Mexican side would definitely closely monitor it!

This meant that as long as the Mexican side was unable to discover the XU-45, then the United States would have a national-level ‘alibi’!

‘After all, I was indeed in the exercise. During the exercise, you said that you weren’t monitoring me, but you were just joking!’

‘Since you did, did you find out that I crossed the border?’

‘If you didn’t find out, why did you say that I bombed you?’

This kind of evidence could completely let the United States stay out of this incident!

Raymond took the car and arrived at the border of the United States and Mexico. Looking at the city at the end of his line of sight, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes!

In the past, Raymond still had sympathy for Mexico. After all, the people there weren’t living well!

But at this moment, Raymond only had anger in his heart.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, a military order came from the walkie-talkie.

“The drill begins!”

Raymond and General Rocky looked at each other and nodded to each other. Then, they walked straight into the hangar.

The XU-45 was like a big bird that was preparing to take off. It stood alone in the hangar, looking elegant and perfect!

“General Raymond, we meet again!”

The pilot who had flown the XU-45 earlier was sitting in the pilot’s seat, smiling and greeting Raymond!

“We meet again!”

Raymond also smiled and went straight into the cabin.

“You should understand today’s mission, right?” Raymond asked.

The pilot nodded hard, opened his mouth, and showed his neat teeth.

“This Russia is really reckless. They actually built a military base in Mexico! We can’t let such a military base that endangers our national security exist!”

“General Raymond, don’t worry. The XU-45 will always fly above the stratosphere. The bombs prepared this time are also unmarked cluster bombs. We will leave after we launch. No one will find us. We won’t be in any danger!”

Raymond nodded and said, “Let’s go!”

“Yes, General Raymond!”

In the highest-level interrogation room in Castletown Prison.

At this moment, an interrogation that would not exist in any official records was underway.

The interrogation target was Dorothy, and the interrogator was the so-called Grim Reaper, Sven!

Sven held a sharp knife in his hand. Dorothy was tied up on a chair in all directions. When she looked at this calm young man, her eyes revealed a look of fear!

“What do you want?”

“What? Friend, I want to know who you are. Tell me, and I won’t continue. Otherwise, you won’t want to know what I want!”

Dorothy struggled, but how could she break free?

She pursed her lips. Wanting her to reveal her identity was not something that could be done with just this little gesture.

“I’m from a certain terrorist organization! Let me go, I’ve already said it!”

Sven looked at her in disappointment and shook his head.

“Friend, you’re lying. Forget it… If I don’t give you some pain, you probably won’t say it. Then I’ll continue. When you want to say it, remember to stop me. You can do it anytime!”

As he said this, Sven picked up a mask and roughly put it on Dorothy’s head. This mask was specially made to prevent Dorothy from biting her tongue and committing suicide.

Following that, Sven used a small knife to gently cut open Dorothy’s clothes!

The moment her skin was exposed to the air, Dorothy, who was wearing the mask, finally understood!

They actually dared to use lynching!

The next second, intense pain came from her chest and abdomen!

Dorothy cried out!

“Ah! What are you doing?”

“Hehe, I’m helping you to modify your nerves. The nerves in these places are the most sensitive and also the most difficult to modify. It’s not easy to come across a material like you, so I have to use it sparingly… The previous few didn’t even last an hour. I heard that you’re a spy? I hope you’ve received professional training in this area!”

Sven was like a lunatic as he rambled on.

As he spoke, he used the sharp knife to gently cut open Dorothy’s skin!

Fresh blood slowly flowed out!

Dorothy’s eyes were already filled with fear!

Shame, pain, and unknown fear surged into her heart at the same time!

At this moment, Dorothy really had the urge to surrender and reveal her identity!

However, as an elite spy, Dorothy still tightly shut her mouth!

She definitely couldn’t say it, even if it meant death!

With this thought in mind, Dorothy could no longer control herself and cried out in pain!

However, the mask directly restricted her mouth. She could not even scream out completely!

Sven was still continuing!

He carefully peeled open Dorothy’s skin, and like a surgeon, he really found a nerve under Doro’s chest!

At this moment, Sven did not seem to be an interrogation expert, but a fanatical and perverted doctor!

And all of this was actually just Sven’s disguise!

He understood very well!

If he had said that he was an interrogator from the start, then Dorothy would definitely have been able to resist for a longer time!

These spies were all professionally trained!

But, what if he was not an interrogator? What if he was a pervert? What if he was a fanatical lunatic who wanted to experiment on her body?

How long could Dorothy withstand such an invisible psychological pressure?

If she could really withstand it, it didn’t matter. Sven still had many tricks up his sleeves that could be used on her!

Looking at the perfect body in front of him, Sven’s eyes didn’t have any astringency or desire. There was only fanatical madness!

“Friend, next, I’m going to cut off all these nerves. You must hold on!”

“I haven’t connected them to the defibrillator yet!”

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