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The exercise was in full swing.

Raymond and the XU-45 were also carrying out the exercise mission. Their mission was very simple, so simple that it was basically just flying over to go through the motions!

After they completed this mission.

A message from the command center came through the satellite phone.

“XU-45! Continue to complete the mission!”


The pilot responded loudly. Then, he directly changed the direction of the fighter plane and flew towards the Mexican border!

Now, their position was almost 10,000 meters in the air. It was basically impossible for the naked eye to see them.

Moreover, at this distance, the radar’s effect would be reduced to the minimum!

When the XU-45 was isolated from the red and ultraviolet rays, it meant that almost all modern detection instruments would not be able to detect it!

Of course, when approaching the target, the XU-45 would definitely need to lower its altitude. In that kind of low altitude situation, the radar could still detect the XU-45, but what was the use?

After isolating the red and ultraviolet rays, it meant that the missiles could not track it!

A fighter plane that could not be detected and could not be tracked and intercepted by missiles, in the current battlefield, it meant that it was invincible!

The speed of the fighter plane was extremely fast. Almost five minutes after the order was given, Raymond and the others had already arrived about 10,000 meters above the target!

“Warning, radar has discovered us!”

“General Raymond, next we will dive down and drop the cluster bombs that are coated with the anti-red and ultraviolet radiation that you invented. Please sit properly!”


Raymond nodded and got ready!

Then, the fighter plane dived down crazily!

Countless top technologies on Earth were gathered on this fighter plane, which brought it superb performance!

These performances included speed, missile carrying capacity, altitude, and the mobility of the XU-45 that surpassed all other fighter planes!

The altitude plummeted!

“Warning! A missile is trying to lock onto us!”

On the ground, the Russian military base was also in a state of panic!

Ever since the fighter jet was discovered by the radar, they had already sent out a warning through the radio!

However, it acted as if it did not hear it. Its purpose was very clear, and it was heading towards this military base!

The Russian side was not to be trifled with either. After their temper flared up, they were ready to launch missiles to shoot them down!

However, after a while, they actually discovered that their missiles were unable to lock onto this fighter plane!

Its speed was too fast, and it could not detect the red and ultraviolet rays at all!

In other words, the only way to discover this fighter plane at this moment, other than radar, was with the naked eye!

What could the naked eye do? Missiles were not locked by the naked eye!

At this moment, everyone at the Russian military base was stunned!

Of course, they wanted to know that this was a U.S. fighter jet, but the problem was that they were also paying attention to the US-Mexico border. They did not discover any fighter jets crossing the border!

Now, seeing this fighter jet that did not emit any red or ultraviolet rays, everyone understood!

This was f*cking impossible to detect. Of course, there was no fighter plane crossing the border between the United States and Mexico!

In the next second, without any warning, a row of cluster bombs fell!

The Russian military base quickly turned on the air defense system, but in the next second, they were stunned again!

What the f*ck? Even the bombs could not be locked on?

One had to know that whether it was a plane or a bomb, during the flight process, a large amount of heat would definitely be generated. This heat would be emitted in various ways!

And what the instrument could detect were red and ultraviolet rays!

Only by eliminating these red and ultraviolet rays could they accurately locate those plane bombs!

This was also the main direction of the current air defense arrangement!

If even red and ultraviolet rays could not be detected, then the air defense system would be as blind as a bat, not knowing where to hit at all!

Waves of urgent air defense warnings rang out. The Russian military base had given up. No matter what problems there were, the bombs had already reached the top of their heads!

Whatever it was, they had to survive first!

But looking at the clusters of cluster bombs in the sky, everyone’s faces were extremely gloomy!

This was the most powerful cluster bomb, and it might even carry a taboo-grade bomb like the cloud bomb!

Being enveloped in the range of these bombs, no one could guarantee their survival!

In the shortest time possible, everyone was transferred to a bomb shelter about five meters underground!

In less than 20 seconds, waves of terrifying tremors and explosions came from above their heads!

Following that was the violent flow of air!

Many people’s eyes were filled with fear and despair!

There were actually cloud bombs!

The interrogation of Dorothy in Castletown Prison had come to an end.

It was not that the interrogation had come to an end, but that Dorothy had fainted under the self-protection of her body.

She was admitted into the ward and they tried everything to ensure that she could survive!

She could not die until they received useful information!

Chekov was her replacement!

When the tall and strong man was tied up, he still looked calm.

He thought to himself, they were just afraid that he would suddenly hurt someone!

He wasn’t stupid. Wouldn’t he suffer more?

However, when he was tied up tightly and brought into an interrogation room, he finally realized that something was wrong!

“What are you doing? What are you doing to me? I have human rights too! Let me go! You can’t lynch me!”

However, the person who pushed him turned a blind eye.

Then, he saw Sven holding a small knife.

Sven’s face was calm, as if Dorothy’s miserable look just now did not stir any waves in his heart!

In the next second, Chekov saw a strange smile on the face of this young man who looked like an executioner.

“Let me introduce myself. Everyone calls me Grim Reaper. My name is Sven.”

“I want to know which side you are on. As long as you tell me, I won’t continue. Otherwise, believe me, you don’t want to know what will happen next!”

Chekov snorted coldly. After all, he was a man, and he was the best and most elite KGB spy!

If he couldn’t even withstand such a small threat, then he wouldn’t have been sent to the United States!

“If you have any tricks, just use them. If I scream, I won’t be a man!”

Sven sighed.

“The last one also said so. I vaguely remember that he was a KGB spy. Later, he begged me to kill him.”

Sven raised his small knife and directly cut Chekov’s clothes open!

It was not that he could not ask the people outside to directly take off Chekov’s clothes. Sven felt that the feeling of using a knife to peel off the trainees bit by bit would only give them greater psychological pressure!

The knife did not hesitate at all to cut open Chekov’s chest, and directly cut down along his muscle lines!

“This knife is called the butcher dismembering the cow!”

Sven smiled.

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