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Other than during surgery, no one should experience the feeling of a sharp blade cutting through their skin under normal circumstances!

And Chekov’s skin was not only cut open, but also without any anesthetic at all!

A wave of pain that almost instantly filled his entire body, causing his scalp to tremble, came from the tip of the knife!

“Ah! What are you doing? Quickly let go of me!”

“Ah, a beautiful sound.”

Sven narrowed his eyes in enjoyment, listening to Chekov’s angry roars and cries of pain. Waves of joy surfaced on his face. In Chekov’s eyes, it was no different from a devil’s smile!

“You pervert! Quickly let go of me! Ah! Ah!”

Sven frowned and said softly.

“It’s just a little noisy… Here, put this on!”

More than ten seconds later, Chekov’s voice was completely suppressed in the specially made mask. Only muffled sounds were heard!

His eyes were gradually turning red!

Intense pain spread through his entire body wave after wave!

It made him, a ‘real man’, unable to hold on any longer!

Sven carefully opened up his skin and cut off a fascia at the bottom. Then, he carefully searched inside and revealed a satisfied smile.

“Ah, I found you, little guy!”

“In a while, you will be connected to the electric shock device. You must be more sensitive!”


Sven’s voice was like the whisper of a devil, and Chekov instantly had an illusion!

This was definitely hell, right?

Otherwise, why would there be such a devil-like existence?!

Chekov tightened his muscles. This made Sven’s ‘dissecting’ have a certain degree of obstruction!

After this happened, Sven did not even frown. He directly and gently handed out a knife, cutting Chekov’s muscle veins horizontally!

In an instant, blood splattered!

Sven narrowed his eyes and carefully wiped away all the blood on him.

Then he continued to dissect!

A nerve that was constantly trembling was picked out by Sven!

At this moment, the fear in Chekov’s eyes finally reached its peak!

The pain from that small nerve had completely spread throughout his entire body!

“No! You devil! No!”

Chekov whimpered loudly, but the excited Sven completely ignored him. In the next second, he pulled the nerve forcefully and connected it to a thin copper wire.

“Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt yet. You’ll pass out from the pain later!”

Sven’s voice was calm, with a hint of excitement.

Chekov had completely collapsed!

This f*cking person was definitely a devil! How could he carry out such a bloody operation without changing his expression!?

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Whatever you want to ask, I’ll tell you!”

Although Chekov was an elite, he was not a die-hard fanatic.

It was fine if he died, but he really did not want to continue with this kind of pain!

No matter what they wanted to ask, he would tell them the truth!

He only hoped that this kind of torture would not continue, even if he died!

However, Sven only glanced at him indifferently, then acted as if he did not hear him, and directly turned on the defibrillator.

“Don’t say it yet, don’t say it… Let me play for a while!”


The defibrillator was activated, and Chekov’s eyes instantly widened. Veins popped up on his neck, face, and arms…All the corners of his body bulged!

The pain made Chekov forget to breathe!

What kind of experience was it when electricity flowed into his body?

Simply put, at this moment, all the nerves in his body were resisting the pain with all their might. His body’s defense system had automatically activated!

Chekov was already on the verge of fainting!

Sven slowed down the electric current.

“You can’t take it with only 30 milliamperes? You, big guy, you’re not even as good as that woman just now!” Sven said in disdain.

If Chekov still had complete consciousness now, he would definitely curse when he heard Sven’s words!

Why don’t you f*cking give it a try!

This was the kind of electrical connection that was directly connected to the nerves without any skin resistance!

Above Mexico.

Looking at the huge smoke rising from below, Raymond’s eyes revealed a trace of coldness!

Although this was his first time participating in such an operation, he did not feel any guilt in his heart.

This was a war between countries!

Previously, those robbers wanted to kill him, and it was already considered a national-level game.

Now, Russia actually built a military base in Mexico, close to the U.S. border?

What did this mean? This meant that the safety of the United States would no longer be under their control!

Therefore, Raymond did not feel guilty about destroying this military base!

War between countries did not involve good or evil, it only involved positions!

Since Raymond was an American, he had to stand on the side of the United States!

“We have already moved to a safe location. The radar is still scanning.”

“We have not found any enemy tracking aircraft.”

“Major General Raymond, we have succeeded!”

The pilot shouted excitedly!

Any soldier would rush to carry out such an incomparably glorious mission!

General Raymond, who was sitting in the back seat, had played an important role in getting this opportunity!

It could be said that without Raymond, there would be no red and ultraviolet insulation coating, and it would be impossible to have this mission!

Even if the United States knew that Russia had established a military base in Mexico, they could only use other means to denounce and force Russia to withdraw!

And with this XU-45, everything was so simple!

“General Raymond, you’re really amazing!” The pilot loudly expressed his excitement.

Raymond was also smiling. To be able to successfully complete this mission, of course, it also proved that the XU-45 was indeed the world’s top fighter jet!

To be able to put on an invisibility cloak for such a big plane, Raymond also felt very proud!

“Your piloting skills are not bad!”

“Haha, General Raymond, Do you want to feel the flip again?”


Raymond was also excited for a moment!

The next second, the fighter plane directly performed a 360 degree turn with no blind spots at a speed of more than 5,000 kilometers per hour!

Even though it was already the second time he was on a fighter plane, Raymond still felt a surge of adrenaline!

Ten minutes later, the XU-45 rejoined the US military exercise without anyone noticing.

It was as if it had never left.

Castletown Prison, the second person who fainted from the interrogation, Chekov.

He was carried out of the interrogation room.

Outside, the warden, Picol, came forward anxiously and asked, “Sven, how was it? Did you get it?”

Sven blinked and smiled faintly.

“When he wakes up, he should be able to speak.”

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