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Two days later, the exercise came to a successful conclusion.

Mexico’s tense mood was officially lifted!

The United States was currently the country with the strongest military strength in the world. In front of the United States, Mexico was really just a little brother!

The military exercise of this scale was specially set up at the border between the two countries.

No one would believe that the citizens and government officials of Mexico were not worried about it!

However, the Mexican government, who had just calmed down, received a secret phone call!

The call lasted for nearly ten minutes. After hanging up, the Mexican government officials who answered the call had a terrible look on their faces!

The secret military base set up by Russia in Mexico had been blown up. Almost all the facilities and equipment in the entire military base had been destroyed, and more than 90% of the personnel had been lost. This base, which had been invested heavily in, had been directly destroyed!

Most importantly, whether it was the Russian side or the Mexican side, they actually didn’t know who the other party was!

The explanation given by the Russian side was…

The person who had come to attack the military base this time was a fighter plane that couldn’t be detected, couldn’t be tracked, and even its shape could be clearly seen!

To put it more bluntly, they had no idea what had blown them up!

In any case, they had been blown up…

At this moment, not only did the Mexican government look as if they had eaten a dead rat, but a certain secret department in Russia was also in a state of chaos!

Was it easy to set up such a secret military base in the distant territory of Mexico, which spanned tens of thousands of kilometers?

In the process, Russia had to pay more than just money!

No matter how weak Mexico was, it was still a legitimate country!

It also had its own army and sovereignty!

Building this military base required international power, money, and all kinds of hidden conditions. Even a world power like Russia would feel very pained!

And now, less than two years after it was built, it was directly blown up by the ghost-like fighter jets from god knows where!

Not many people had escaped!

It was said that because the base had already established a relatively perfect air defense system, they had no intention of escaping!

In the end, they were directly bombarded by a cluster bomb, which contained an unknown number of cloud bombs, and all of them were completely surrounded!

The few people who survived were also half-dead!

The Russian side was simply angered to death, but there was nothing they could do!

If it was a direct military conflict, whether it was the United States or other major powers, Russia would never falter!

The fighting nation’s rule had always been ‘Don’t bully me. If you dare to bully me, I dare to fight you!’

During World War II, Russia had lost tens of millions of people, but they still persevered. This was the confidence of the fighting nation!

However, this time, forget about fighting or not, they had not reached this stage!

They did not even know who had actually fought them!

The United States? The United Kingdom? Or that terrifying China?

They did not know, none of them knew!

There was no useful information left behind. The only information that might be useful was…

This fighter jet was too fast. It had already surpassed the speed of the world’s most advanced fighter jet!

Other than that, the shape of the fighter jet, the way it attacked, which country it belonged to… Nothing!

After the Russian president heard about this, he did not lose his temper on the spot. However, he heard that the next day, he had changed his office.

The Secret Department that had set up this military base had received the strictest order.

“Within a month, find out who blew it up!”

The fury of the Russian side had no effect on the United States. They couldn’t even blame Mexico.

After all, setting up a military base in the territory of other sovereign countries was already untenable in the world.

If such a military base was blown up for no reason, it would be even more embarrassing!

As one of the most powerful countries in the world, Russia couldn’t afford to lose face!

At least on the surface, it was impossible for them to admit that this military base had anything to do with them.

As for public condemnation…? Stop joking around! Who should they condemn?

Even if it was a fighter plane, they could only guess!

The appearance of the XU-45 this time had truly shocked the entire world!

That was practically a speed and technology that surpassed the times!

The XU-45, which had a red and ultraviolet insulation coating, was definitely not excessive to be called an ‘epoch-making strategic weapon’!

Because, its appearance meant that the conventional detection and tracking methods were no longer useful!

‘If I hit you, you wouldn’t be able to fight back, and you won’t even be able to defend yourself!’

In modern warfare, this was equivalent to holding a sniper rifle hundreds of miles away and shooting at the plains!

Every country in the world had to take this matter seriously!

Otherwise, if this thing carried a bunch of cluster bombs and directly flew to the Kremlin of Russia for a shot, the entire Russian society would have to go back 20 years!

The Third World War might start because of this!

There were two most important things in modern military.

The first was long-range conventional precision strategic weapons.

The second was a complete three-dimensional defense system!

The first was that the major countries in the world could basically grasp some of them, such as intercontinental missiles. Although it could not be said that they could hit anywhere in the world, they could at least cover the territory of any country in the world!

The second was that no country could completely establish itself on its own territory!

The United States could not do it either!

The technology, manpower, and material resources needed for this were too vast!

Not to mention other things, the airspace that needed to be defended was basically an astronomical range!

However, a few major countries could still establish themselves on a small scale, such as the capital, some important military bases, and the surroundings of some iconic buildings.

The appearance of the XU-45 almost meant that all three-dimensional defense systems of the countries in the world were rendered useless on the spot!

Literally useless!

Radar detection was useless!

As long as the red and ultraviolet radiation isolation technology was not broken, then this technical barrier was practically invincible!

If one wanted to defend against the XU-45 itself and the bombs it threw, they could only use the most basic sonar positioning method.

However, with the XU-45’s speed exceeding 5,700 kilometers per hour, the sonar could only be considered a younger brother…

By the time the sonar system reacted, the bombs would have landed on their heads!

For a time, the news of the Russian military base in Mexico being bombed by an unknown aircraft shocked the entire world in an undercurrent!

And Raymond’s mission had been completed.

When he left District 11 and returned to the West District of Little Rock City, a piece of news was delivered to him.

The identities of the three spies were known.

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