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Seven spots!

Not to mention seven spots, even if there were two spots, Rawls felt that Raymond was giving him face!

That was the most popular research institute at the moment, and the recruitment criteria must be the highest!

For those Ivy League professors, it would be pretty good if each school could get one spot!

But West Point actually got seven spots in one go!

At this moment, Rawls almost laughed out loud!

This was really a joyous occasion!

“Raymond! Good… you’re really the pride of West Point!”

Rawls did not know what to say, but in the end, he could only pat his chest!

“The professors who will be transferred from West Point this time will definitely be the best and most talented professors in West Point! Also, there’s no need to mention the title. Just let them directly join your side. When you have nothing to do, just come back to West Point to give lectures!”

Raymond nodded. This was of course the best!

The new research institute, and it was the kind that he could take full responsibility for, the research projects were almost entirely up to him!

Then he would definitely head straight for the space shuttle!

In this world’s most advanced research field, many scientists were not enough!

Every single point required the scientists to spare no effort to break through in the shortest amount of time!

What Raymond wanted to do was to produce results in a short amount of time!

“President Rawls, then I’ll leave this matter to you!”

“No problem, leave it to me!”

Rawls’ face was flushed!

Seven people from West Point had entered Raymond’s research institute. What did this mean? It meant that these seven people would be the link between Raymond’s research institute and West Point in the future!

At the very least, no matter what project it was, West Point should be the first to receive dividends and benefits from it!

This was the relationship!

Of course, Rawls also had to ensure that the professors he sent over this time were truly talented. Otherwise, they would be just a bystander at the Raymond Research Institute!

It could be predicted that in the next few months, the Raymond Research Institute would rapidly rise and become the top research institute in the country and even the world!

While being excited, Rawls directly invited Raymond and Hansen out for a meal.

Raymond respectfully agreed and naturally followed them out.

Outside the door, Sherry was dutifully waiting for orders.

The moment he saw Sherry, Raymond remembered what she had just said about entering West Point, so he spoke to Rawls.

“Principal, this is the personal secretary sent to me by the higher-ups. Please help arrange a student identity for West Point. Otherwise, it won’t be convenient for her to follow me in the school!”

Rawls nodded his head cheerfully. Was such a small matter still a problem?

“No problem. The student ID will be in her hands in the afternoon!”

The few of them had a hearty lunch.

Raymond finally returned to his normal student life.

He still stayed in the single-person apartment. In the afternoon, after Sherry’s student identity was settled, her residence was arranged to be next to Raymond’s.

Although this was the male bedroom, with a wave of Rawls’ hand, there were no obstacles at all!

Both of them were assigned to the Chemistry Department at the same time.

When Raymond previously broke through the ‘red and ultraviolet insulation technology’, he used a new chemical synthesis method in an innovative way!

At this moment, this synthesis method had not yet been written into a thesis by him.

Once it was written into a thesis and completely released, Raymond would probably receive a nomination for the next Nobel Prize immediately!

An innovative chemical synthesis method, its application direction was really too broad!

Since Raymond was assigned to the chemistry department, he decided to directly release this synthesis method in the next few days.

Anyway, it would eventually be released in the future.

He stayed as a student for two days and experienced the normal university life.

Raymond was recognized by countless students.

After all, during class, everyone sat together.

Raymond’s popularity was ridiculously high among the young people. Naturally, many students recognized him!

Therefore, these days, Raymond received love letters and so on, almost piling up!

Raymond was too lazy to deal with these, so he gave them all to Sherry!

He planned to directly treat Sherry as his girlfriend. At least in school, this would be able to stop a lot of girls from chasing after him!

Sherry was tall and slender, her skin was delicate, and her appearance was the kind that could debut without makeup. When she walked with Raymond, her aura did not lose out at all.

They looked very much like a pair of well-matched lovers.

Therefore, after Raymond deliberately showed that Sherry was his girlfriend a few times, these suitors finally stopped.

However, after they stopped, others became fanatical again!

Those were the professors…

Almost every day, there were professors who ‘met’ Raymond!

Whether it was in the cafeteria, on campus, or during class, there would always be professors who ‘accidentally’ came to Raymond’s side and chatted with him!

Without exception, all of them wanted to join the Raymond Research Institute!

These professors’ statuses were higher than each other, so Raymond couldn’t refuse them. He could only tactfully remind them that they could join through the formal recruitment method!

Beside him, Sherry had already prepared a set of recruitment rules. She would hand over a set of recruitment rules to every professor.

It was quite harmonious…

Raymond only wanted to experience the normal student life at West Point. There wouldn’t be any situations where he would use his identity to show off. He was very low-key.

But during this period, there were still some small problems!

On this day, Raymond was in class in peace. Although the lessons were relatively basic, as long as Raymond was listening, he could provide a few lessons in a few minutes. It was better than nothing.

Sherry was dealing with various things by his side. The two of them didn’t disturb each other.

On the podium, there was an old professor with gray hair. His name was Stucci. He was an expert in physics. It was said that his academic status was very high!

As Raymond listened to the lecture, he analyzed and studied the ‘anti-gravity arc drive’ in his mind. He appeared to be a little absent-minded!

This appearance made the old professor unhappy!

His class had always been very rigorous and boring, but the students never dared to be careless in his class!

Because, Professor Stucci had a secret technique!

That was, failing!

This physics class was also one of the required courses. If one failed, it was very likely that they would not be able to get their graduation certificate!

Therefore, no one had ever dared to be absent-minded in the old professor’s class.

Now, Raymond had coincidentally bumped into the old professor’s gun!

“That student in the back row, are you listening seriously?” the old professor shouted. The moment he opened his mouth, everyone turned their eyes to Raymond.

Raymond looked up blankly and pointed at himself.


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