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“Then you… tell me again about your understanding of string theory!”

Although Professor Stucci felt that something was wrong, he still braced himself and continued to ask.

Raymond did not care at all and spoke without any hesitation.

“Currently, the academic community generally thinks that the space-time dimension of string theory is 10 dimensions, so it’s natural to think that there are six extra dimensions that need to be tightened, but I think…”

“Moreover, the extra dimension is a concept compared to the ‘four-dimensional space-time’. Generally speaking, it refers to the other dimensions that the theory has expanded on the basis of the four-dimensional space-time…”

Another ten minutes of eloquent explanation.

This time, not only the students below the stage were stunned, even Stucci was a little dumbfounded!

Most of what Raymond said could not be found in the academic world!

Simply put, these theories seemed to have been developed by Raymond himself!

“Student Raymond, do you have any experimental basis for the theories you just mentioned?”

“Professor Stucci, string theory can not be proved in the empirical stage, but I think there is no problem with my theories and conjectures! At least, in the initial stage, these theories are enough to support a perfect structure!”

It must be known that among the various theories of string theory, the most difficult thing was to construct a perfect framework!

What was perfection?

For example, in mathematics, the four calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division could completely construct a framework within the range of real numbers. Any other calculation had to be carried out based on this. This was a perfect framework!

And in the field of physics, the three laws of mechanics basically supported the perfect framework of macroscopic physics!

At present, when it came to the fields of microscopic and quantum mechanics, the three laws of mechanics could not be perfected!

However, the theories and conjectures that Raymond was talking about now seemed to have formed a truly perfect framework out of thin air!

What kind of concept was this?

This meant that if Raymond’s theories could be proven one by one…

Or rather, there was no need to prove them at all. As long as no one could falsify them for a period of time, then these theories could possibly become the basic framework of modern microscopic physics!

This was a feat comparable to Newton and the others!

At this moment, although the students basically did not understand what Raymond was saying.

But the old professor had already understood!

And it was precisely because he understood that he was somewhat shocked!

Could it be that the foundation of modern microphysics was about to be born in his own classroom?

“Student Raymond, do you have anything to do later? Is it convenient for you to come to my office? I have some ideas that I want to discuss with you!”

Professor Stucci had already put down his dignity as a teacher. His face was filled with curiosity and excitement.

Raymond smiled slightly. These theories were the basic theories of the ‘anti-gravity arc drive device’ that he had been researching in his mind previously!

Not to mention setting up a perfect structure, if the basic industry could go up, Raymond could even directly take out this drive device!

That would be a leap from theory to practice!

It could be said to be something that was at least two eras ahead of modern basic physics!

Raymond was no stranger to the curiosity on Professor Stucci’s face at this time. He also knew that this was an old man who had truly devoted himself to scientific research.

“Professor Stucci, I wonder if you are interested in working in my research institute? When the time comes, I will definitely have a lot of time to discuss this with you!”

That’s right, Raymond was hiring!

This was because just now, Sherry handed over a document.

This document recorded the world’s most outstanding professors in physics, chemistry, and mathematics!

Among them, Professor Stucci’s name was ranked fourth in physics!

In short, out of all the living physicists in the world, Stucci’s status and academic abilities were ranked fourth!

He was truly a world-class genius!

To be able to pull such a genius into his own research institute was Raymond’s true goal!

He really hoped that one day, the world’s top scientists would all be in his own research institute.

Then, no matter what he wanted to do, it would be much simpler!

Moreover, this Professor Stucci was a big shot in the field of physics!

Raymond’s next most important project should be the spaceship. He really needed a big shot like Stucci to join his research institute.

After saying that, Raymond looked straight at Professor Stucci. The enthusiasm in his eyes was undisguised!

The other students were already stunned!

They were here for class, but Raymond was not!

He was here to poach someone!

Moreover, looking at Professor Stucci’s hesitant look, it was clear that he was already tempted!


“This Raymond is too amazing, isn’t he? He can move Professor Stucci just by saying these few words?”

“I don’t think so. I heard that Professor Stucci was offered a sky-high salary by the First Research Institute before, but he didn’t even go there. He only wants to be a university teacher quietly!”

“First Research Institute? Is it the one in Los Angeles?”

“That’s right!”


The students whispered among themselves. Some of the students who knew about Professor Stucci’s past did not believe that Raymond could make the retired old professor come out of retirement just by saying something that they did not quite understand!

Most of the students did not know what the research institute Raymond was talking about was.

“What is the research institute that Raymond is talking about?”

“I don’t know! But I heard that this Raymond might want to establish his own research institute?”

“AH? How is that possible? Isn’t he only in his first year?”

“It’s hard to say. He broke through many difficult problems on his own!”

“That shouldn’t be the case either. He doesn’t have enough experience…”

The discussion of the crowd was naturally not Raymond’s concern.

What he cared about was whether Professor Stucci was willing to work in his research institute!

As long as he came, the conditions didn’t matter.

What he needed were some truly capable assistants!

After all, a spaceship, a manned spacecraft between the stars, wasn’t something that could be easily built!

What was involved was definitely not just a driving device!

Raymond needed a huge number of talents!

If possible, he would like to recruit all the top scientists in the world into his hands!

While Raymond and his classmates were waiting for Professor Stucci to speak, Professor Stucci shook his head and said softly, “Raymond, I’m already old. I won’t be able to achieve much in your research institute!”

Without waiting for Raymond to open his mouth to persuade him, Stucci waved his hand and continued, “However, something related to string theory, I can go to your research institute to take a look! I just don’t know if it’s far away?”

Raymond was overjoyed!

“Not far, not far, feel free to come over!”

Raymond was very confident, he didn’t believe that this old man would be able to resist joining when he saw a spaceship, humanity’s ultimate fantasy aircraft?

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