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Seeing Raymond run back to his room without looking back, the two of them looked at each other on the sofa and saw each other’s helplessness.

Their son was really not suitable for school.

If he had been a little more serious, there would not have been such an outcome.

Looking at each other, the two of them laughed bitterly.

In the room, Raymond heard the bitter laughter coming from outside the door and was also very helpless.

This troublemaker system really caused a lot of trouble.

Now that the internet was full of discussions about this matter, he might really be popular! The entire internet was well-known!

What made Raymond the most tired was that the SAT process had already been completed, and this troublemaker system still had no signs of waking up.

As if sensing Raymond’s resentment, the system notification that he hadn’t heard for a few days finally sounded.

“System?” Raymond said with a trembling voice.

[Congratulations to host for completing the SAT test. The system is activating all permissions.]

[Ding, all permissions have been awakened.]

It’s here, it’s finally here!

These few days, Raymond even felt like he was dreaming.

Now, it was finally proven that this was not a dream. Moreover, the system that had been causing trouble had also started to open up all its permissions to him.

‘So I don’t have to worry about getting a GPA on my SAT.’

‘I will soon be able to use this system to stand in the world, even with the top people.’

Thinking of this, Ramon’s mouth was about to smile stiffly.

‘Ha, ha, ha. The world is coming to me, Raymond.’

I am the king of the world!

At the same time, the news on the internet also began to cause a wide discussion.

Today was an ordinary day, but because of this, all the news covered was: SAT scores announced.

Today’s news was no different than it used to be.

“This year’s SAT, no perfect score, the highest score is from…”

“This year’s additional writing test, the most outstanding article is…”

Just as people were in heated discussions, a piece of news began to quietly climb up the popularity rankings.

“The latest SAT candidate with zero marks in all subjects, unprecedented. The examination papers have been exposed!”

This news had appeared and instantly attracted people’s attention. It wasn’t uncommon for dogs to bite people these days, but if a person bit a dog, then that would be considered news!

What high marks and so on were all common dishes that had been used for many years. Although the popularity was very high, people had long been sick of watching it.

But this news was different!

Zero! And it was even written down as a zero.

This was a rare thing. One wouldn’t dare to say that one wouldn’t see the person who came later, but at least one wouldn’t see the person who came before.

In many people’s understanding, even if it was a puzzle, there wouldn’t be a situation where there would be a zero. Could it be that he was an extremely unlucky person?

If he handed in a blank paper, it was possible for someone to get a zero.

But how did he manage to fill up the paper with zero marks?

For a moment, even the old topic of the highest marks and writing quickly fell silent.

A large number of people who loved to watch the show began to gather under this news.

“The latest SAT candidate with zero marks in all subjects, unprecedented. The examination papers are exposed!”

Very quickly, someone understood the cause and effect.

The first thing that was revealed was the critical reading papers.

On the paper, there was a large zero mark, and below it was the main text of the paper.

When the majority of the netizens saw the contents of the paper, they could not help but start to ridicule.

“Damn, reading the paper. You didn’t write the questions, but instead wrote some random body tempering technique?”

“No wonder he got a zero. If I read the test paper, I would give him a zero too.”

“This body-refining technique seems to be something like that. Look, there’s some true Qi in the circulation of the meridians, it’s as if it’s real. How did this brother come up with it? Or is he really some martial arts master?”

Soon after, the math test paper was also exposed.

Similarly, the math test paper was also a zero.

The netizens had even more reasons to celebrate, and everyone was shocked.

“Weather controller? There’s really such a technique? It’s written in a realistic way. Could it be real?”

“I really admire this guy’s courage, making such a move on the test paper.”

“This guy really has an idea, he can even think of such a thing.”

“It’s a Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique and a weather controller. His imagination is very rich.”

If the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique on the critical reading was a parody, then the formula and principle of the weather controller on the math test paper was a little decent. It meant that this guy still knew something.

He just didn’t want to answer the questions!

Just as these topics were getting more and more heated…

The rest of the test papers were also published, and the contents of the test papers were also seen by people.

Once all the test papers were exposed, all the netizens squeezed in like pigeons in the square.

After they finished reading all the contents, everyone felt that this examinee should be quite amazing.

“To be honest, this kind of exam paper should be given a zero. It’s not excessive at all. All the answers have nothing to do with the questions on the exam paper.”

“It’s said and done. This person’s level should be there. Some of them are not only cutting-edge technology, but also seem to be very logical.”

“This guy wrote different content on all kinds of exam papers. It’s a bit amazing. Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique, drawing blueprints, calculating models, and army training…”

“Wait, is that Morse code? It’s too amazing!”

Everyone noticed the owner of this test paper: Raymond.

Raymond was completely famous. His test paper was rarely seen in a hundred years.

At this moment, the hottest topic on all kinds of social platforms was him, the Hot Topic Search list…

The first few were all related to Raymond’s test paper.

On some short video websites, as long as a few videos were taken with words, they would receive a lot of attention and play.

On TikTok, the most popular video had already reached five million likes.

It was close to TikTok’s highest video likes record.

All of a sudden, all the internet celebrities started to shoot videos or directly comment on the test paper. Everyone was taking advantage of this wave of popularity.

But it had to be said that some of them had succeeded. The popularity of this incident was unprecedented. No matter what, there had never been so much discussion about it.

Even the change of Trump, the fall of the President did not have this kind of popularity.

Raymond! This name began to spread on the internet and became familiar to people.

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