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The recruitment and the construction of the research institute had been going on at the same time.

Currently, Raymond had confirmed that the number of people in the research institute was only 600 at most.

Among them, there were probably only 100 or so who could become his main research personnel!

These 100 or so people were the important capital for him to complete the spaceship project in the future!

Of course, he still needed to add the Gundam.

Walking in the research institute, Raymond asked in a deep voice, “When will the other equipment be completely transported in?”

Sherry followed behind him and replied crisply.

“Within a week, all the basic equipment will be in place!”

“Alright then, the opening ceremony of the research institute will be held in a week!”

Raymond directly set the opening date!

Although in his heart, this kind of ceremony was actually unnecessary, however, this Raymond Research Institute wasn’t his own thing.

On the surface, he could make all the decisions of this research institute by himself. He didn’t even need to listen to anyone’s orders and instructions.

But in reality, the owner of this research institute was naturally still the country!

To be more specific, it was the military.

Raymond’s identity was, after all, a Major General!

Moreover, the person who approved and promoted this research institute was a big shot in the military!

Therefore, in secret, Raymond’s direct leadership should be the United States military!

In the future, no matter what results Raymond produced, the military would be the first to be supplied!

This was also one of the conditions that the Pentagon official and Raymond had set!

Therefore, even if Raymond did not have any interest in holding the opening ceremony, he had to do it.

After all, this involved the face of the military.

With the opening ceremony, Raymond’s status would be greatly enhanced. At the same time, it would also enter the vision of all the relevant personnel!

After Sherry noted down the time, she heard Raymond say:

“Tell Marshal Eric about this time. At the same time, follow up on who you will invite to attend the ceremony… Those who need my help, help me arrange the time.”

Marshal Eric was Raymond’s true direct superior!

This person was only in his fifties, but he was a real 4-star General!

Based on the current situation, a 5-star General rank was only granted during wartime. Normally, it would not be granted at will.

A 4-star general was the highest rank in the United States military!

General Eric held the positions of the highest commander of the United States Army and the Deputy Secretary of Defense at the same time.

With such a position, his power was almost sky-high!

Therefore, he was able to push through the matter of the Raymond Research Institute.

Although Raymond had never met General Eric directly, they had made a phone call.

It was that phone call that made Raymond make up his mind to make the research institute his career!

Sherry nodded and took note of Raymond’s instructions.

After that, the two of them entered a few more buildings and checked out the layout and structure!

In the end, Raymond returned to West Point Military Academy and prepared to meet with the professors and experts that he had already recruited!

Before the research institute officially opened, this meeting was necessary.

It was commonly known as the pre-battle general meeting!

After all, dealing with a spaceship was no different from a war!

Those problems were their strongest and most determined enemies. What they needed to do was to strengthen their confidence and use all their efforts to overcome these problems one by one!

Speaking of which, this wasn’t the first time Raymond had experienced something like this, but he was still a little nervous.

Sherry had given him his speech two days ago.

But Raymond wasn’t satisfied after reading it.

Although his research institute was directly under the military, it was supposed to be highly disciplined.

But that didn’t mean that even his first speech had to be extremely official!

After reading the speech, Raymond only had one thought.

Wasn’t this the speech of our high school principal at the opening ceremony before school started?

The order of the words didn’t change much!

At most, he changed the words ‘dear students’ to ‘respected professors and experts’…

What Raymond was currently thinking about was how he would give a speech at that time so that he could pass on his true thoughts to these assistants whom he would rely on the most in the future!

A week passed by quickly.

The recruitment of the research institute was progressing steadily, and the final personnel gap was completed!

When the final name list was given to Raymond, he realized that the professors and experts on it were almost all ranked in the top few in every field!

If this name list was revealed, it would definitely shock everyone’s jaws!

That morning, the opening ceremony of the research institute officially began!

The military directly sent a division of troops to ensure the safety of the ceremony, mainly to ensure Raymond’s safety!

At the entrance of the research institute, which had already been completely built, it was Raymond’s first time meeting the highest commander of the US Army, General Eric!

Raymond saluted and shouted, “General, Raymond sends his regards to you!”

General Eric was an old man with gray sideburns and a stern face. He had four gold stars on his shoulder and countless medals on his chest.

Eric also saluted and said in a deep voice, “Major General Raymond, thank you for your hard work!”

His voice was calm and cold, full of the straightforwardness of a soldier!

After the formal meeting, a smile suddenly appeared on Eric’s face.

Then, he patted Raymond’s shoulder and said with an appreciative smile, “Raymond, well done! I’ve already seen your three cultivation methods. I plan to start popularizing them in the first level of the general army next month!”

Raymond smiled and nodded.

“It’s my duty to contribute to the country!”

Eric nodded with satisfaction.

What he said were exactly the three cultivation techniques that Raymond had given him previously.

They were the Body Refinement Technique, Combat Technique, and Dodge Technique!

Among them, the Body Refinement Technique and Combat Technique, Raymond had directly given them from elementary to advanced level cultivation techniques, while the Dodge Technique he had only given them elementary and intermediate level cultivation techniques.

The reason was naturally not that Raymond was stingy.

But these cultivation techniques were enough for all the soldiers to cultivate for at least two years!

They did not have Raymond’s Top Student System!

Even if Raymond had the Top Student System, it was also through the incomparably precious skill points that he had yet to find any other way to obtain them!

Now that General Eric had decided to fully implement these cultivation techniques, Raymond was also very happy with the increase in the strength of his country’s army.

“Alright, today is your home ground. Next, Raymond, you are a very popular big shot. Don’t forget your original intentions!”

“General, don’t worry!”

Raymond nodded heavily!

He was not a saint and would also be greedy for pleasure. However, at his current level and status, ordinary pleasure was not something worth criticizing.

As long as he did not stand on the wrong side and did not deviate from the path of contributing to the country, even if Raymond was despised by tens of thousands of people, it would not be a problem!

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