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“Everyone here is practically an elite in every field.”

“So, in order to respect everyone, I tore up the speech script that my secretary gave me!”

Raymond smiled as he spoke. His witty words directly attracted a wave of friendly laughter.

Then, he continued.

“Since everyone is an elite, then I would like to ask a question.”

“Everyone, what do you think is the mission of our Raymond Research Institute?”

Raymond looked down the stage and then pointed at a young man.

The young man’s face was flushed red. He stood up excitedly and took the microphone that Sherry handed over.

“General Raymond, the mission of the research institute is to let our country’s technology stand at the top of the world!”

Raymond nodded and smiled.

“You’re right, but it’s not accurate enough.”

Then, he pointed at an old man in a military uniform.

The old man stood up and said with a serious expression, “The mission of the research institute is to develop stronger weapons for our country! More advanced and sophisticated equipment!”

Raymond said with a smile, “You’re right, but it’s not accurate enough!”

“How about this, I’ll use another way to ask. Everyone, do you think that the existence of Raymond Research Institute should delve into those projects and topics?”

The audience looked at each other, not understanding what Raymond was trying to say.

But someone still answered him.

“Nuclear weapons!”

“It must be the most advanced topic!”

“Artificial Intelligence!”

“Precision manufacturing is also possible…”

After listening to everyone’s answers, Raymond continued.

“What everyone said is right, but I have a different idea!”

“In the past, I heard a saying, I don’t know if everyone has heard of it!”

“This saying is, the romance of men, the goal is the sea of stars!”

Raymond paused and continued.

“We have explored the sea deep enough, but what about the stars?”

“Up until now, we haven’t been able to leave the solar system!”

“So, I want the Raymond Research Institute to lead us out of the solar system and into the real sea of stars!”


When these words were said, the audience was in an uproar!

It wasn’t that Raymond’s idea was ridiculous. After all, aerospace technology had always been the most valued and the most advanced technology in the world!

What surprised them was that Raymond had set his sights outside the solar system!

How could it be that Raymond’s dream was to leave the solar system?

For so many years, every country had been actively developing aerospace technology!

From airplanes to rockets to manned spaceships and space stations!

The times had been improving, and aerospace technology had also been improving!

However, as Raymond had said, mankind had never left the solar system!

Whether or not they could leave the solar system did not represent the concept of 1 to 10, but the concept of 0 to 1!

Leaving the solar system meant that mankind had to break through the technology of interstellar spaceships!

Under the current technological situation, this kind of goal was temporarily impossible to achieve!

Yet, Raymond was actually boasting shamelessly, directly setting such a grand goal!

The people present were all experts and professors. No matter what, they were still the leaders of various families and forces.

Their knowledge determined that they could understand Raymond’s thoughts!

And it was precisely because they understood that they found it inconceivable!

If the research institute’s goal from the very beginning was so grand, it practically meant that they wouldn’t be able to achieve any results in a short period of time!

This meant that no matter what investment Raymond made, it was likely to fail!

It was even very likely that it would fail!

In the hearts of these upper-class people, investment wasn’t just about money.

It included the resources of the military, political, and business circles, marriage alliances, and even being close to Raymond. All of these were investments!

But after Raymond said this, these investments would at least be reduced by half!

Raymond naturally thought of this, but he still said it without hesitation.

“Everyone may think that I’m young and talking big, but it’s okay. In fact, I’m not sure if I can succeed, but when this research institute was established, the country gave me the authority to do things on my own.”

Raymond was in high spirits, and his face showed absolute pride and confidence.

“Since the country trusts me, then I won’t let down the country’s trust!”

“Moreover, what I want to say is that walking out of the solar system is only the first step! Our goal is definitely not just to walk out of the solar system!”

He looked at General Eric below the stands. The old general was looking at him with encouraging eyes. Raymond smiled and continued, “Our goal is to conquer the solar system! To leave the Milky Way! To have the true interstellar navigation ability!”

“Our vision can not only be limited to Earth. Our goal is definitely not the war between countries, the struggle of money and interests! Our vision must be in the universe!”

On the top floor of the Pentagon.

Lawrence could not hold it in any longer and said sarcastically in a low voice, “He has no hair on his mouth, so he can’t do things properly! This kid is too arrogant… I told you, you shouldn’t have allowed him to establish a research institute on his own! If the solar system was so easy to get out of, would you still have waited for him?”

Pierre had almost formed a habit. The moment Lawrence opened his mouth, his retort was already on the tip of his tongue.

“You old fart, you’re still criticizing the young people even though your ideas are backward! You’re the kind of short-sighted person who can only focus on the surrounding countries and trivial matters!”

“Damn you, who are you calling an old fart?”

“Don’t you know who is an old fart?”

“I’m younger than you!”

“Then you deserve to die too. If you deserve to die, then you’re an old fart!”


Dempsey finally couldn’t hold it in anymore!

He rubbed his forehead. How could these two be so noisy?

He finally understood. He shouldn’t have allowed them to meet. As long as they met, they would definitely start scolding each other!

After so many years, he had heard their scolding battle countless times. Every time, he felt a headache coming on!

“You two, if you don’t want to hear it, then get out!” Dempsey roared angrily!

The rest of the people looked like they were used to it. Obviously, the scene of the two old fellows quarreling or even fighting, and then being stopped by Dempsey, had been repeated countless times.

“Lawrence, can you watch the live broadcast properly and shut your stinky mouth!”

Dempsey sighed and said, “I really don’t blame Pierre for criticizing you. I think what Raymond said is fine too! We give him 50 billion U.S. dollars every year. If he only studies weapons and messy technology, will we be able to get back the money?”

“Only with such a goal can we match the investment of 50 billion U.S. dollars!”

“No matter what, it’s always good for young people to have ideas. Don’t just suppress them!”

Lawrence’s old face was flushed red. One was scolded by Pierre, and the other was scolded by Dempsey.

“…Minister, I understand.”

“Hmph, the old man will definitely not be convinced!”

“You motherf*cking…”

“Enough! Watch the live broadcast!”

Dempsey slammed the table hard!