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Lawrence snorted coldly and turned his head away in annoyance.

Over the years, he could be considered immune to being scolded by Pierre. The two of them would often scold each other.

It was a natural habit.

Pierre also curled his lips.

On the television, Raymond’s voice continued.

“With everyone present, I will confirm the first project of the Raymond Research Institute. That is, the interstellar spaceship!”

“Estimated completion time of the project!”

Raymond looked at the audience below the stage and said in a deep voice, “One year!”


The audience exploded!

Everyone seemed to suspect that their ears were broken!

The faces of the experts and professors all twitched. They had the urge to hit someone!

That was an interstellar spaceship, not a bicycle!

Designing a bicycle to have a longer lifespan and its own advantages, and a year’s time might not even be enough!

Raymond actually said that the interstellar spaceship project only needed a year to complete?

This kind of big talk, in the ears of those in the industry, was even more laughable than the world’s funniest joke!

“How is that possible? That’s a universe ship!”

“Exactly, something that has never appeared in the world! How can it be completed in a year?”

“This kid is boasting without any preparation. I suddenly regret joining this whatever research institute!”

“I also regret it!”

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

One after another, doubts came from below the stage.

There were even quite a number of people from large families who left the stage with cold expressions!

They could finally see that this Raymond was just a young man with no ability and an empty reputation.

Such a young man was not worth their investment!

“Let’s go, we’re not going to watch anymore.”

“There’s nothing to watch anymore. This kid is completely joking!”

“That’s right, even if he said that he could break through the limits of artificial intelligence, I would believe it. However, is an interstellar spaceship something that can break through in a short period of time?”

“That’s right, this guy is really unreliable!”

Many people left while cursing.

But of course, there were still people who supported Raymond.

These people included the professors at West Point, as well as Sherry and Raymond’s parents!

That’s right, today was such an important occasion, so Raymond’s parents were naturally invited.

They looked at their son on stage, who was in high spirits, and their faces were filled with relief!

But when they heard Raymond say that they were going to break through to the interstellar spaceship within a year, they were still stunned!

They didn’t know what this interstellar spaceship was exactly.

But from the reactions of the people around them, this should be an impossible mission!

But as parents, they believed in their son unconditionally!

“If Raymond says it can work, it will definitely work!”

“That’s right, my son never talks big!”

Raymond’s parents said firmly. A resolute look appeared on their faces, and they raised their hands forcefully.

“Raymond, do your best! We believe in you!”

Raymond looked at his parents below the stage, and a smile appeared on his face!

He knew that no one would believe what he said, but as long as his parents believed it, it was actually enough!

On the other side, Hansen, Lamb, and the other professors also came to watch the ceremony.

They also stood up and loudly supported Raymond.

“Raymond! We believe in you! You can definitely do it!”

“That’s right, we all believe in you. You can create a spaceship that can travel in space within a year!”

At this moment, the trust from his alma mater made Raymond’s heart warm.

He raised his hand and spoke again.

“I know that most people don’t believe me. However, up until now, I’ve already created many miracles, haven’t I?”

What Raymond was talking about were those cultivation techniques. They were the red and ultraviolet radiation isolation techniques. They were the ones that had broken through the red and ultraviolet radiation resistance high temperature and high cold insulation coating technique within a short month.

These were all miracles that he had created!

After Raymond finished speaking, many people’s faces revealed a thoughtful expression.

Raymond was right!

Ever since he had written down that information on the SAT test paper…

It had only been half a year or so!

And Raymond had created many miracles!

Not to mention other things, just the Major General rank and the National Medal of Honor!

If Raymond didn’t create a sufficiently big miracle, would the country give such a thing to him so readily?

As Raymond’s voice fell, the discussion in the audience became much quieter.

General Eric also nodded his head in satisfaction!

Raymond was a representative figure of their military. To be able to have a promising future, the happiest would naturally be the military!

But if Raymond didn’t retaliate when others questioned him like this, then he didn’t deserve to be a soldier!

Just now, Raymond only used one sentence to shut everyone’s mouths. This made General Eric extremely happy!

Some of the families and forces present, even towards him, were indifferent!

Now, to make them suffer, General Eric couldn’t be happier.

Of course, in his heart, he also sighed.

Only those who truly knew how difficult it was to build an interstellar spaceship!

If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone have done it?

Not to mention one year, even if it was built in ten or twenty years, General Eric would directly pass his position to Raymond!

This kind of contribution was too important to a country!

It could even be called a contribution to the entire Earth and all mankind!

Seeing that everyone’s discussion had stopped, Raymond smiled.

What he wanted to do was naturally not just to sensationalize!

What he wanted to do was to truly stir up the hearts of those who still had dreams!

In the business of building interstellar spaceships, Raymond didn’t need a scientist who followed the steps!

What he needed was a fanatic who put all his heart and soul into it!

Although he had already confirmed the names of most of the people in Raymond Research Institute, if these people weren’t strong enough, then Raymond could fire them at any time!

This was the authority given to him by the country!

“What I need is someone who trusts me completely! And not someone who joins my research institute with doubts!”

Raymond laughed domineeringly and said loudly, “If you don’t believe me, then you can resign from my secretary right now. You can still return to your original jobs and earn those fixed salaries step by step, waiting for death to come!”

“In the future, when Raymond Research Institute takes off, don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy!”

After Ramon finished speaking, he waved his hand, and a line of salutes rang out!

Ramon Research Institute officially opened!