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After seeing that their mother was safe, the Hidden Court Master and Alma were finally in the mood to sit down and talk to Qiu Ren.

It was just that the atmosphere of conversation made the Master very uncomfortable.

Qiu Ren had created a long table in the yard in front of the villa. He sat at the top of the long table while Tapir sat on his left, and the Flash and Falcon Huntress sat together next to Tapir.

The Hidden Court Master originally wanted to sit at the end of the other side of the long table, showing that he would never yield to Qiu Ren, this human, so easily.

And yet, their mother, Alaina, immediately sat on the right of Qiu Ren and started chewing the long table Qiu Ren made.

Alma, the Sharpshooter, also sat on the right to keep Alaina safe. The Master could only grunt and sit in the third seat on the right to Qiu Ren.

In fact, Qiu Ren wanted to say that… if he wanted to highlight his dignity, he could hide in black mist, but he wouldn’t be able to engage in the conversation. It would just make him feel like a bodyguard.

“So, your ultimate goal of uniting all the Lords of Nightmare to ‘enslave’ your creators is to feed your own mother?”

Qiu Ren was asking these two leaders of the Black Mist Army about the relationship between the Black Mist Army and humans.

“It’s not that simple!” Master Riper didn’t agree with Qiu Ren.

“Then for what? Apart from turning them into batteries, abducting your creators doesn’t seem to have any other uses.”

Qiu Ren pondered for a while and discovered that those who were abducted by the army could only be used as batteries no matter how many of them there were. There weren’t any other uses.

His question got the unpleasant silence and cold snort of the Master.

“So, it’s all about finding supplies for your mother. Why don’t you try to ask the members of the army to come and work… for me?”

Qiu Ren sent out a mass job offer invitation again. Riper remained silent while Alma took a tumbler out of nowhere, opened the lid on the top, and poured a cup of tea for herself.

When Qiu Ren looked at her with a strange expression, Alma finally put down the teacup and lid in her hands, as if saying, “All old people drink tea like this. What’s so strange about it?’

After finishing the cup of tea in her hands, she told Qiu Ren about the problems of the Black Mist Army for Riper, “If you want to hire us to eliminate… these two superheroes, there might be someone who would accept your invitation. But if you want them to cooperate and act for the creators, I’m afraid not many would accept it.”

Alma had already found out the real identity of the Flash and Falcon Huntress, so this old lady wasn’t planning to hide her ridicule.

She taunted the Flash and Falcon Huntress for being too obedient to their creators and also mocked that many other members of the army were as troublesome as Riper at the same time.

Most of the members in the army had the same personality and thoughts as the Hidden Court Master. They weren’t willing to yield to their creators and dance to their tunes.

“Do you really think the battle in Warzone is acting? Do you think it’s humiliating… to be the source of power for those participants, being liked and followed by them, who treat your characters as their favorite heroes?”

Qiu Ren waved his hand and showed Master Riper the comments in the recording of the live broadcast of the battle where Master Riper commanded the normal participants to fight with the Dream Eaters and the elites of the World of Gods.

In fact, Qiu Ren didn’t need to show him. When Riper was absorbing the energy from the participants under his command during the battle, he could also hear their voices.

There were some words that Riper couldn’t understand in these voices, like “I’ve decided to take the power of this hero to be my forte skill in Warzone in the future.”

With what Qiu Ren said and the comments in the live broadcast recording, Riper gradually agreed with his thoughts.

However, he still couldn’t say it. He signaled with his eyes to Alma, who was sitting next to him, as if he wanted Alma to continue negotiating with Qiu Ren.

And yet, Alma was busy comforting the child right now. She didn’t have time to continue to be a mouthpiece for Riper. She was telling Alaina not to chew everything and that this long table was something Qiu Ren built with Tapir’s resources and was part of the nightmare pollution.

After a stalemate, the Hidden Court Master finally compromised.

“But the power… of our kind… isn’t that complicated.”

As he spoke, he looked at the pile of character image designs and that scarlet crystal exuding viciousness that Qiu Ren had put on the table.

The power of most members of the Black Mist Army was atomizing into black mist. They used guns and weapons to fight when a war really started.

However, there was already a hero or a character with an ability related to the black mist atomization series in Warzone, which was Master Riper.

If the other members of the Black Mist Army wanted to come to Warzone to be the “heroes” and the source of power for the participants, Qiu Ren would have to design other abilities.

This was the win-win method Qiu Ren wanted.

“So, I’ll reconstruct your powers and design the character images and various skill mechanisms for your hero characters in Warzone. I’ll definitely make you become popular. You just need to accept the character image and the seed of power.”

Qiu Ren gave Riper the scarlet crystal that exuded viciousness and the character design.

This was an inspiration the Flash and Falcon Huntress gave to Qiu Ren.

When the other Dream Makers constructed a new character, it couldn’t possibly be powerful right from its birth, even if it was a Level S Dream Seed. It would be the case no matter how impressive its background setting was.

Only after the populace recognition of this character became higher could the character release the power it should have in its setting.

And yet, the characters Qiu Ren created with his own Creation Points, without asking help from any Lords of Nightmare, seemed to be a bit different.

Just like this crystal that carried the power of the Darkin Blade, the viciousness that constantly came out of it even made Qiu Ren’s heart pound.

This made Qiu Ren more certain that the Flash wouldn’t be able to control the power of the Darkin Blade by himself.

If he truly let the Flash be the container, the Flash would very likely be turned from an avatar to the original body.

So, Qiu Ren thought if he could have several members of the Black Mist Army as the containers… they should be able to support the power of the Darkin Blade.

“I’ll… try to convince… my colleagues,” the Hidden Court Master said as he grunted again. Alma sighed gently, adding something Riper was too embarrassed to say.

“He wants to ask if there’s only one character he can choose from at the moment. Creator, the character you designed seems to carry the energy from another world. If you can design several more… of such charismatic characters, perhaps… you’ll be able to attract more members in the army to come and help you.”

“About this…” Qiu Ren also wanted to design a hundred heroes at once, but he didn’t have enough Creation Points.

Qiu Ren had spent all the Creation Points he got after constructing a few seeds for the power of the Darkin Blade. If he wanted to make more character energy seeds, the number of Creation Points he needed would probably be sky-high.

Besides, Tapir was gazing at Qiu Ren with worries at this moment… Qiu Ren felt like his Creation Points weren’t the only things he consumed when he created these famous characters in his previous life by himself, but also something important.

“If you want to create… new characters, I can bear the cost.”

Tapir stepped up and volunteered to bear the cost, but…

“I’m fine. I can make it as long as I have enough Creation Points.”

If Qiu Ren borrowed Tapir’s energy to create those characters, the characters would only belong to Tapir.

The other Lords of Nightmare and dream consciousnesses wouldn’t be able to own, carry, and supply energy to the characters unless they were children of these Lords of Nightmare, like the bosses in the Dark Souls series played by Lian’s children.

“I can provide Creation Points for you right now,” the Flash raised his hand gently and said.

Falcon Huntress looked at the Flash with an astonished expression. Dream consciousnesses like them didn’t have the authority to allocate their own Creation Points because they were afraid that spendthrifts like the Flash would squander Creation Points.

Even though Creation Points could be bought with money, they could also be regarded as a kind of treasurable resource.

“Mr. Letan gave me an advance. Mr. Qiu, I have three hundred thousand Creation Points here. Is it enough?”

More than enough… He could even use them to build a medium-scale Dream Dungeon Movie.

Qiu Ren remembered who Mr. Letan was. He was the old man who took the Flash to watch the Batman movie. He seemed to have quite a high authority in Supernova Pictures.

The three hundred thousand Characters the Flash gave Qiu Ren was an extremely huge flow of energy. When the Flash transferred the points bit by bit, Alaina almost couldn’t help drooling and pouncing on his face. Luckily, Alma immediately stopped her.

After getting enough Creation Points, Qiu Ren began constructing the power seeds for the other new characters under Tapir’s worried gaze.

As Qiu Ren constructed these characters, drew the original character designs, and set their sources of power with Creation Points, he felt like something important inside his body was quickly being consumed.

When Qiu Ren finished the huge pile of character design drafts and matched these designs with the crystals of seven different colors on the table, he felt that his consciousness was a bit overwhelmed.

“This one is yours, Miss Falcon Huntress. This character isn’t as invasive as the one the Flash wants. She should suit you well.”

Qiu Ren first gave Falcon Huntress a silver-grey crystal and a character design draft.

Falcon Huntress didn’t need to see the original drawing in the design draft. By touching the silver-gray crystal, she could already feel… the aura surging out of the crystal containing this power and the feeling of elegance and precision but also being bound by some rules.

Even though Falcon Huntress didn’t like the feeling of being restrained, she would still be willing to try turning into this character and experience her mental journey if she had the chance.

Creating the power seeds of these characters was like making the characters first before finding them a suitable Dream Seed to stay.

And now, Qiu Ren would hand all the remaining six power seeds over to the army. If members in the Black Mist Army were willing to turn into these characters, it would be like entering an employment contract with Qiu Ren.

“I’m supposed to introduce them to you, but it seems that…”

While Qiu Ren was pushing the character design drafts to the Hidden Court Master, exhaustion and weakness overwhelmed him, making him fall on the table.

Tapir, sitting next to Qiu Ren, was already prepared to reach out and hold him.

Master Riper subconsciously wanted to help as well but was stopped by Tapir’s cold voice.

“He… has already given you… a promising future.” Tapir looked at the Master with a commanding tone. “Now, get out of here… Don’t disappoint… him.”

The Hidden Court Master wasn’t that unreasonable. He put away those character designs and the crystals containing the sources of power for the characters carefully with respect to Qiu Ren.

“Do you mind if I stay here with her? Tapir.”

Alma didn’t want to leave. Tapir closed her eyes and thought for a while. Considering Qiu Ren’s body condition, she didn’t want to start any conflict with the two of them, so she agreed.

Master Riper sensitively felt that Alma seemed to be very familiar with this Lord of Nightmare. He had countless questions in his mind he wanted to ask, but he knew that these were all meaningless.

With Alma here, the safety of their mother would be ensured as well. So, he vanished from Tapir’s Nightmare Dungeon in the form of black mist.

“Is Mr. Qiu okay?” The Flash looked at unconscious Qiu Ren with worries.

“This isn’t… something you have to worry about.”

Tapir treated other dream consciousness indifferently. She held up Qiu Ren and was about to send him back to his core dream to rest.

But before Tapir left, Alma suddenly looked at her back and said…

“Don’t be too obsessed with him, Tapir… You should know that our appearance in this world means that Boss is also coming back. By then, we’ll all be called in.”

Tapir acted like she didn’t hear what Alma said at all. She directly disappeared from her core dream with Qiu Ren.