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Salt City Research Center.

The Lord of Nightmare sealed here was the most relaxing Lord of Nightmare Qiu Ren had visited before he went to Fengdu Prison.

Because it was the only commercial Nightmare Seed in the Celestial Empire.

This commercial Nightmare Seed belonged to Ocean Dream Media, but even though it was for commercial use, they couldn’t operate it publicly for various reasons.

They could only use this Nightmare Seed as a production machine of low-level Dream Seeds instead of operating it publicly as a Dream Dungeon Game.

So, when the Nightmare Dungeon of Tapir in Fengdu Prison was allowed to open to the public, the Lords of Nightmare living around the Celestial Empire were all stirred. Many of them were even jealous of Tapir.

As for the one in the Salt City Research Center… Tapir wasn’t so sure about it. After all, she was an insane Lord of Nightmare.

After the Nightmare Dungeons of Tapir and Lian were allowed to open to the public, their ability to travel to the other Nightmare Dungeons was also strengthened.

When Lian came to ask Tapir for Qiu Ren back then, she took the risk that it might be dealt with. However, coming for this Nightmare Seed in the Salt City Research Center this time was more like visiting a relative.

Still, this distant relative wasn’t very nice.

“I was wondering who came. It turns out to be the two nasty creatures who build up their fortunes by sucking up to humans. What are you doing in my territory? Showing off?”

The form of the Lord of Nightmare living in the Salt City Research Center was more like a doll formed by gathering a pile of thread balls. There were screeching sounds of metals colliding when she spoke.

“I… came… to make… a deal with you, Shadow.”

Tapir didn’t like hearing this Lord of Nightmare grumble, so she got straight to the point and explained why she was here.

“I want you… to lend me… your new Dream Maker.”

Tapir’s suggestion successfully angered the Lord of Nightmare called Shadow. The dark shadows coming out of the back of the shabby doll turned into countless needles that flashed towards Tapir.

Lian, who came with Tapir, instantly reacted. Blood oozed out of its armor and formed a transparent shield, blocking the sudden attack from that Lord of Nightmare.

“Don’t ask me for help again next time!”

The shield formed by blood in front of Lian shattered.

Tapir and Lian had come here with their avatars. If it weren’t that they had accumulated enough power with Qiu Ren’s help, their avatars would have been torn by this weird doll in a blink.

“I… didn’t ask you for help.”

Tapir ignored Lian, who stood in front of her, and took a step towards that Lord of Nightmare.

“I didn’t come… to ask your new Dream Maker to build a dream for me. I just want to talk to her and share her senses.”

“Then, why didn’t you tie your Dream Maker up and throw him in front of me right now?”

That Lord of Nightmare cracked her lips wide, revealing a mouth full of jagged teeth. It seemed that this doll wanted to devour Tapir with one bite.

“He… may not have time,” Tapir answered in all seriousness.

“My Dream Maker is out of time too. Even if she’s not, it’s impossible for me to put her in the hands of this dangerous guy!”

That Lord of Nightmare said as the shadow underneath Tapir’s feet started to pulse.

“Now, get out of my sight before I run out of my patience!”

“In fact, I know that… your new Dream Maker… is exploring my Nightmare Dungeon.”

What Tapir said next suddenly made the restless shadow surrounding her feet stop for a while.

“I came… to ask for your approval.”

Tapir knew that for all Lords of Nightmare, Dream Makers that could build Nightmare Dungeons matching their tastes were treasures that they must protect.

So, when Lian tried to steal Qiu Ren, Tapir would have already fought with Lian if she wasn’t facing the danger of being devoured by her own kind and in a state of weakness.

Although the Lords of Nightmare mainly fought with each other… Tapir wanted to try to convince this Lord of Nightmare. She didn’t want to give Qiu Ren, who was already exhausted, any more trouble.

The Dream Maker responsible for building a new Nightmare Dungeon for this Lord of Nightmare was exploring and scoring in Warzone right now. If Tapir really wanted to invade the consciousness of that Dream Maker to achieve her goal, she must first get past this Lord of Nightmare.

“What a shame! My Dream Maker never listens to me! Let alone you!” That Lord of Nightmare still wasn’t planning to help Tapir.

“Same like… my Dream Maker.”

Tapir’s words made that Lord of Nightmare think again. It seemed that she had guessed the purpose of Tapir’s visit this time.

“Your Dream Maker and my Dream Maker… are students who graduated in the same year, but they hadn’t been talking… for a long time. I just want them… to have a chat.” Tapir told the truth honestly.

“Hm? There’s such a relationship between them?”

The doll-like Lord of Nightmare scratched her broken chin with her furry paw and took some time to make a decision favorable to both parties.

“Very well! I can let you talk to my Dream Maker, but it depends on her whether she wants to share her senses with you. I also want to talk to your Dream Maker in return!”

It was difficult for Lian to agree to this decision. In its concept, all other members of its kind were dangerous, even though it had also contacted Qiu Ren forcibly back then.

“I’ll… tell my Dream Maker.”

Tapir knew that this was the only way to exchange for the prerogative of negotiation from this Lord of Nightmare.

No matter how long she stayed with Qiu Ren in the Nightmare Dungeon, nobody was there for him in the real world. People who could most likely connect with him were his former classmates.

“You also know that my Dream Maker has been exploring your Nightmare Dungeon these days. The popularity of that Alaina Cup truly… makes me jealous. I’ve informed my Dream Maker. You can go find her now,” Shadow said.

Tapir disappeared from this creepy dimension after saying these words.

The personality of the Lords of Nightmare might have their own strangeness. However, they all kept their promises. This was something the Lords of Nightmare were born with in their bones.

After leaving the Nightmare Dungeon of her own kind, Tapir soon sensed the location of the Dream Maker in a contract with Shadow.

She was exploring in Warzone at the moment. Unfortunately, her two teammates were already dead… Even if she made it to the finals alone in the end, she wouldn’t be able to turn the tides.

Although this game wasn’t interfered with by the Dream Eaters and the elites of the Gods, she only ranked tenth in the end. She should have left the Nightmare Dungeon when she was shot by the bullet.

But when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a dark space. Tapir was sizing her up at the center of the dimension.

“You… don’t seem like… a woman who knows how to use a gun in his impression, Miss Wanxiang,” Tapir whispered to the book girl who was holding a heavy sniper rifle.