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This was the only word Qiu Ren could think of right now.

Qiu Ren was talking to Alma about the army today when Tapir told him that another Lord of Nightmare was looking for him.

His first reaction at the time was rejection. He didn’t have any more energy to raise a new Lord of Nightmare.

Alaina alone was difficult enough, not to mention the entire Black Mist Army.

However, the Lord of Nightmare’s request wasn’t to ask Qiu Ren to build a nightmare, but… to see Wanxiang.

Of course, Qiu Ren’s first reaction was rejection, again!

He truly wasn’t so close to Wanxiang. Maybe the owner of the body had a crush on Wanxiang during his senior years in high school.

And according to Qiu Ren’s memories, all the boys in the class had a crush on her.

However, the relationship between Qiu Ren and her was like someone who might know each other’s name but wouldn’t talk to each other at all, even when there was a class reunion or a gathering.

So, when that Lord of Nightmare kept urging Qiu Ren to go meet her Dream Maker, he really wanted to summon Lian and asked her to kill this Lord of Nightmare.

But he should save his resources. Even though Lian had strong combat strength, he shouldn’t use it on a potential ally.

Besides, it wasn’t a big deal… to walk a female classmate back to the dorm.

So, Qiu Ren came to the building where Wanxiang was with an umbrella to meet her, under the instructions of that Lord of Nightmare.

And yet, when Qiu Ren found Wanxiang, he finally experienced the awkwardness of having nothing to say.

But the two Lords of Nightmare seemed to be satisfied with the current situation.

The venue for the internship in Warzone was on the campus of North City University. It was a long way for Qiu Ren to send Wanxiang back.

Qiu Ren couldn’t say nothing at all along the way, though. That would make the atmosphere even more awkward.

What Tapir wanted was the kind of mood swings Qiu Ren had before… which felt like a human. She rarely tasted embarrassment in Qiu Ren, so the tastes she got along the way were pretty nice.

“I can’t believe our universities recruited the seniors to explore a Level S Nightmare Dungeon. Isn’t such an internship too dangerous for university students?”

Qiu Ren and Lin Wanxiang walked on the road in the rain and barely found a common topic they could talk about.

When he learned that the three major universities used the exploration of Warzone as the content for the internship of the Nightmare Purification Major, he thought that the schools had lost their minds.

But he could understand their reason after thinking carefully. Battle Royale: Warzone was the least dangerous Level S Nightmare Dungeon at the moment. Although it was just relatively less risky, it hadn’t reached the point where people would die the first time they explored it.

The three major universities were the only three institutes that trained top talents of the nightmare purification profession in the whole country.

Those who applied for this major must be prepared to get on the battlefield. So, it was a good thing for the seniors, who were about to graduate, to get a taste of the cruelest battlefield in advance.

However, Qiu Ren thought that Wanxiang was pushing herself too hard by signing up for this internship as a student who had been admitted for less than a year.

“What about you?” Wanxiang asked Qiu Ren coldly.

The umbrella Qiu Ren brought was too small. He could only leave more shelter for Wanxiang, making the other side of his shoulder wet by the raindrops.

Wanxiang had also noticed that. She stayed as close to Qiu Ren as possible so that the covered area of ​​the umbrella could accommodate two people.

This was the first time Wanxiang was so close to a boy. She lowered her head when she felt the gaze from other people along the way.

Even though there was a hint of shyness in her, her indifferent question was dead on the target.

Wanxiang asked Qiu Ren what he had been doing during this period of time. Wasn’t it more cruel to himself… to constantly deal with various Lords of Nightmare and nightmare pollution incidents?

“Even though I’ve been dealing with the nightmare invasion incidents, I’ve never been hurt. I’ve just been very busy and occasionally frightened. After getting the protection from one Lord of Nightmare, it’ll be much safer to make contact with the second one. This is kind of what I learned from my experience.”

Qiu Ren talked to Wanxiang, this “junior,” in the tone of an experienced person. Wanxiang gently pursed her lips again after hearing this, as if she didn’t like Qiu Ren lecturing her.

“So, Wanxiang, why did you sign up for the internship to explore the Nightmare Dungeon this time? If it’s for your resume, it’s a bit… too rash,” Qiu Ren asked further about what he truly cared about.

Lin Wanxiang’s body wasn’t good in reality right now. Perhaps it was because she had been in contact with Nightmare Dungeons since she was small.

Qiu Ren had noticed her pale face. Her entire body was weak, like a fragile crystal doll. If she continued to play in Warzone, the trauma caused by the nightmare might give her severe sequelae.

Wanxiang still didn’t answer Qiu Ren’s question. She turned her head to the side, as if she was trying to avoid it altogether.

What Qiu Ren said next made Wanxiang stop right where she was at. Qiu Ren also stopped, then turned around and looked at this slim girl in front of him. Her hand, which was holding the strap of her shoulder bag, squeezed slightly, as if there were some emotions hidden in her heart.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me… But if someday you think that you can’t stand it anymore and want to loaf around, you can come find me. You can take a rest for as long as you like. I promise nobody will be able to stop you, not even the director of the Central Research Institute!”

Qiu Ren said this with ample confidence. It wasn’t like he hadn’t gained anything after circling between the Lords of Nightmare with so much effort during this period.

At least, now most people in the Central Research Institute would listen to Qiu Ren’s opinion, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to provide Wanxiang with long-term protection.

Hearing his words, Wanxiang raised her head and stared into Qiu Ren’s eyes. Qiu Ren could see the shock in her eyes… She only gazed at Qiu Ren for a short while before she quickly lowered her head again, speaking with a very soft voice, like a mosquito’s whisper, “Thank… you.”

When Wanxiang said these two words, the Lord of Nightmare sharing Qiu Ren’s senses let out an unpleasant cheer.

“Well done! Young man! You did a great job! Even though Tapir always does something that upsets me, her Dream Maker is quite smart!”

Qiu Ren truly disliked this noisy Lord of Nightmare. Tapir and Lian were much better.

But at this moment, he also felt relief and some strange emotions that came from Tapir.

She was relieved probably because she also felt the huge fluctuation of emotions Qiu Ren had when he faced Wanxiang. Even though he was acting calm right now, he still felt his heart leaping a bit inside.

Once Qiu Ren honestly said those things to Wanxiang, the atmosphere between the two of them became slightly awkward. Nevertheless, there was a lot less coldness than at the beginning. Instead, there was a trace of chemistry between them.

So, just say something quickly! This was Wanxiang’s current thought in her mind. She and Qiu Ren were standing on the side of the road face to face. More and more people around them looked at her, causing her originally pale cheeks to show a crimson hue.

“Are you going straight back to the dorm after this, or… should we go eat something together?” Qiu Ren asked.

“Let’s… get something to eat. I still haven’t had… dinner,” Wanxiang said to Qiu Ren somewhat bluntly, as if it was a message in a cipher.

The two of them finally had a reason. They quickly walked in the direction of campus gates, as though they were escaping from the gazes around them.

Wanxiang kept her head low along the way, but the corners of her mouth still curled up to give a smile.

Wanxiang’s Lord of Nightmare was so content that she was about to cheer. Judging by the current situation, the relationship between Wanxiang and Qiu Ren would be able to develop smoothly. They might even take a huge step forward. By then, if she asked Qiu Ren to do something for her, he wouldn’t have any reason to reject her!

This was a way better solution than Tapir threatening Qiu Ren at the beginning.

Tapir was delighted to feel the emotional fluctuations in Qiu Ren’s heart. However, she felt a bit complicated when she saw Qiu Ren and Wanxiang walk side by side in the rain.

However, this complicated thought was quickly interrupted by a sign of danger. When Tapir was about to remind Qiu Ren, it was too late.

Qiu Ren had already seen that person standing outside the entrance of North City University… Wanxiang was still thinking about what she should eat with Qiu Ren tonight. Should they simply dine in the cafeteria on campus, or should they go to the business district nearby for a good meal?

Hot pot, western food, or something else?

Her mind wandered as she followed Qiu Ren. She had her head lowered to look at the road when Qiu Ren suddenly stopped walking. Her eyes, which were looking at the ground, saw a pair of long slender legs standing in front of her.

Wanxiang looked up in confusion and found a woman with blonde hair and light blue eyes… A woman from overseas was standing right in front of them.

This blonde girl with blue eyes didn’t have an umbrella. Her entire body had already been soaked with rain, and her light golden hair stuck on her cheeks, looking a bit messy. When she saw Qiu Ren, she looked shocked. However, she seemed to realize that this wasn’t the right time when she saw Lin Wanxiang next to Qiu Ren.

Who was she? The same thought appeared in the minds of Wanxiang and this girl.

At this moment, the girl seemed to want to leave, but her current situation didn’t allow her to step back. She looked at Qiu Ren and mustered the courage to speak up.

“I… came here for you, Mr. Qiu Ren.” Mia, who used to be the Saintess of France, said in a sorrowful tone, “Are you willing to take me in?”

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