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Qiu Ren certainly remembered what he promised Mia…

Once Mia inherited the Lord of Nightmare of Dead by Daylight, she could come to Qiu Ren to seek asylum if something happened in France.

Qiu Ren was aware of the attitude that the governments of other countries had against Lords of Nightmare, especially extremely dangerous ones that would easily lose control like that of Dead by Daylight.

Once Mia became its carrier, Qiu Ren had obtained the right to construct its Nightmare Dungeon according to the contract.

This Saintess bore all kinds of side effects brought by Dead by Daylight, while Qiu Ren took benefits from it, making him feel like it was a bit inappropriate.

But judging by the current situation, it seemed that something really had happened in France, which made Mia get on a plane at night to come to Qiu Ren for asylum.

It was good that she came, but the timing wasn’t quite right.

Mia came in a hurry this time. She didn’t even bring an umbrella after getting off the plane. Due to the language barrier, she stumbled through the way and took a long time to finally get to the entrance of Qiu Ren’s university.

She had dragged her luggage all the way to the entrance of Qiu Ren’s university, and all her clothes were soaked.

While she was contemplating if she should find a place to take shelter from the rain, the ability of Nightmare Makers to attract each other played its role. Mia recognized Qiu Ren among the crowd at first glance.

Unfortunately, she didn’t just attract one of her peers. When Mia found that there was another girl standing under Qiu Ren’s umbrella, she also felt like she didn’t come at the right time.

However, the situation was too urgent. There was nothing between her and Qiu Ren, and it was impossible for her to avoid him anymore at this moment. She would rather be honest and tell Qiu Ren why she came here directly.

But what you said didn’t sound like there’s nothing between us! 

Qiu Ren knew that with Wanxiang’s outstanding academic results in all subjects, there was no way she didn’t get Mia’s meaning.

When she looked at Qiu Ren in confusion, he could only make a suggestion.

“Should we… find a place to get out of the rain and for her to change her clothes first?”

There weren’t any hotels near the three major universities. The closest one was two stations away.

In this world that had Dream Dungeons, people could do things that had to be done in hotels directly in Dream Dungeons.

At first, Qiu Ren wanted to ask Mia to go to Wanxiang’s dorm to clean up, but this idea was indeed too much. He couldn’t say it out loud. So, he could only point at the tall building across the street and say, “The place I live in is just nearby. If you think it’s inappropriate, I have another female friend living next door.”

The female friend Qiu Ren talked about was Aunt Kan.

Qiu Ren’s dorm was a kind of staff apartment. The door of the apartment was locked with fingerprints… For safety reasons, Kan Shaoni’s fingerprints were registered on Qiu Ren’s door, while Qiu Ren could also enter her home with his fingerprints in exchange.

Kan Shaoni shouldn’t be in the apartment right now, so it should be fine for Qiu Ren to let Mia live there temporarily.

“It’s good to have a private place for a chat. There’s something I need to tell Mr. Qiu Ren as quickly as possible… It’s news about the Dream Seeds in your country and Ocean Dream Media.”

Mia didn’t mind her clothes soaking in the rain and clinging to her body. Looking at her serious face, it seemed that she indeed had something important to tell Qiu Ren.

The reason why Mia came here was definitely related to the Level S Dream Seed. And anything involving a Level S Dream Seed could be regarded as a national matter.

But judging by Mia’s expression, she wanted to discuss it with Qiu Ren first before telling the Celestial Empire.

“What’s wrong with Ocean Dream Media?”

Wanxiang was originally thinking of saying goodbye to Qiu Ren and leaving temporarily. She didn’t want to be dragged into the entanglement between Qiu Ren and this French lady. He didn’t have any reason to keep her here either.

However, when Mia said the keyword, Ocean Dream Media, she immediately caught Wanxiang’s attention. Ocean Dream Media belonged to her family and was her mother’s lifetime work.

“I’m sorry, I… can’t tell you, even if you’re Qiu Ren’s friend.”

Mia wanted to keep it a secret if possible. She came all the way here to Qiu Ren because she thought that he was the only one who could change the current situation.

This wasn’t something a university student should know. No matter how close Wanxiang and Qiu Ren were, Wanxiang might get herself killed after learning about this.

Wanxiang glared at Qiu Ren in discontent again. Seeing his expression that looked like he was asking her to go back first, she felt stripped of her dignity slightly. She felt like she was being despised and treated like a little girl who didn’t know anything.

“You can come to my apartment…” Wanxiang directly suggested, “I live alone too, and it’s not inside the Central Research Institute.”

Wanxiang was saying this to remind Qiu Ren that the place where he lived was likely to be under the surveillance of the Central Research Institute.

In fact, it was most reasonable for him to be watched. As a Dream Maker contracted with three Lords of Nightmare, he received psychological consultation and inspection from the Central Research Institute every day.

They wanted to avoid Qiu Ren’s loss of control under the influence of the Lords of Nightmare.

“We’re too conspicuous here, especially this… lady.” Wanxiang also displayed her competitive side.

She said the word “lady” in English in the end. Mia, who had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was all wet, could already catch the eyeballs of every university student walking past just by standing on the road.

Together with the confrontation of the three, it was truly eye-catching. Qiu Ren thought that all kinds of rumors and news would be circulating everywhere the next day if they stood there for a while longer.

Qiu Ren was finally convinced by Wanxiang. Mia still found it slightly inappropriate, but Qiu Ren pointed at those people on the street who were apparently Dream Explorers.

He used this way to tell Mia that they should leave if she wanted to keep it a secret. She could only compromise in the end, dragging her luggage and coming to Wanxiang’s dorm under her lead.

The place where Wanxiang lived wasn’t the female dorm of Yangmei University, but somewhere like a staff apartment similar to Qiu Ren’s. However, the single room she stayed in wasn’t really big.

Even though it was fully furnished, the living area was all inside one room.

Mia looked around after coming here and maintained a high level of vigilance.

Wanxiang led her to the bathroom and said, “We’ll talk after you shower.”

After Wanxiang said this, she found that Mia was standing there a bit embarrassedly. This made Wanxiang realize that there was a boy in her room.

When Wanxiang spoke, her originally indifferent tone seemed a bit distorted because of shyness.

Qiu Ren could only raise his hands to show that he wasn’t planning to do anything and turn around. He could still look at part of the decorations in Wanxiang’s room, though.

Wanxiang’s dorm gave people a different impression from her. The entire desk seemed a little messy. There was a stack of books related to the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West and also some foreign masterpieces.

With the reminder from the two classics, Qiu Ren remembered that even though the Level SS Dream Seed of Journey to the West was under the administration of the Central Research Institute, Ocean Dream Media was involved in the construction of the Level S Dream Seed related to the Three Kingdoms.

The problem was that all the books on Wanxiang’s desk were related to the Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Now that he thought about this, the works with the theme on the three kingdoms Qiu Ren had seen were all based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms. He didn’t seem to have seen any content from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

While Qiu Ren was still wondering, some sparse undressing sounds came from behind him. It immediately interrupted all his thoughts.

Wanxiang then found a chair for Qiu Ren. He immediately sat opposite Wanxiang without resisting.

Qiu Ren kept paying attention to the sound of water running from the bathroom behind him constantly… but his gaze was at Wanxiang’s cold expression.

Even though Wanxiang tried her best to keep a straight face, Qiu Ren always felt like there was a trace of displeasure on her expression, like she was asking, “Does it sound good when another woman is taking a shower?”

Luckily, this intense atmosphere didn’t last for too long. Mia also knew that things were urgent, so she didn’t spend too much time in the shower.

After washing up briefly, she took out some clean clothes from her luggage, put them on, and walked out of the bathroom.

Mia sat between Qiu Ren and Wanxiang silently. She gently squeezed her hands and said, “What I’m about to say may cause you great trouble, so…”

“As long as it’s about Ocean Dream Media, I have the right to listen.” Wanxiang truly disliked Mia’s attitude of treating her as a little girl.

And yet, Mia still looked at Qiu Ren as if asking for his approval. After he nodded, Mia took a deep breath and started explaining the matter.

“The Gods and… Supernova Pictures are planning to form an alliance with the army. I don’t know if it can be called an alliance. The Gods and Supernova Pictures are going to provide the army with the power they need.”

Mia told them about the news that was enough to shock the entire world. But it wasn’t really astonishing for Qiu Ren because he had already guessed this possibility through Falcon Huntress.

“What’s the purpose of doing that? Do you know?”

What Qiu Ren really wanted to know was the benefits these Gods and Supernova Pictures had working with the army. The mother of the army, who could produce Dream Seeds, was with Qiu Ren.

“To pollute… the Level S Dream Seeds of your country, like…” Mia said as she turned her gaze to the books on Wanxiang’s desk, “The Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West… are also the targets of the corruption.”

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