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Herring looked at the sudden change on the square. With the coping ability of a professional assassin, she quickly figured out the current situation!

A Lord of Nightmare in the army, who didn’t approve of cooperation with Supernova Pictures, had rebelled—or maybe not. However, had stepped up and threatened to turn Supernova Pictures and the Gods into dead bodies by force before they left this Nightmare Dungeon!

It was just that his method was a bit awkward and special.

The Dream Eaters on their escort mission and the Purifiers of the Gods…

They could choose to accept the power of this Lord of Nightmare. As long as they won the other dream consciousnesses on the square, they would be able to leave this Nightmare Dungeon alive.

It would be alright if the dream consciousnesses on the square were only soldiers of the army. The Dream Eaters and the Purifiers here could directly make a move in the name of purifying nightmare consciousnesses without any pressure.

The problem was that the avatars of two Level S dream consciousnesses, superhero Nighthaven from Supernova Pictures and God Baldr from World of Gods, were also on the square.

If the Dream Eaters accepted the power of the Master and attacked them, it would be no different from publicly declaring their rebellion!

The situation was suddenly in a deadlock…

“These creators all have their own dream consciousnesses.” The Commander of the army said with a complicated feeling, “They won’t betray their dream consciousness just because of your simple incitement.”

The Hidden Court Master glanced at the indifferent Dream Eaters and went into a very long silence.

He truly wanted to kill all the creators in front of him with the shotgun in his hand.

But this would prove to all the members of the Black Mist Army… that the idea of the Commander was right.

The idea that they would never be welcomed by the creators and that the creators would only treat them with fear and hostility.

This was already enough. The Commander would dash the last hint of hope of working with the creators… of the members in the army completely.

He would tell them that the only way to absorb energy was to imprison the creators and use them as batteries.

However, Riper, who had experience in working with the creators in Warzone, still thought that there was a glimmer of hope.

So, accept my power! He glanced over the Dream Eaters around him.

He had already sent out the invitation, like teaching those ordinary participants the ability to atomize into black mist in Warzone before.

But this time, it wasn’t that simple. The Dream Eaters had already gotten the power from Supernova… So, the Power of Shadows and the Darkin’s Power from Riper seemed…

Herring felt the energy that surged out of that Master.

A bloody, brutal power filled with viciousness and a power full of murderous aura hidden in the shadows.

These two types of energy were irresistible to Herring.

A series of descriptions and character images immediately appeared in front of her eyes.

The rules of this Nightmare Dungeon had been slightly modified?

Herring looked at the other Dream Eaters and made sure that she was the only one who could see the words and character images before her eyes.

This meant that these things were added by the Dream Maker who had control over this Nightmare Dungeon.

But this was a Level SS Nightmare Dungeon. There might only be one Dream Maker in the world who could modify the rules of this Nightmare Dungeon in a tiny range.

Herring quickly glanced around. Unfortunately, she didn’t see his figure, but she was certain that this could only be done by Qiu Ren.

What should I do? Herring put her attention on the words and character images shown in front of her eyes.

The Darkin Blade and the Master of Shadows.

These two characters were the owners of the bloody, brutal power and the dark, treacherous power?

Herring looked at the brief introduction of these two characters in confusion. The hint in the last line had already told Herring which one she should choose.

“Please choose your hero.”

Were they asking her to transform into these two characters to eliminate the avatar of superhero Nighthaven or that of the God of Light, Baldr?

Herring wanted to be a double agent among the Dream Eaters for a while longer!

But now, things were looking blue. If the deal between the Army and Supernova Pictures was really done, Qiu Ren’s situation might become very dangerous.

She didn’t want the last part of the Batman Trilogy to lose the possibility of being released because of this!

Herring chose her hero, the Master of Shadows, Zed.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was ready to become the Master of Shadows and expose her real identity as a spy.

However, nothing changed. While she was still wondering…

“Balance is a fool’s master.”

A deep voice sounded in Herring’s ears. Herring followed this voice and looked in the direction where it came from.

A huge amount of black mist billowed out of the Hidden Court Master, and his body gradually became translucent. In the end, the Master of Shadows, Zed, walked out of the black mist slowly.

The Master had temporarily allocated half of his power… to this character. At the same time, he gave Herring the right to control the character.

At this moment, Herring seemed to be at a loss. This was the first time she had experienced the feeling of controlling another character in a Dream Dungeon.

And yet, she adapted to it very quickly. After dozens of seconds, she had already gotten used to controlling the Master of Shadows to do some basic movements with her consciousness.

But what should she do next?

“Don’t hesitate to move, summoner.” Zed’s calm voice sounded in Herring’s ears.

Herring was slightly started, and she glanced at the Hidden Court Master again. He had already closed his eyes, as if he was sleeping.

The character derived from his body apparently had self-consciousness, but this self-consciousness didn’t entirely belong to the Hidden Court Master. It was more like the Master of Shadows, Zed, himself!

He was urging Herring to do something she should do right now.

Supernova League and the army… were guarding against this dream consciousness that had suddenly appeared. Even though it was the avatar of the Master Riper, they could sense an aura that was totally different from that of Riper in him.

The other Dream Eaters had consciously entered a state of alert.

Herring felt like they should have received the notification, “Please choose your hero,” as well.

And yet, most Dream Eaters weren’t willing to rashly accept the power from a Lord of Nightmare, not to mention the powers of these two heroes seemed extremely ominous.

Fortunately, they couldn’t sense that the controller behind this character was Herring. She could also feel that the Master of Shadows she was controlling was already getting impatient.

“Either embrace the shadows or die in darkness. Are you ready?”

Arm blades popped out of the Master of Shadows. When a Dream Eater felt threatened, he raised the weapon in his hand to point it at him and pulled the trigger… The bullet hit the abdomen of the Master of Shadows.

Piercing pain penetrated Herring’s abdomen, which made her cough lightly with an unnoticeable movement.

“What’s wrong?” Maine, who had been watching the fun, noticed something unusual with Herring.

Herring had already figured out the connection between her and the Master of Shadows. This was indeed a Nightmare Dungeon. Even though she had control over the Master of Shadows, the injuries he suffered during a battle would be reflected on Herring’s body in real-time!

Normal people would have cut off their connection with the Master of Shadows already, but what Herring was thinking at the moment was… to cut off their last breath!

Luckily, she and Maine were the only members of Team T who came for this mission. Herring didn’t have such a kind personality that she would forgive someone who shot her.

Zed immediately rushed towards the Dream Eater who shot him. The Dream Eater was also quite agile. He pointed his gun at the Master of Shadows and pulled the trigger continuously. The bullets all hit the Master of Shadows, but none of them caused any harm.

When the Dream Eater realized that it was an avatar he was shooting, it was already too late. Zed appeared behind him and fiercely slashed with his arm blades. His movements were quick, and his blades were covered in blood. The head of that Dream Eater fell on the ground.

Zed swung his arm and shed all the blood on his arm blades off to the ground as he looked at the others on the square.

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