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Herring certainly wouldn’t continue to target the Dream Eaters.

This would be like bullying her colleagues with the avatar of a Lord of Nightmare.

The Master of Shadows didn’t want to keep torturing the weak either. He put his attention on the superhero who came with Supernova Pictures this time, Nighthaven.

Nighthaven was a superhero with a very similar position to that of Dark Side. It was just that he had a much lower bottom line compared to Dark Side and was more like an assassin who didn’t comply with any rules.

Herring had done a bit of research on the powers of all the heroes in the Supernova League, even those of the villains.

This was the most basic quality every superhero fan should have. Even though her favorite hero was Dark Side, she also knew the ability map of other superheroes.

For Herring, Nighthaven was the hero most difficult to deal with, apart from Supernova.

Supernova had absolute strength. In front of his super-strong powers that could destroy an entire city, it would be very difficult for Herring to win even if she used her favorite hero, Dark Side, as the challenger.

Nighthaven was much more vicious than all other superheroes under him, whether it was on the stage or behind the stage.

His superpower was the Nighthaven Field, which could deprive people’s senses. Furthermore, he had physical fitness far beyond that of ordinary people.

Perhaps this was also the reason why he was chosen by Supernova Pictures to escort their personnel here to participate in such a dangerous deal.

“Are you sure you want to challenge me? With your body that doesn’t even know how to walk?”

Nighthaven felt Zed’s gaze. He immediately knew that someone was controlling the Master of Shadows in front of his eyes.

Besides, the controller had a low proficiency. Perhaps that controller had just learned how to make the Master of Shadows walk.

In Qiu Ren’s way of explanation, most people were at most at the “ninja dog” level the first time they controlled the Master of Shadows.

Judging by her clean and neat movement when she killed that Dream Eater just then, she could already be regarded as an “intermediate ninja?’

But it still wasn’t enough…

Zed didn’t listen to Nighthaven’s bullshit, and Herring didn’t like hearing crap either.

Under her control, Zed dashed behind Nighthaven in a shadow avatar. A glint of coldness flashed through his arm blades. He was about to attack Nighthaven. The next second, Nighthaven grabbed Zed’s neck and pounded him hard on the ground!

“If you… really want to hurt me, it may be more useful to fight with me yourself.” Nighthaven seized Zed by the throat and squeezed bit by bit.

As the controller, Herring also felt like she couldn’t breathe.

“Hey, hey, hey, you aren’t controlling that character, are you?”

Maine noticed something unusual about Herring at first glance. Even though Herring tried her best to curb her feeling of suffocation, those slight changes on her face couldn’t hide from the comrade she had worked with for many years.

When Herring spoke, the shadow avatar Zed left behind Nighthaven on the other side of the battlefield suddenly rushed out. It attacked Nighthaven with the arm blades on his hands.

Nighthaven let go of the hand which he used to choke Zed and avoided the attack of the shadow avatar.

The shadow avatar could injure the enemies as well?

Herring could sense that the arm blades of the avatar had slit Nighthaven’s clothes just now.

During the short fight, she figured out two characteristics of the Master of Shadows. She could switch between shadow avatars and the original body to achieve the effect of instant movement and the avatars themselves could cause harm as well.

This meant that the avatar was no longer a way for deceiving the enemies. It was a deadly weapon and might even be more deadly than the main body.

When Herring gradually became familiar with the way of fighting of the Master of Shadows, everything in front of her eyes suddenly became dark. Not only her eyes but her sense of hearing and touch had all disappeared.

There was only pain left. She felt that there were a few more wounds on her body.

This should be Nighthaven’s power. He had deprived Zed’s senses and also took away Herring’s sensory abilities.

Damn it! This was Herring’s first time fighting with this superhero. The Nighthaven Field was much more troublesome than she had imagined!

Herring felt the wounds on her body gradually increase, and the pain brewed anxiousness in her heart…

“Don’t be afraid of the shadow. Embrace it.”

Zed’s voice suddenly sounded in Herring’s ears. Herring’s thought right now was, “It’s easy for you to say. If you really have a deep understanding of the Power of Shadows, it’s not necessary for me to control you at all!”

However, this thought didn’t last for too long. Herring was a talented assassin with rich combat experience.

In the eyes of the Master of Shadows, this was also an excellent seed, so Herring adapted to the Power of Shadows at an incredible speed under Zed’s guidance.

She had learned such a technique of merging with darkness during the Dark Side period. The Power of Shadows from Zed helped her deepen her understanding in this regard.

The dark dimension surrounded by the Nighthaven Field suddenly became clear. Herring felt Nighthaven approaching her in an instant!

Nighthaven didn’t like to torture his enemies too much. His judgment was right. In the first few seconds, Herring was indeed still trying to learn how to walk and figure out the way of fighting as the Master of Shadows.

And yet, Herring adapted too quickly, almost to the point where Nighthaven felt terrified.

So, in the few seconds when Nighthaven pulled the Master of Shadows into his field, he pulled out his weapon and directly slashed at Zed’s neck.

He wanted to eliminate this creepy nightmare avatar as quickly as possible before Herring got herself completely familiar with the way of fighting of the Master of Shadows.

Unfortunately, Nighthaven’s move was a couple steps late.

Although the blade in his hand had slashed Zed’s neck, it didn’t feel like it was cutting into the flesh. Instead, it was slashing an avatar formed by shadows. A few shadow avatars then attacked Nighthaven from all directions.

Which one of them was the original body? Nighthaven turned to the side and looked around, trying to find the original body of the avatar. However, while he was distracted, the arm blades penetrated his chest.

Herring changed from the original body back to the avatar that had slashed Nighthaven before in a blink. At the same time, she planted a mark that was about to be detonated in his body!

The other three avatars attacked Nighthaven and left several deep wounds that exposed the bones on his body. Nighthaven also fought back right away, slashing the avatars surrounding him.

He had caught the original body of the Master of Shadows. Nighthaven seized the Master of Shadows by the throat again and pummelled him hard onto the ground, putting the blade in his hand at his forehead.

At this moment, his field quickly receded. Herring’s sight and hearing were also restored. She stared at the superhero who kept panting in front of her.

“I won…” Before Nighthaven finished talking, he seemed to hear the rapid beating of his heart.

The death mark planted in his body by the Master of Shadows exploded at this moment. Nighthaven spurted out a huge amount of blood and took a few steps backward.

When Herring was about to finish him off with the arm blades on her hands, she suddenly felt a bloody aura, which almost made people suffocate, behind her.

This… Perhaps someone had summoned the Darkin Blade?

However, Herring’s first reaction when she felt this aura was…

Herring wanted to convey it to Maine next to her only, but it was also delivered to Nighthaven, who was lying on the ground, through the Master of Shadows.

“Run? You think you have the right to despise me only because you defeated my avatar…”

Nighthaven didn’t finish his sentence. When he saw someone summon the man drenched in blood and holding a sword in his hand, his first reaction was to leave this place as quickly as possible…