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“Only eleven people died in the end? Are you sure? Have you counted those who became vegetative because of body dysfunction? They also need to euthanize them.”

After commanding the prison guards to suppress the riot of the prisoners who strongly requested to “eat chicken” again, Kan Shaoni got the list of casualties from the medical team.

A total of a hundred people had participated in the exploration of the Level S Nightmare Dungeon this time. Only eleven died.

This “only” didn’t mean to disrespect any life. It would be a knotty problem for Fengdu Prison if too many death row prisoners perished in the dungeon, even though they were consumables!

“The data is correct. Among the eighty-nine survivors, twelve are severely injured. The rest of them all have some wounds here and there. However, they still enter the Nightmare Dungeon again.”

The doctor responsible for reporting also looked like he couldn’t believe it at all.

Whether it was the doctor or Kan Shaoni, they had both been working in Fengdu Prison for more than five years.

This accident in which a student from outside changed the Nightmare Dungeon was a disaster for Fengdu Prison.

They had already prepared themselves for the worst. They expected that out of the ninety-seven death row prisoners and three Dream Explorers, only half of them would return alive. The casualties might even be more than two-thirds.

The dispatched people were more or less already “injured.” There was a high chance of their death when they entered the Nightmare Dungeon again.

And yet, most people survived. The reason certainly wasn’t because the death row prisoners were tough.

It was because this Level S Nightmare Dungeon reduced the harm to the Dream Explorers. However, more tests would be needed to see exactly how much had been reduced.

“How did that student do this?” Kan Shaoni said as she looked at Xiao Zhou.

The result of the assessment of Xiao Zhou’s physical condition had come out.

After he died in the Level S Nightmare Dungeon, the damage caused to his body included gastric mucosal bleeding and intestinal bleeding, as well as some mental trauma and fatigue.

However, Xiao Zhou was so energetic right now. He didn’t seem to be exhausted at all. He felt like he could not only eat chicken the second time but even the third and fourth time.

If Xiao Zhou went into the death tower before, he would have already been lying in bed and wouldn’t be able to move for a few months.

No wonder the group of death row prisoners down there still had the mood and energy to start a riot. Normally, these death row prisoners would basically have lost half their lives after coming out of the Nightmare Dungeon.

“Maybe the Nightmare Dungeon he designed makes people addicted…”

Zhao Yanqing also came down from the bed. He handed the reward after eating the chicken, the Dream Seed, to Kan Shaoni.

Kan Shaoni was about to ask how it made people addicted, but the Dream Seed in her hands caught her attention.

She appraised the quality of the Dream Seed in her hands.

“This is a Level C Dream Seed! It even has the wilderness genre.”

Kan Shaoni soon identified the level and genre of the Dream Seed. Her voice carried a little astonishment.

The preciousness of the Level C Dream Seed was self-evident. Xiao Zhou almost had a heart attack and fell on the ground with a painful expression once he learned the reward of eating the chicken.

Dream Seeds were fundamental for a Dream Maker to create Dream Dungeons.

The most common ones in the current market were Level E Dream Seeds. Most people could afford them. They cost around ten thousand to a hundred thousand.

People would need certain channels to buy more advanced Level D Dream Seeds, costing between two hundred thousand to one million. The better the genre and the larger the building space, the higher the price would get.

The price of a Level C Dream Seed started from a few million.

So, Xiao Zhou was so remorseful right now that he wanted to hammer his chest. He was that close to getting the reward of eating the chicken.

He had truly missed a jackpot.

But it was still alright. He would definitely be able to eat it in another round.

As for the Level B and Level A Dream Seeds further up, these were levels Xiao Zhou could only think about.

Level B Dream Seeds belonged to a whole different category. Typically, Dream Makers and their teams would use them to create big productions, like Movie Dream Dungeons in the cinema and publicly operated Gaming Dream Dungeons.

Since they were a bit rarer, the world’s famous movie dream companies and gaming dream companies would have more or less some stocks for themselves.

Whenever they saw a Level B Dream Seed in the markets, they would immediately try to get their hands on it. They would fight over it until they broke their heads and bled. The investment was usually at least ten million to a hundred million.

Level A Dream Seeds were national strategic resources in the true sense. They were centralized under the country. The government would allocate and designate some Dream Maker Team to create Dream Dungeons of a particular subject. Their strategic status was comparable to a cruiser or a destroyer.

“The Lord of Nightmare gave you such a great reward. Looks like he’s in a pretty good mood.”

Kan Shaoni also knew the value of the Dream Seed in her hands.

Tapir would give the winner of the death tower a Level D Dream Seed every day. There was only a tiny chance it would offer a Level C Dream Seed, though.

It had been a year since a Level C Dream Seed appeared in Fengdu Prison. They only got it when Kan Shaoni went in there in person and slaughtered through the thirty-seven floors of the death tower.

That day, all the staff members of Fengdu Prison had celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the mood today.

“Are you going to change this Dream Seed to Creation Points?” asked Kan Shaoni.

This was a tradition at Fengdu Prison. If a death row prisoner brought Dream Seeds back from the Nightmare Dungeon, he must hand it over to the prison guards. Fengdu Prison would give him some Creation Points as a reward.

And yet, the Creation Points given by the prison had a much lower market value.

Zhao Yanqing nodded, as a Dream Seed was useless for him. Creation Points were what he needed.

“Then, I’ll buy it at the original price. Xiao Yan should be going to school soon? Don’t make my sister worry.”

What Kan Shaoni said made Zhao Yanqing’s expression freeze. He still nodded hard and expressed his thanks.

Xiao Yan was the name of Zhao Yanqing’s daughter, and Zhao Yanqing’s wife was Kan Shaoni’s sister.

They were both murdered by gangsters in the real world.

After that, they lived in another way in Zhao Yanqing’s dream, where there were only the three of them. Perhaps his wife in the dream understood him, but his young daughter always asked him “why she couldn’t go to school.”

So, Kan Shaoni knew that Zhao Yanqing was desperate for some Creation Points to pay the tuition fees for his daughter.

There was certainly no school in Zhao Yanqing’s Dream Dungeon. The meaning of paying the tuition fees here was to create a school for his daughter and make some teachers and schoolmates…

When his daughter grew up, he also had to create an entire world for her.

This was the second reason why Zhao Yanqing chose to stay in Fengdu Prison. Only by fighting in the nightmare could he earn enough Creation Points to “pay the tuition fees” for her daughter.

Kan Shaoni watched Zhao Yanqing go back to his cell under the protection of the prison guards. She knew that for her brother-in-law, he was truly “awake” only when he was “asleep.”

After dealing with the reward from the Nightmare Dungeon, it was time to clean the real mess. They had to decide what to make of the Nightmare Dungeon created by Qiu Ren.

The warden of Fengdu Prison finally came to the monitoring room.

Kan Shaoni didn’t show mercy, though. She directly decided how she was going to deal with the battle royale Nightmare Dungeon… right in front of the warden.

“You’re going to submit it for review? And you’ve already reported this?”

When the warden heard Kan Shaoni’s decision, he was so shocked that his voice spiraled out of control.

“The Lord of Nightmare we’re monitoring has acknowledged the Dream Dungeon created by that student. The Nightmare Seed itself has also stabilized. I think there shouldn’t be any problem for the review department to evaluate the dungeon built by the student.”

“Have you ever thought about the consequences if it doesn’t pass the review?” The warden held an opposing attitude.

“Yes. For us, we may be fired immediately and charged with a few felonies related to dereliction of duty,” said Kan Shaoni.

The construction of every Nightmare Dungeon was a huge undertaking.

That was especially true for Nightmare Dungeons with the Level S Nightmare Seed as a foundation. A group of professionals would come to evaluate it once the construction was complete.

They would assess the degree of danger of this Nightmare Dungeon.

The Nightmare Dungeon sealed and monitored in Fengdu Prison already had a high degree of danger. Then, Qiu Ren caused chaos there and even increased the consumption of lives by five times.

The degree of danger visibly increased by one level again.

So, Fengdu Prison had to look for the department responsible for reviewing Dream Dungeons. They would carry out an all-rounded evaluation and assessment for the Level S Nightmare Seed after that student had reformed it.

If the result of the final assessment showed that its degree of danger had truly risen a level, this Level S Nightmare Seed would be judged as losing control. It would no longer be suitable for putting in Fengdu Prison. Instead, it would be a national disaster.

However, if the degree of danger was a level lower…

This was something Kan Shaoni dared not think about in the past.

Looking at Xiao Zhou’s physical condition, the Nightmare Dungeon reformed by that student had indeed caused less damage to the human body and mind. Though, there was a side effect of “addiction to eating chicken.” The number of people the Nightmare Seed needed to swallow each time also increased by five times.

Addiction was sometimes harmful to the Dream Explorers.

So, she must find some specialized personnel to evaluate and assess them.

What Kan Shaoni could do right now was wait for the review team. She was looking forward to the start of the next battle royale game with a complicated heart.

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